The 13 Best Weight Benches to Gain More Muscles in 2022

The value of a piece of gym equipment can be measured by the number of exercises it enables you to perform. The stable surface provided by a weight bench is more versatile than its simplicity would suggest. We have reviewed flat, adjustable (flat to incline), and FID (flat, incline, or decline) benches so that you... Read more →

Deload week: How to Train Less to Gain More Muscle and Strength

deload week

In strength training, Crossfit, Powerlifting, etc, it’s very important to have a good periodization, to avoid injuries, overtraining or stagnation. This article is all about deload weeks, should you use them, and if so, how to effectively do them. We are going to talk to you about deloading in training. Deloading consists of reducing the... Read more →

How and Why to Wear a Weightlifting Belt, and the Best Ones to Choose

how to use a weightlifting belt

The use of a weightlifting belt in weight training is controversial. Is the belt essential to preserve the back? On the contrary, does it prevent the development of a “natural”, “functional” belt, through the abdominal sheathing mechanism? Should we distinguish between recreational weight training and athletic strength training or weightlifting? In this article, we’ll discuss... Read more →