Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar Review

The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar is an upgrade of the previous version, the Rogue Trap bar. 

It features the same design and dimension as the previous version but with an improved precision sleeve construction that lowers the starting weight of the bar by over 25 percent. This allows you to move and maneuver around without losing its effectiveness.


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The Trap Bar is knurled with a hexagonal design mixed with a neutral grip handle that is optimized for performing deadlifts while reducing the stress on the lumbar spine. 

As the load is centered and not off axis like a conventional barbell deadlift, it’s perfect for athletes or individuals with nagging back issues or rehabbing injuries to use to get stronger and recover.

As a collegiate athlete who has trained in several small to world-class gyms, I’ve been able to test out The Rogue TB-1 Trap bar and will be revealing my findings, pros and cons, and thoughts throughout this article.


  • High quality and durability build from its solid welding and reinforced joints
  • Strong protected finishes that reduce the chances of cosmetic damage or rust
  • Reliable and Recognizable Brand guaranteeing quality
  • 5 Inches Long allowing the Trap Bar to still be rackable inside your power rack
  • Matte Black Finish for a smooth feel

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Things to consider before buying the Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar

A trap bar allows you to perform deadlifts and shrugs, which are a full body exercises that targets your posterior chain which includes your hips, glutes, thighs, and legs. It’s a variation of the traditional straight bar deadlift, however instead it uses a trap bar which is a hexagonal-shaped bar that surrounds the lifter.

This changes the overall weight distribution from in front of you to a squat weight distribution as you’re going up and down instead of a hinge.

It is a hybrid of a deadlift and squat allowing you to work muscle dominant groups that are present in both those exercises. This includes:

  • Glutes – The Trap Bar Deadlift targets mostly the glutes (The gluteus maximus and gluteus medius). These muscles are the key groups to overall lower body strength, power, and athletic performances.
  • Hamstrings – The Trap Bar Deadlifts works the hamstrings throughout the movement. It is used to stabilize your legs and when you move the weight up.
  • Quadriceps – The trap bar deadlift focuses more on the quadriceps. Throughout the movement, the quads are stressed and used, more than conventional or stiff-legged deadlifts.

    As you have more knee flexion, you keep more of an upright torso positioning while minimizing the overall strain on your lower back and hamstrings in comparison to a conventional barbell deadlift.
  • Lower Back – Your lower back muscles will have a decreased load placed since your back is at a more upright torso position and greater knee flexion. This is perfect for individuals that may have lower back concerns and want to still perform deadlifts.

Nevertheless, it also may not have all of the advantages of performing those exercises with a normal conventional barbell. 

In any case, here are a few things that you should consider before you purchase Rogue’s Trap Bar:

  • Space – Hex Bar tend to be longer and wider than normal barbells
  • Athletic Level – Do you have the correct form to use a hex trap bar?
  • Your height and arm length
  • Do you have a Power Rack or a Rack Holder?
  • Past Injuries
  • Weather – as hotter weather can increase rust and colder weather makes the bar more brittle
  • Do you have bumper plates
  • Do you have clips or holders that fit the Trap Bar

Best Overall


Why You Should Consider The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar

The trap bar allows you to have your hands wider than if you were to be holding two dumbbells. Due to its design, it always allows you to add a larger significant load to your lift. 

Although the bar was designed as a replacement for the dumbbell squat, it is an easy to learn and lower back friendly lift that is a perfect accessory exercise for all lifters and workout programs.

Here are some benefits when you purchase The Rogue TB-1 Trap bar:

Easy To Use

Beginners often take a few training sessions or months to learn how to barbell deadlift properly. As it is not a movement performed normally and requires a lot of mobility, it can be a challenge to maintain good form throughout the whole lift.

With the trap bar, it is similar to a squat. The movement is less technical and is very easy to stay in a good position with a flat back and upright torso.

Your knees leak a bit more forward, your hips can sit lower, and the bar doesn’t scrape your shins.

This makes it a perfect lift for all beginners.

Build Strength and Power Easily

The Trap Bar is very effective at building strength and explosive power. There have been many studies documenting trap bar deadlifts as a better lift than the conventional straight bar deadlift.

One study found that the trap bar deadlifts have a significantly larger peak power, peak velocity, and peak force versus the straight bar deadlift. 

Another study also showed that trap bar deadlift has a greater peak power, peak force, and peak velocity than conventional straight bar deadlift. 

This means you’re working your body more, resulting in your muscles growing not only bigger but more powerful.


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Less Stress On Your Lower Back

Conventional deadlifts with the straight bar put a lot of force through the lumbar spine. This is because the load of the barbel is in front of the body, which makes your hips as a pivot and your back as a crowbar.

If you don’t have good form, you will most likely injure your back. Most people with back issues would not be able to lift heavy deadlifts. This is where Trap Bar Deadlifts come in. 

With a trap bar, you are inside the bar and the weight is closer to your center of gravity. This means the levers of your crowbar are shorter and less force placed on your spine. 

It also prevents lumbar hyperextension or overextended your back. This happens when you lean back to lock out and normally attributed to bad form, weak upper back, or poor bracing. 

It acts as a counterbalance when you’re lifting a heavy weight up and can injure your back.

Trap Bar Deadlifts are a safe way to perform your deadlifts and to train your hamstrings, low back, and glutes without many risks.

Safer For Your Biceps and Shoulders

The Trap Bar is great if you are looking to do overhead or bicep work. As the handles are perpendicular to the sleeves, it allows for a neutral grip versus a supinated or promoted grip from a traditional barbell.

This allows your shoulders to be externally rotated. If you’re an individual that sits at a computer all day or has bad shoulder stability and mobility, this is due to an internally rotated shoulder, often causing discomfort.

Since Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar have neutral and angled handles, this allows your shoulders to be in a better position as the weight is more centered with your midline. Allowing you to press in a straighter line and work on your shoulder stability as you press.

If you’re also performing deadlifts with a straight bar, you have two standard grips. Overhand grip or a mixed grip. With a mixed grip, you will naturally cause imbalances and put the biceps of the supinated hand in a vulnerable position to tearing.

With a trap bar, you will not need to use a mixed grip as your hands are in a neutral position, reducing the risk of your bicep being torn.

Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar Is Very Versatile

Top 5 Trap Bar Exercises (Hex Bar)

Rogue’s Trap Bar is not only used for trap bar deadlifts. You can use the trap bar for other exercises depending on what muscles you want to build.

Here is a list of exercises that you can perform using a trap bar:

  • Normal/Walking Lunges
  • Farmers Walks
  • Overhead Press
  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Deadlifts
  • Seated Deadlifts 
  • Single Leg Deadlifts
  • Jump deadlifts
  • Split Squats
  • Cambered Squats 
  • Step Ups
  • Heavy Isometric Holds
  • Back Rows
  • Floor Presses
  • Push Presses
  • Zercher Squats 
  • Zercher carries 
  • Zercher lunges 

The FAQs

Is Rogue A Good Brand?

Rogue is one of the largest American distributors and manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment. 
From CrossFit and military to collegiate and professional sports teams, Rogue has become a household name to all North Americans that want trustworthy and reliable sports equipment.
Rogue’s currently owns a 600,000 square foot building in Cleveland Columbus and has over 600 employees. Their mission is to create an ecosystem that is unlike simply a service economy.
Taking care of their work by giving them a fair wage while providing their consumers with their best products available. This creates an ecosystem or cycle that has resulted in Rogue being one of the best and well known sports equipment manufacturing companies on the planet.

How Heavy Is The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar?

The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar weighs 58 lbs and has a Bar Length of 89”.


Best Overall


Is A Trap Bar Better Than A Straight Barbell

Both Trap Bar and Straight Barbell have benefits depending on your goals and purposes, however here are a few key differences when you use a Trap Bar versus a Conventional Straight Barbell.


Trap Bar Deadlifts do not require much hip mobility in comparison to traditional barbell deadlifts. As the handles are slightly higher, you do not have to bend forward down too much.

Conventional Barbell deadlifts require a good amount of hip mobility and most people lack in this area. As they are sitting in their offices all day, their hips and glutes are often tight.

That’s why Trap Bar deadlifts are a better alternative if you have any mobility issues.

Weight Path

When performing a trap bar deadlift it is more of a vertical path as you are in the center of the bar. This means you can potentially lift more weight than you would with a normal barbel.

For the conventional deadlift, the weight is in front of you. This means the weight path is more technical as you need to counterbalance the weight to stop from you tipping forward or extending too far back.


There are different ways to grip a barbell when performing conventional barbell deadlifts;

  • Double Overhand Grip
  • Mixed Grip
  • Standard Trap Bar Grip

The double overhand grip is a great grip for beginners and is common when deadlift. This is the most balanced and is comfortable to maintain. However, when you’re lifting heavier loads, it may be a bigger challenge as you need a lot of grip strength to keep holding the bar.

The Mixed Grip is when one hand is facing towards you and one hand is facing the other way. Many advanced lifters use this as it helps you keep a more secure grip. The drawback is that you cause a slight rotation in the body that creates imbalances and possible injuries.

The standard Trap Bar Grip is when you grab both handles on your side of your trap bar.

Who Should Use A Trap Bar

CrossFit or Competitive Fitness Athletes

Trap Bars are very versatile and can add variety to your training program. 

As most CrossFit and competitive fitness athletes are performing cleans, snatches, swings, and deadlifts, the trap bar deadlift can be a fantastic accessory exercise to strengthen those numbers and develop underused muscle groups.

General Fitness

The trap bar is beginner friendly and a great tool to train your whole body. 

The benefits of using a trap bar may vary on your fitness goals, ability, mobility and flexibility issues. However, it is easier to use than a conventional barbell and you can progress faster as the form is very easy to pick up and learn.

Power and Strength Athletes

Trap Bars are a great way to supplement in increasing deadlifts and other big lift exercises. As they are working on different muscle groups, overall your whole body will become stronger the more you incorporate the hex bar.

For those that are going through some pains and issues, The trap bar is a great alternative as it needs less mobility to perform these exercises.

As you use more and more of the Trap Bar as an accessory for your major lifts, the easier you will find it to lift more heavier weights.

Our Final Thoughts on The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar

The Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar is the perfect tool for all lifters. Whether you’re a beginner starting out or an advanced lifter looking to increase his maxes, this trap bar is the perfect partner for you. 

As the load is centered and not off axis like a conventional barbell deadlift, it’s perfect for athletes or individuals with nagging back issues or rehabbing injuries to use to get stronger and recover.