CrossFit vs. HIIT vs. Bodybuilding: Which is Best for You?

Before you can decide which workout is best for you, you need to figure out what results you are looking for and how you want to achieve your fitness goals. Fitness experts and enthusiasts recommend three common workouts: CrossFit vs. HIIT vs. Bodybuilding. But there is some controversy on which one is best. So, how... Read more →

CrossFit vs. HIIT: Which Workout Style Is Better For You?

CrossFit and high-intensity interval training are both popular, highly effective fitness regimens. That’s why it’s not surprising that the two share many commonalities. For example, both CrossFit and HIIT are great for losing weight, adding strength, and getting a great workout done in an hour or less. But the two training protocols aren’t the same.... Read more →

Top 15 Best Punching Bags For Home Use In 2022

best punching bags

Combat sports like boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), are finding their way back into the hearts (and homes!) of people again. With your very own training gears for practicing boxing, most importantly your punching bag, you have the unique opportunity to practice in privacy any time you want.  Generally, the best MMA punching... Read more →