This isn’t so bad- the racks are full of bright colors and cute styles.  I brush my hands through the fabrics, and choose a few pieces to try on.  In the fitting room, I do my usual shimmy-dance to pull the too small shirts over my Fran-lats, push-press-shoulders, and power-clean traps.  After a deep breath, I turn around to check myself out in the mirror.  Classic.  I look like a man in a dress.

Sound familiar?  You’re not alone- thousands of women world-wide have discovered the power of CrossFit.  Most of us are hooked after our first WOD.  After a few months, our bodies begin to change; those horrible burpee-deadlift-thruster workouts we push through do an excellent job of tearing apart our muscles.  But they re-build stronger, thicker and bigger.  Our old clothing fits differently– or not at all!  Ever since we ditched Zumba and Flirty Girl Fitness in exchange for barbells and rope climbs,  it seems like nothing flatters us.  And shopping becomes painful, because really, the fashion industry does not seem to understand the beautiful of a truly fit woman.

Not to worry, though!  There are plenty of styles out there that high light our hard work in the gym, and let us flaunt what we’ve got!  A few basic tips:

  • Don’t put your waist to waste!  Those ab-mat situps have no doubt done wonders for your abs. An excellent way to do this is by wearing a belted top (which are often looser around the top, making it easy to pull on over muscular shoulders.)  Fitted jackets also tend to come in at the waist, making them a great choice.  Here are some examples (and yes, I realize that the model is more “typical-model” shaped- but we can rock it too!)


 clothing for crossfit women

Notice the belt, which accentuates your waist.

clothing for crossfit women

Fitted jackets are also flattering as they tend to come in at the waist

Click on the pictures to purchase

  • Another consideration is the neckline- a scoopneck collar will counter wider shoulders.  These types of shirts will elongate the neck and draw the eye inward.  You could even add an accessory like a scarf or necklace to up the va-va-voom even more!

Here is a perfect example of that neck line!

apaprel for crossfit women

Notice the scoop neck

  • Contoured straps, or halter tops will both soften a stronger build.  They have a similar affect to the scoop neck tops- plus they show off your beautifully toned shoulders!

This halter will stop them dead in their tracks (but not out of fear of your massive shoulders!)

shirts for crossfit women

Amazon has a great range of halter tops

  • Wider pants- yes, skinny jeans may be “in”, but thanks to that 185# front squat, those tight crusher’s won’t make it up past your calves.
  •  “Boot” and “trouser” cut pants will also elongate your legs.  They will make your legs appear to go on for days!  The pants below illustrate this perfectly.

pants for crossfit women

 Now you know the “what” when it comes to dressing an athletic body- but where do you find these things?  It is easy to find well fitted workout wear, but (some of us) also spend some of our time outside the gym.  Well first of all, you can can click on the pictures above to get any of the clothing I’ve mentioned. It’s also worth checking out a store Title Nine.  In their “Who are we?” statement, they discuss the importance of being active, and that they design their clothing with that in mind.  They don’t hire models; the workers try out the clothing themselves!  Here are some cute pieces: shirts for crossfit womentop for crossfit woman

So, let’s recap; we are strong, beautiful women looking to show off our sexiness in clothing fit for our goddess body-types, and it IS possible!  Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got!

About the author

This article was written by contributing writer Dani Levy.  Dani is a self-confessed CrossFit addict and WODs at least 5 times per week.  She is currently studying nutrition and dietetics at Oregon State University.


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High Performance apparel for CrossFit is a big trend among serious Crossfitters

However, it’s often difficult to determine the right type of apparel for CrossFit for your needs. In this article I will review three of the most common types of performance clothing for CrossFit, outlining their benefits and why they might be suitable for your needs.

Dry/wicking clothing

Most sports clothing lines have their own version of dry, wicking clothing. Such clothing moves moisture away your skin, accelerates evaporation, increases ventilation and reduces chaffing. Essentially, if you wear wicking, fast dry apparel for CrossFit you will stay dryer, cooler, and have less chaffing.These are all desirable benefits. After all, if you’re doing your work out of the day (WOD) with sufficient intensity, you’re going to get very hot and sweaty!

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Jacco make an excellent dry, wicking shirt.  Additionally, it is anti-microbial, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, preventing the shirt from smelling.

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Compression clothing

Compression clothing is another popular type of performance apparel for CrossFit. There are many proposed benefits of wearing compression clothing. Compression gear are usually made from materials that wick moisture away from the body. However, the most important function is that it reduces muscle soreness post workout and reduces the time taken for muscles to recover. Given the intensity of Crossfit workouts, any clothing that can facilitate faster recovery would is highly advantageous. For guys who want to keep their man-bits in place, compression tights have a similar effect to a jock strap, and many athletes use compression shorts for this reason. Finally, many people also wear compression clothing in cold weather as it helps to retain warmth and thereby increase performance during winter months.

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under armour for crossfit

Skins (top) and Under Armour (bottom) are two premium brands for compression clothing.

Bamboo clothing

Recently, apparel for CrossFit (particularly shirts) made from bamboo has become popular. While the jury is still out on the efficacy of bamboo clothing, it has many proposed benefits. Firstly, it is silky and smooth to the touch, so it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s anti-bacterial, so it doesn’t get smelly, which is ideal for those of you who like to wear their workout shirts several times before washing it (I know you’re out there!). It’s also highly UV resistant, so you can do your WODs outdoors without worrying about getting sunburned. Finally, it is naturally wicking and breathable, so it will keep you dry and cool.

Many people are also attracted to bamboo clothing for CrossFit because of its environmental benefits. Bamboo grows more efficiently, using less fertilizers and resources to grow the raw materials. However, others argue that while bamboo itself is a very environmentally friendly crop, many toxic chemicals are required to process it into material and therefore the end result is actually less environmentally friendly than cotton clothing.

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Jacco specialize in bamboo apparel for CrossFit and have some excellent designs.