The 5 Best Gym Flooring for Your Home Gym [Reviews and Guide]

As an endurance athlete and strength-sport dabblers, I’ve tried just about every gym surface known to man. I’ve trained on concrete, old-school gymnasium wood, plywood, Whether you’re training at home, or looking to outfit a commercial space, gym flooring is a crucial component to a successful gym.  However, out of the five Gym Flooring that... Read more →

The 10 Best CrossFit Weightlifting Belts In 2022

When it comes to weight lifting belts, CrossFit is in a category of its own.  Leather weight lifting belts are generally considered the best for powerlifting and are normally better than nylon belts. But for the more dynamic Olympic lifts performed in CrossFit training, nylon belts are preferred.  We found the best overall belt for... Read more →

Best Watch for CrossFit? Here’s 6 To Wear To Your Next WOD

best crossfit watches

As a CrossFit and endurance athlete, I know how helpful a good quality fitness tracker can be. Not long ago, fitness watches were bulky, extremely expensive, and weren’t all that accurate. I’d go for an open water swim and the watch would tell me I’d somehow swam over land! Fitness trackers have become very affordable,... Read more →