Essential CrossFit Movements Every Athlete Should Master

When it comes to fitness training, it becomes difficult to class out one movement or group of movements over another. However, Crossfit movements can be applied to just about every fitness routine which makes them unique. High-intensity training like weightlifting, cardio, and resistance training is all incorporated into CrossFit programming. In addition, the movements that... Read more →

Muscle-Ups: CrossFit’s Finest Move

Muscle-ups are tough workouts as they challenge your core and upper body. But going through its progressions in a sequence will help you master this workout and become skillful at it. And after that, it becomes a smoother run. In this article, we will describe tips and progressions to help you become more efficient with... Read more →

Stretches To Improve Mobility For CrossFit

Functional movements are key to Crossfit which depends on mobility. Besides promoting good posture, mobility helps prevent knots and injuries, reduces joint deterioration, and relieves tension due to sedentary lifestyles and over-exercising. Without a base level of mobility, you can’t do the simplest movements correctly. From getting up from the floor to putting your shoes... Read more →

Everything You Need to Know About the CrossFit Snatch

Mastering the CrossFit snatch is not something you can do overnight. But anyone who’s serious about their fitness will do well to work on it regularly. Snatches (and snatch variations) are a staple of CrossFit. They come up in many different WODs and are used to build strength, power, endurance, and even cardio sometimes. Beginners... Read more →