Everything You Need to Know About the CrossFit Snatch

Mastering the CrossFit snatch is not something you can do overnight. But anyone who’s serious about their fitness will do well to work on it regularly. Snatches (and snatch variations) are a staple of CrossFit. They come up in many different WODs and are used to build strength, power, endurance, and even cardio sometimes. Beginners... Read more →

Everything you Need to Know About the CrossFit Press

Crossfit Push Press

As a collegiate athlete who has trained in several small to world-class CrossFit gyms, I want to share the tips I have learn along the way to better my press technique. In this article, you’ll learn: What’s a press The Benefits of a press How to perform each kind of presses, specifically in a Crossfit... Read more →

Everything You Need to Know About the CrossFit Clean

how to crossfit clean

Regardless of the athlete you are or aspire to be, learning the CrossFit clean is essential. While not 1 of the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements, cleans come up in many classic CrossFit workouts as well as competitive situations, like at the Games and in the Open.  They’re not the easiest exercise to master, but there... Read more →