We train hard to feel, perform, and look our bests.  This takes dedication on our part, in and out of the gym.  Because of the effort it takes to train like the best of them, it is important to find ways to make our training as pleasurable as possible.  One of my favorite things about the CrossFit culture is the pride we take in our clothing choice.  A company I was recently introduced to is called CaveCloth.  A husband and wife team started the company after finding themselves again through CrossFit and primal living.  Taken directly from their website, Cavecloth is all about “clean living, primal foods and activities, and most importantly, family.”  Along with information about healthy living, Cavecloth designs their own clothing.  I was lucky enough to be sent one of their T-shirts and one of their Caps!

cavecloth review

Picture of me wearing the shirt and cap (front)

best shirts for crossfit

And again from the back!

First impressions:  Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nicely wrapped shirt and cap sitting inside.  They chose to wrap the items in neutral, earth-like colors which ties in nicely with their primally-themed company.

Design, construction and fit:

  • The cap is all black with the Cavecloth logo emblazoned on the front, and feels quite sturdy.  The brim is stiff, and the head covering is flexible to the specific shape of my head.  It has an adjustable back, and fits nicely.
  • The shirt is a deep purple color (my favorite!)  The same logo is printed on the front.  Material wise, the shirt is “poly cotton, ultra-fine jersey”, which explains why it is so soft!  It has capped, feminine sleeves, and a bit of a scooped neckline.  I chose to wear my shirt to a CrossFit workout, and was happy with how comfortable I was.  It was designed to wick away moisture, so I stayed cool during my workout.  My one criticism (and this may just be because of how I am built) is that the shirt has a bit of an awkward fit- it is long enough, but flares out at the bottom in an unflattering way.  It was also too loose around my midsection.


  • This cap is fashionable, and can function for both female and male use.
  • The shirt is a beautiful color, and is a pleasant material.  It is stylish while still being functional.
  • Moisture wicking fabric is a huge plus.  CrossFit work outs get sweat, afterall!


  • None on the cap
  • The fit of the shirt is off for my lean, athletic body type.


I love the journey this family has gone through, and the company that their new lifestyle has inspired.   Their message is something that definitely resonates with me- it is all too easy to get caught up in the complications of modern life!  However, when we stop and take the time to access what really matters in life, most of us will come to similar conclusions- our families, friends, and our health should take top priorities in our lives.  Cavecloth also has a blog with tips on how to live a healthful, primal lifestyle.

Overall, their clothing seems well made, durable, fashionable and comfortable- all qualities we look for as a CrossFit community!

Cavecloth is actually running a 25% off sale on all of their gear, right now! So make sure to head on over to check them out by clicking here or on the picture below!


cavecloth sale

The t-shits come i a wide range of colors, and there are some great new designs coming out as well, as you can see in the picture below.

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Let’s face it, you’re proud of being a CrossFitter, and there’s no better way of expressing that than by wearing a t shirt that expresses your CrossFit-self!

There are a lot to choose from though, so in this article I’m going to outline a few of my favorites.

CrossFit Affiliate T Shirts

One of my favourite hobbies is to collect shirts from other CrossFit affiliates (CrossFit gyms). This is something I picked up from the head trainer at my box who has CrossFit affiliate t shirts from all over the world – everywhere from CrossFits in the US and South Africa to New Zealand and Australia!

There are some really funny and cool designs too!   Zazzle has a great selection of CrossFit affiliate t shirts to choose from. CrossFit affiliates place their t shirts on the site and then CrossFitters like you and me can buy them.  The great thing about Zazzle is that you can customize the color and fit as well.

I really like this one.  It’s funny, its tough, and it’s a CrossFit affiliate t shirt (CrossFit Fenrir).  What more could you want!

t-shirt for crossfitClick on the picture to purchase.


A few other great t shirts for CrossFit are  this one from CrossFit Albany.  Also, a great funny CrossFit affiliate t shirt,

Crossfit affiliate t shirt


And this CrossFit affiliate t shirt from CrossFit Carmel

 t shirts with crossfit slogans

This is a great one for CrossFit girls who are proud of their strength and fitness.  Who needs skinny when you can be strong! This is a great example of a good crossfit slogan on a t shirt.


Funny t shirts for CrossFit

You’re strong, you’re tough, AND you have a great sense of humor. So show it, with a funny t-shirt for CrossFit.
One of my favorites is  ‘Have you blown your WOD today?’ Ok, so it’s a bit crass, but it’s definitely funny! And if your box (CrossFit gym) is anything like mine, the guys and gals there will appreciate it. Check it out here.

Funny t shirt for CrossFit


Here’s another funny (but dirty) t shirt. I have to say that many times I’ve heard about a new CrossFitter hearing about the snatch for the first time exclaim “it’s called what?!?!?”  But, hey, we’ve all grown to love the snatch….and the jerk. Check it out here.

best t shirts for crossfit


T shirts for CrossFit girls

Finally, we have t shirts for CrossFit girls.  CrossFit girls are great, and they’re proud of being strong and fit – and so they should be! There are a lot of CrossFit t shirts out there that girls can wear to express their pride… and their sense of humour.

A great one is the lift like a girl t shirt.  The fact is that there are a lot of very strong CrossFit girls at my box.  And I know many of us wish we could lift like them! Check it out here


shirts for crossfit women


Or if kettle bells are more your thing in CrossFit, there’s this t shirt may be for you.

tshirts for crossfit women


This shirt is great too. It says “I can do more [pull ups] than your boyfriend”.  And it’s almost definitely true!

Check it out here

funny  shirts for crossfit

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little guide to t shirts for CrossFit.  There are definitely a lot out there.  Hop onto Zazzle and check them out. There’s sure to be a t shirt out there for you.




Crossfit is one of the fastest growing sports around the world and as such there is a wide variety of clothing for CrossFit.

Probably the most obvious of these is the shirt.  Almost every box (Crossfit gym) has at least one or more designs and members wear them with pride.

Many people also like to collect CrossFit affiliate shirts around the world.  For example, at my box in Australia, one member wears a Crossfit affiliate shirt from Hells Kitchen, NY.  Very cool!Unfortunately, it’s often very hard to purchase clothing from other Crossfit affiliates as they usually do not have online stores.  Stay tuned though, as I’ll be scouring the net to find you places where you can buy other Crossfit affiliates shirts.  

Here are a few great Crossfit affiliate shirts from around the world. A lot of them are quite funny like this one from Alamo Crossfit.

shirts for crossfit

Or again this one from Crossfit ireland.  My housemate is Irish, and I can attest that he is definitey funny and often drunk! If he does crossfit, he can be strong too!

t-shirts for crossfit

How about this one from Valley Crossfit in the US.  Clearly a no nonsense affiliate!

best shirts for crossfit

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