RX vs Scaled: Which Is Better For CrossFit Progression?

As a CrossFit athlete, choosing the right intensity level for your workouts is crucial for achieving fitness goals and making progress. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to decide which level of intensity is right for you. That is where the terms “RX” and “scaled” come into play. RX stands for “prescribed,” which refers to performing... Read more →

CrossFit Misconceptions: Busting the Common Myths

In just a few short years, CrossFit has become one of the world’s fastest-growing sports and has proven to be an effective training methodology for anyone regardless of age and fitness level. Moreover, there are more than 13,000 CrossFit gyms operating worldwide thanks to the popularity of the CrossFit Games.  Still, there is no denying... Read more →

How to Improve Your CrossFit Conditioning and Endurance

crossfit conditioning endurance

Many athletes make it a point to improve their CrossFit conditioning and endurance. That’s because building a big engine is handy in so many different areas of the sport.  Good cardio helps you thrive in the final rounds of AMRAPs, power through chipper WODs, and keep it together any time the assault bike rears its... Read more →

CrossFit for Beginners: The Complete Guide

Almost every avid CrossFitter knows someone (or was someone) who didn’t understand or felt intimidated by CrossFit at first. There’s a lot to know about the sport. Between the dozens of acronyms you’ll hear coaches use to the extensive list of exercises and pieces of equipment you must learn, the whole process can feel overwhelming.... Read more →