Best Women CrossFit Apparel in 2022

Women CrossFit Apparel

Why go for dedicated women CrossFit apparel? Start with your comfort. Dedicated workout-wear helps you stay relaxed while working out by keeping inconveniences like wet spots, chafing, and overheating at bay. This, in turn, will let you keep your focus on the workout at hand.

The best women CrossFit apparel also boasts sweat-wicking properties. They are made of breathable fabrics that allow the passage of air in and out of your clothes, wicking away moisture and keeping you feeling dry and cool, even after you have performed an intense workout.

They also help your body relax post-workout. Researchers tell us that our body produces massive amounts of lactic acid when we’re testing it to its limits, thereby causing fatigue and pain. Dedicated CrossFit apparel reduces lactic-acid build-up by stimulating blood flow, thereby aiding in muscle recovery.

Best Women CrossFit Apparel – Buying Guide

Two types of CrossFitters will consult this article. The first are those who are doing CrossFit for years.   They know everything about workout apparel and are here only to find the apparel with the best reviews. Once they stumble upon one that is rated highly by their fellow CrossFitters, they’ll go for it.

That you’re reading this paragraph tells us that you aren’t one of them. We’ll take our guesstimate one step further by assuming that you’re just getting started with CrossFit. And that you’re eager to learn about the qualities that set the best women’s CrossFit apparel from the riffraff.

Go for Breathable T-Shirt or Tank

Reebok Women's Crossfit F.E.F., Forging Elite Fitness, Essentials Gym T-Shirt

What’s the one thing that is common in every CrossFit box? All of them see a lot of sweating. You need to keep this simple-looking fact in mind while choosing your T-shirt/Tank. That is to say that its material should be flexible, anti-chafing, and lightweight. Here’s how you can make sure of that.

T-shirts with mesh fabric allow heat to escape and help you keep cool. But only relying on a lightweight fabric isn’t enough. Your T-shirt should also be a slim fit. That’s because baggy shirts will get in the way of your workouts and will unnecessarily make them difficult.

How to Choose a Sports Bra for CrossFit

Here’s how you can choose the right sports bra for your CrossFit workouts:

Best Women CrossFit Apparel

Ensure it’s the right fit

There are some qualities right-fitting sports bras will possess. Their brand will be sitting firmly beneath your breasts and on your rib cage. Right-fitting sports bras are fitted, but not so tight as to make it difficult for you to breathe. And they won’t dig into your skin too.

That means that while you’d be wearing the bra, no flesh would be bulging from either above the breast or under the arms. Ill-fitting bras tend to develop wrinkles and won’t let you slide one finger under the band between the breasts. You should avoid them at all costs.

Ensure it’s high- or medium-impact sports bra

Wondering why we’ve made this recommendation? Because both these sports bras perform wonders for activities that involve a lot of bouncing – think high-intensity interval training, sprinting, jumping jacks and jumping rope. But it’s not just up-and-down motion that they control.

Experts remind us that every step a women take forces her breasts to move an average of 9 centimeters – not just up and down but also on both sides – in a figure-eight pattern. That’s why you need a bra that works in every direction, which is precisely what high- and medium-impact sports bras do.

Pullover Vs Back Clasp

  • Go for pullover clasp if: You have smaller breasts
  • Go for back clasps if: You have larger breasts

Most available in tank style, pullover clasps cover more portion of your back than back clasp ones will ever do. However, their bigger coverage comes at a pretty steep cost. These clasps lack the support and adjustability that is required to anchor large breasts.

That is obviously not the case with bras with a back clasp. They come with a hook to tighten the band, the area responsible for providing 70% of its support to the bra. That’s why back clasps are more popular among those females with larger breasts.

Compression Vs Encapsulation

  • Go for compression bras if: You have A and B cups
  • Go for Encapsulation bras if: You have C cups or larger

Their name makes it clear what ‘compression’ bras are all about. They press your breasts against the chest and allow zero-to-minimal breast movement. Most of them come with pullover clasps and are recommended for exercises that involve a lot of running.

At the cost of sounding repetitive, encapsulated bras come with encapsulated caps – those that support each breast by surrounding it individually. They endure more bounce during exercise and thus provide a more feminine shape to their wearer.

Racerback Vs Wide Straps

  • Go for racerback straps if: You have larger breasts
  • Go for wide straps if: You have smaller breasts

Do you wear dresses or tank tops regularly? Then you already know everything you need to about the design of racerback straps. They anchor the bra closer to your body and distribute your breasts’ weight more evenly across your back, thereby becoming a must-have if you’ve got larger breasts.

That isn’t the case with bras supported by wide straps. Most of them are padded and therefore provide more support to your breasts. They are also adjustable and provide better weight distribution than T-backs. Those of you who have got smaller breasts might want to give them a try.

How to choose the right CrossFit shoes

All the best CrossFit shoes possess the following features:

NOBULL Women's Arctic Grey Trainer 5 US
  • Medium level of cushioning: There’s a delicate balance you want to maintain as far as cushioning is concerned. Too much cushioning can lead to a loss of power during weightlifting exercises. Too little, meanwhile, can lead to incredible pain during high-impact movements.
  • 4mm high heel drop: Heel drop refers to the heel’s height off the ground vis-à-vis the height of the toe. The best CrossFit shoes come with a 4mm high heel drop, because it lets them strike the perfect balance between the balance on lifts and cushioning on runs.
  • Rigid and sturdy sole: CrossFit workouts involve a lot of movement and therefore put excessive pressure on your feet. That’s why you need a sole made of hard plastic or non-compressive TPU, as it will provide the traction required to keep you stable during both sprints and lifts.
  • Breathable fabric: Heat and sweat are a standard fixture in all CrossFit workouts. Shoes with breathable material will make short work of both these nuisances by allowing easy in/out passage to the air, thereby letting you focus on the task at hand.
  • Cushioned insole with arch support: Insole is that part of your shoe that lies beneath its bottom. CrossFitters need their shoe’s insole to be buffered in the right areas to receive proper support during high-impact exercises.

Choose the right leggings

You may want to choose leggings with the following features:

Drakon Many Styles of Crossfit Leggings Women Colombian Yoga Pants Compression Tights (Spider Man),One Size
  • Moisture-wicking properties: Leggings made of polyester offer this feature which allows them to stay cool and you to stay dry. They move sweat particles away from the skin – before transmitting them to their upper layer from where they can evaporate quickly.
  • Stretchiness: Like other items that are part of the best women CrossFit apparel, the perfect leggings also allow you to move freely. They offer four-way stretchability – due to the presence of spandex, and feel like a second skin.
  • Flatlock Seams: When compared with seamless leggings or leggings that use other types of seams, those with flatlock seams perform better when it comes to reducing chafing. This allows them to keep you comfortable during workouts.
  • No-see through: Such leggings not only maintain an invisible barrier between you and any perverts in your vicinity. They also save you from the trouble of wearing anything beneath them to hide exposed skin.

#1- Best CrossFit Tank Top for Women – icyzone Workout Tank Top for Women

Best Women CrossFit Apparel

[amazon fields=”B073PY4STQ” button_text=”See latest price” value=”button”]

The icyzone workout tank tops for women will help you manage your body temperature and perspiration in the Box. Their sleeveless construction also helps keep your body cool and enables it to work out for more extended periods. The good news continues.

Why choose it: Start with its sweat-wicking fabric. It performs twin duties of transferring sweat accumulated on your body to the tank top’s upper layer and letting the surrounding air quickly dry it, so that the perspiration doesn’t end up making its way inside the fabric.

Equally handy is this tank top’s racerback style. Its flatlock seams and bound edges help disperse weight across your entire back, thereby preventing the formation of any pressure hotspots. The flatlock stitching goes one step further by minimizing seam rubs against your skin.

Then comes its branded crew neckline, whose flexible design and tag-free label offer great comfort during your workouts. Icyzone has also used chain stitch banding for collar and armholes to ensure they stretch when you do.

Sizes and colors: This tank top is available in six sizes – ranging between extra-small and double-extra-large – and 20 different colors. You can choose any three colors at the same time as each package comes with three tank tops.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Can be machine washed
  • Helps disperse weight across your back


  • Might be too tight for some

#2- Best CrossFit Leggings for Women – CompressionZ Compression Capri Leggings

CompressionZ Compression Capri Leggings for Women - Yoga Capris, Running Tights, Gym - High Waisted Pants (Black, XS)

[amazon fields=”B015QO0XGA” button_text=”See latest price” value=”button”]

Multiple features of the CompressionZ Compression leggings make them the best choice for intense CrossFit workouts. They are made of moisture-wicking fabric, which provides extreme stretchiness without compromising on the fabric’s integrity. Read on to know about their other features.

Why choose it: Begin with their 4-way stretch fabric. One that is not only sweat-wicking but is also breathable and chafe resistant. It provides maximum mobility during high-impact workouts and maximum comfort in all kinds of environments. That’s not where the good news ends.

Equally notable is the fabric’s ‘non-see-through’ construction. Its seams are stitched together to ensure nobody can see through them when stretching, squatting, or bending. This allows you to work out with confidence and the fabric to retain its shape after multiple washes.

Their availability in multiple colors – discussed below – comes across as a huge benefit. None of the colors are too outlandish and therefore allow you to match them with your other clothes, thereby helping you wear a trendy look when in the Box.

Sizes and colors: The CompressionZ Compression Capri Leggings are available in seven sizes and nine colors. The sizes, which range between extra-small and 4x-extra-large, wrap perfectly around waists ranging between 24’’ and 37’’.


  • Non-see through fabric
  • Body slimming compression
  • 4-way stretchability


  • Some sizes are too pricey for our liking

#3- Best CrossFit T-shirt for Women – Reebok Women’s Crossfit F.E.F

Best Women CrossFit Apparel

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What is it that separates the CrossFit F.E.F from other workout T-shirts? For starters, its breathable fabric will help you stay cool and dry during the most demanding workouts. And despite being a dedicated CrossFit T-shirt, its price tag isn’t big enough to blow a hole in your pocket.

Why choose it: Corners haven’t been cut to keep this T-shirt’s asking price low. You may verify this claim by looking at its design. One which enables the F.E.F to sit flat against your skin and provide freedom of movement while you’re exercising in the Box.

Not only that, this shirt is made of fibers that are anything but cotton. This allows them to allow easy passage to the surrounding air, both in and out of the fabric. You can, therefore, work out in a ‘sweat-free’ and cool environment.

One area where this T-shirt could have improved is transparency. Its users claim that it’s almost see-through and therefore requires them to wear a tank top underneath. This is why we recommend that you buy it alongside the tank top recommended above.

Sizes and colors: The Reebok Women’s Crossfit F.E.F comes in six colors – from double-extra-small to extra-large – and thirteen color patterns. All of them feature a big ‘CrossFit’ tag on the chest, with some also bearing the shirt’s own name underneath.


  • Slim fit construction
  • Stays dry and cool
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Nearly transparent

#4- Best CrossFit Bra for Women with small breasts – Women’s Nike Swoosh Sports Bra

Women's Nike Swoosh Sports Bra, Sports Bra for Women with Compression & Medium Support, Carbon Heather/Anthracite/Black, XS

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The Women’s Nike Swoosh Sports Bra possesses all the qualities we asked you to look for in the abovementioned buying guide. It is made for high-impact exercises and has the qualities that will keep it going for years to come. Though its steep asking price may leave a dent in your bank account.

Why choose it: Compression bras like this one keep everything in place as you partake in high-intensity exercise such as running or jumping jacks. Apart from giving just the right amount of compression, its C cup’s stretchiness also makes putting it on/taking it off easy.

Yet another notable feature of this sports bra is its machine washability. Unlike many others, its built-in plastic won’t start to age after each wash. Though we still recommend that you refrain from tumble drying it, as doing so would positively impact its shelf life.

It further sweetens the deal with its DRI-FIT technology and stabilized tension straps. The former plays the role of a wicking fabric by pulling sweat away from your skin. The straps, meanwhile, distribute tension to keep bounce at a minimum during multidirectional movements.

Sizes and colors: You can order this sports bra in seven colors, including carbon heather, black, white, cedar, pink, navy, and red. And the seven sizes in which it is available to make it a must-have for females who wear any of the A, B, C, or D bra cup sizes.


  • Slim fit construction
  • Stays dry and cool
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Nearly transparent

#5- Best CrossFit bra for Women with large breasts – Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support

Champion Women's Sport Comfort Full Support Sports Bra, Black, 34C

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The Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support is made for those of you looking for a high-impact sports bra on a budget. It’s incredibly supportive to large breasts and has the cushioning to keep them from bouncing during high-intensity workouts.

Why choose it: Its hook and eye-closure is one of the securest methods of fastening garments. That’s because, unlike snaps, which only work with overlapping edges, hooks can be used abutting fabric edges too. They also tend to unfasten easier, even when jostled in different ways.

This CrossFit bra also features a mesh panel at the front and gel-infused straps at the shoulders. You can count on the mesh panel to keep you cool by letting air in and out of the bra. Due to their built-in gel, the straps will prevent the formation of pressure spots on your shoulders.

Then there are this bra’s molded cups. They conform to your breasts’ shape to provide maximum support, both normal wearing sessions as well as high-intensity workouts. And that too without compressing everything against your chest.

Sizes and colors: Champion Store offers this bra in 18 colors, with each color an amalgam of two or (in some cases) more patterns. And it will fit all of you whose breast size ranges between 32 (US / EU Cup size) and 38 D (US/EU Cup size).


  • Breathable mesh at front
  • Padded hook-and-eye closure
  • Smooth lining and bottom band


  • Might be itchy before the first wash

#6- Best CrossFit shoes for women – NOBULL Trainers Women’s

NOBULL Women's Arctic Grey Trainer 5 US

[amazon fields=”B078X36WC5″ button_text=”See latest price” value=”button”]

Unlike other manufacturers whose products we have reviewed above, NOBULL entered the CrossFit market late. Yet it made up for lost time with its Trainer’s Women’s shoes whose only shortcoming is that they never remain on the shelves for long.

Why choose it: Some of the best CrossFit shoes for women out there only work during heavy lifts. Others keep you comfortable during shorter runs. NOBULL Trainer does both. That’s partly because of its breathable and abrasion-resistant upper layer which will keep your feet dry (and cool) at all times.

It is also because of its highly flexible outsole. Made of carbon rubber, it will protect the midsole’s softer foam from wearing down during jumping jacks. It doesn’t compress when deadlifting or squatting and boasts a lug pattern that provides traction on all types of surfaces.

Similar is the case with the midsole. NOBULL has engineered it to remain incompressible during workout sessions and has provided its inside with an anatomical insert, one that enhances the shock absorption qualities of this model. And its molded nature provides more comfort by better covering the underfoot.

Sizes and colors: NOBULL offers these shoes in 12 colors and 11 sizes. The color spectrum ranges from one extreme (arctic grey) to another (red), with multiple everyday choices thrown in between. As long as your choices aren’t excessively weird, you’d easily find a color meeting your preference.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Can wear outside of the Box
  • Will tackle everything you’d ever encounter in CrossFit WOD


  • Fun patterns tend to cost a little extra


Your search for the best women CrossFit apparel ends here. We have included everything you need to know about apparel that would help you deliver your best in the Box. That includes a buying guide to help you make an informed choice and reviews of the best women CrossFit apparel on the market.

The onus, then, is on you. You can either choose the least-recommended route by using our advice to select products on your own. Or you can choose the option we’d have picked had we been in your shoes – buying what you need from the abovementioned reviews.