T-Shirts for CrossFit – We review the best and funniest!

Crossfit t-shirts

Let’s face it, you’re proud of being a CrossFitter, and there’s no better way of expressing that than by wearing a t shirt that expresses your CrossFit-self!

There are a lot to choose from though, so in this article I’m going to outline a few of my favorites.

Best T-Shirts for CrossFit

One of my favourite hobbies is to collect CrossFit shirts. In fact, I picked up some shirts from the head trainer at my box. He has CrossFit affiliate t shirts from all over the world – everywhere from CrossFits in the US and South Africa to New Zealand and Australia!

Before we go to some of my favorite shirts, here are some of the best CrossFit T-shirts you can buy on Amazon today! This workout t-shirt from Under Armour is one of Amazon’s best seller.

Another great t-shirt for CrossFit is this one from Nike. This Dri-FIT Men’s T-Shirt is super comfortable and dries really fast.

And this CrossFit T-shirt from Reebok is perfect for athletes looking for a comfortable and supportive training shirt. Thanks to its quick drying spandex fabric, it’s not only flexible but also quick drying too!

Men’s Funny T-shirts for CrossFit

You’re strong, you’re tough, AND you have a great sense of humor. So show it, with a funny t-shirt for CrossFit.
One of my favorites are the shirts made by Crazy Dog T-shirts. And if your box (CrossFit gym) is anything like mine, the guys and gals there will appreciate it. Check it out here.

Here are some really funny and cool designs from Decrum!

Here’s another funny and motivational t-shirt from Actizion. The best thing about these shirts is it’s sweat activated technology. The funny message only comes out when you sweat intensely!

Women’s Funny T-shirts for CrossFit

Finally, we have t shirts for women CrossFitters. Most of the funny tshirts we’ve included above are unisex. If you liked the design, you can check them out to find the right size for you.

Most women CrossFitters enjoy wearing sleeveless and tank tops instead of shirts during workout. That’s why here are some CrossFit tank tops that girls can wear to express their pride… and their sense of humour.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little guide to t-shirts for CrossFit. If you’re looking for shorts, shoes or other gears for CrossFit, check out our review of the best CrossFit gears!