Best CrossFit socks? I spent $580.76 on 30 pairs to find out…

Update July 2022 – After buying 30 pairs of athletic socks in April (from Nike, Rogue, Under Armour, Swiftwick, Stance, Darn Tough, Hylete, Brooks, Balega, Smartwool, Features, Wrightsock, Injini, and Adidas) to test for my CrossFit workouts the early results are good! Some socks are definitely better for CrossFit than others. Not sure how much a sock really matters, but I have found some I find myself looking forward to wearing.

The socks I like the best at the top of the list. I’m doing this test in conjunction with my CrossFit shoe testing.

Highly Recommended CrossFit Socks

Update May 2022 – I’m nearly complete with my initial testing and so far two socks have really stood out that I loved doing a WOD in:

The Stance Low Sock Run Tab, and the Darn Tough Ultra-Lightweight Merino sock.

For the best value, the 3-pack of ankle socks from Brooks are my favorite 3-pack pick for CrossFit and running.

Stance Low Sock Run Tab

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

Initial Review: Very nice feeling. Slippery on wood. Medium effort to put on, tab is nice and big and gives good thumb spot to grab and put on. Very cozy.

03-28-22 WOD – Sock felt great, no big slippage issues, no-show was nice. Would definitely wear again.

stance crossfit sock
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Darn Tough Merino Wool Run No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

This sock is breathable, has great traction inside the shoe, and has a really nice low-profile that looks really good with a shoe like the Nike Metcon React Turbo.

Nike Metcon React Turbo
Very low profile no-show with this Merino sock from Darn Tough. Awesome WOD sock.
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Brooks Run-In Socks – 3 Pairs

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

03-30-22 WOD – Nice sock, a bit thin on top, but would wear again, especially for the price. Nice midrange sock, easy off and easy on.

I’ve found myself reaching for these socks often since my initial review. This is my top pick for a quality 3-pack of socks for CrossFit or running.

Swiftwick FLITE XT Zero

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

I love these Swiftwick no-show socks. They are at the high end price wise, but the logo looks great, they are comfortable and well constructed. Really nice grip, kept the shoe very tight. I tested these socks in the NoBull Trainer.

Smartwool Performance Run Targeted Cushion Low Ankle Socks – Men’s

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

This sock is the best looking one I have tried so far. The green thread is almost translucent in the sock and looks very cool. I have a number of Smartwool clothing items, but this is the first sock I have every tried. Really liked this look and I’m partial to Merino wool on my skin, so really liked this sock.

Recommended CrossFit Socks

Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

If you are a Balega sock fan, they are pricey, but I liked working out in these. Nothing too remarkable, but the high and thick tab is nice for slipping on the sock easily. Quality construction.

Feetures Elite Max Cushion No-Show Tab Socks

These no-show tab socks from Feetures have a really nice thick tab that makes them easy to put on and protects your Achilles nicely. Lots of cushion and a R and L marker for each sock makes these stand out.


Very light and thin. A little slippery. Very low no-show sock. Nothing too remarkable or terrible after doing a WOD in them with the Nano X2s. If you are looking for a recycled, eco-friendly sock pick, this is a solid one from WrightSock.

Darn Tough Ultra Light No Show Sock – Athletic (Charcoal)

This is a solid Merino wool sock from Darn Tough, but my runner-up to the ultra lightweight no-show sock I review above. This sock is good, but I would go with the all black ultra lightweight version of this sock if you are a Darn Tough fan.

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Darn Tough No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight Run Sock (White)

No complaints on this sock from Darn Tough. Spendy, but basic no-show white sock. Toebox seam is a bit rough, not my most favorite construction. If you are a big Darn Tough fan, this sock will probably last for years, but I’d go with other picks.

darn tough ultra lightweight sock
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Swiftwick FLITE XT FIVE [Crew] (Black)

This is an awesome crew sock, I loved wearing this sock during the WOD. Shown with a pair of Nike Metcon 7s. This sock is easy to put on, and has a very high level of construction. Really liking most of the Swiftwick socks I am testing.

Swiftwick Rogue Crew Flite XT Sock on Metcon 7s
This is my favorite CrossFit crew sock so far.

Nike Everyday Max Cushioned No Show (3 Pairs)

04-04-22 WOD – A little slippery, not bad. Mostly un-remarkable. Thicker than Brooks run-in middle range pair I also liked. I would wear these again, in fact, I just washed the first set of three pairs and put into my sock drawer for regular rotation in my workouts and runs.

Nike Everyday Max Cushioned No Show
Nike Everyday Max Cushioned No Show with Reebok Nano X1s
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Nike Spark Lightweight No Show

04-06-22 WOD – I flew in these socks, but they are very, very thin. For a short workout where I want the absolute lightest feet, I would grab these, but otherwise they felt too thin for my day to day workout taste. I paired these socks with the Metcon 7 Turbo’s, this is a great lightweight combo. The workout I used these with was front squats, hand stand push-ups, and bar muscle ups.

Nike Spark Cushioned No Show
Nike Spark Cushioned No Show with Metcon 7 Turbos

Adidas Cushioned Low Cut (3-pair)

These socks have been my go-to for a few years before my sock test experiment. They aren’t the most expensive, or cheapest, kinda right in the middle They are easy to put on, have a nice enough cushion, and

I’ve never really thought about them during years of CrossFit workouts, so that must mean something positive.

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Rogue Compression Socks (made by SwiftWick)

These knee-high socks are thick, well made, and spendy. You’ll spend over $30 a pair for these socks made by Swiftwick, branded by Rogue. If you like high-quality compression socks, these are for you. I found them cozy, tight, but not really something I would wear on a regular basis.

Rogue knee high crossfit socks by Swiftwick

Not Recommended as CrossFit Socks

Everyday Plus Cushion Training No-Show Socks (3 Pairs) ($18)

Basic cotton sock from Nike, fine, but very overpriced even for a 3-pack. Go with the Brooks 3-pack for a much higher quality 3-pack no-show sock for the same price.

Balega Blister Resist Quarter Socks

Initial: This is maybe the most comfortable sock I have put on of the 20+ I have tested now. I’m not a huge fan of the design/color, but the quarter length is nice if you are not a no-show length fan. This is a thick sock, but dang is it comfy. Excited to work out in this.

05-10-22 WOD Review: This sock is quite thick and heavy. I didn’t actually like it in the workout where it was a little warmer day. This might be a good Winter sock, but I wouldn’t grab it on the regular as a CrossFit sock.

balega quarter sock with crossfit shoe

Nike Spark Cushioned No Show

Not a big fan of how these feel, they are cushioned but in very specific places (heel and toe area). They feel a little piecemeal. Way too many pieces sewn together that creates too many thick seems.

Nike Spark Cushioned No Show
Nike Spark Cushioned No Show with Reebok Nano X1

Rogue No Show

4-1-22 Workout Review – Comfy, would wear again as long as not doing too many quick side to side movements, just a little slippery.

4-1-22 Initial – a little slippery, medium effort to put on. Like the white stripe look, and feel is good. Overall too costly, there are much better no-show options.

rogue no show athletic shows
rogue no show sock with nano x1

Darn Tough Athletic 1/4 Sock

Initial: Easy enough to slip on, but tight toe box. Very slippery in shoe. Really prominent seam, pretty ugly over top of toes. 03-30-22 WOD – Would not wear these again. Very slippery in the shoe, pretty ugly looking, seam over toes is uncomfortable.

darn tough athlethic quarter sock for CrossFit workout
Darn tough atheltic merino with nano x
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Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show Socks

These are awful socks for CrossFit in my opinion. They are difficult to get on, made my feet feel more sweaty than normal, and just look goofy. Not recommended for the high price point, or any price point.

iniji toe sock for crossfit

Ten Thousand Training Sock – No Show Black

I bought a 3-pack of these socks, but nearly immediately regretted the purchase. I wore them for a few workouts, and then found myself always reaching for my standard Adidas ankle sock. The main downside I found with these socks is just how difficult they are to put on! I dreaded dragging them onto my feet, and eventually just gave up. Not worth the $16 a pair when there are much better options at that premium price point.