7 CrossFit Gyms in Norfolk, VA

Crossfit Gyms are called Boxes 📦. Find your closest Norfolk CrossFit box 🏋️ and get fit.

Your closest crossfit gym, or box, near Norfolk is: Adroit CrossFit. It is 1.56 mi away from the city center. Within Norfolk city limits, there are 7 CrossFit gyms.

  • 1.56 miles

    Adroit CrossFit - 18808

    616 west 24th st, Norfolk, VA 23517

    (757) 344-2260 Website

  • 2.02 miles

    CrossFit 757 - 2092

    1081 W. 35th St., Norfolk, VA 23517

    (757) 513-8898 Website

  • 2.44 miles

    CrossFit Spectrum - 28355

    844 W45 ST, Norfolk, VA 23508

    (757) 561-7112 Website

  • 3.96 miles

    Bear Fight CrossFit - 19144

    5595 Raby Road, Unit 9, Norfolk, VA 23502

    (757) 375-8334 Website

  • 4.76 miles

    Somnium CrossFit - 8793

    7523 Ave J, Norfolk, VA 23513

    (804) 909-3179 Website

  • 6.74 miles

    CrossFit Norfolk - 203

    9309 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23503

    (757) 375-9291 Website

  • 7.47 miles

    CrossFit Little Creek - 9851

    9567 Shore Dr., Norfolk, VA 23518

    (757) 453-3004 Website

Find a CrossFit near you to do box jumps
  • The Adroit Collective I Adroit Crossfit I Norfolk CrossFit

    Norfolk CrossFit Gym I The Adroit Collective I Adroit CrossFit

    Visit Adroit CrossFit
  • Gym/Physical Fitness Center in Norfolk - CrossFit 757

    is more than a gym. Imagine achieving your fitness goals with an entire community supporting you. Our facility in offers an elite training experience for all. Talk with one of our certified coaches today to get started. Fitness, Nutrition, & Coaching personalized to YOUR needs.

    Visit CrossFit 757
  • Gym/Physical Fitness Center in Norfolk - CrossFit Spectrum

    No pre-sets. No prescriptive ways of doing things. This way, we always know what we do for you is absolutely fit for purpose.

    Visit CrossFit Spectrum
  • Visit Bear Fight CrossFit
  • Somnium CrossFit

    Visit Somnium CrossFit
  • CrossFit Norfolk

    Visit CrossFit Norfolk
  • CrossFit Little Creek | Norfolk, VA

    Want to lose weight, tone up, gain strength, increase energy and motivation levels all while having fun as part of a supportive and friendly gym family? CrossFit Little Creek delivers all of that and more, right here in Norfolk, VA. Get started with a Free CrossFit Session Today.

    Visit CrossFit Little Creek

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