22 CrossFit Gyms in Austin, TX

Crossfit Gyms are called Boxes 📦. Find your closest Austin CrossFit box 🏋️ and get fit.

Your closest crossfit gym, or box, near Austin is: CrossFit Central Downtown. It is 1.15 mi away from the city center. Within Austin city limits, there are 22 CrossFit gyms.

  • 1.15 miles

    CrossFit Central Downtown - 5071

    410 Pressler Street, Austin, TX 78703

    (512) 507-6450 Website

  • 2.05 miles

    CrossFit 2024 - 19005

    2015 East Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741

    (512) 265-1587 Website

  • 2.2 miles

    SoLa CrossFit - 7489

    2119 Goodrich Avenue Unit B, Austin, TX 78704

    (512) 997-8475 Website

  • 2.74 miles

    Kawi CrossFit - 25003

    4812 E 7th Street, Austin, TX 78702

    (423) 987-3613

  • 3.76 miles

    CrossFit Jääkarhu - 29301

    139 East Saint Elmo Road, Austin, TX 78745

    (713) 302-6388

  • 3.88 miles

    Fogo CrossFit - 8059

    4619 S. Congress Avenue Suite D, Austin, TX 78745

    (512) 715-4373 Website

  • 4.85 miles

    CrossFit Central - 786

    6205-A Burnet Rd., Austin, TX 78757

    (512) 791-7215 Website

  • 6.07 miles

    CrossFit City Limits - 3547

    208 W Powell Ln, Austin, TX 78753

    (512) 296-9562 Website

  • 6.16 miles

    CrossFit 3rd Element - 7760

    5446 Hwy 290 W, Ste 305, Austin, TX 78735

    (512) 415-4864 Website

  • 6.17 miles

    CrossFit Renew - 19531

    8120 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

    (512) 914-4787 Website

  • 7.11 miles

    CrossFit Austin - 483

    8708 South Congress, Suite C100, Austin, TX 78745

    (806) 679-7519 Website

  • 8.06 miles

    CrossFit Strength Haven - 18696

    10604-A Bluff Bend Dr., Austin, TX 78753

    (760) 420-0995 Website

  • 8.31 miles

    CrossFit REP - 10233

    10603 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

    (512) 648-3982 Website

  • 9.63 miles

    CrossFit SoChac - 20749

    11600 Manchaca Rd. Suite 301, Austin, TX 78748

    (512) 850-8125 Website

  • 10.78 miles

    Bat City CrossFit - 6239

    12400 Amherst Drive, Suite 104, Austin, TX 78727

    (512) 814-7087 Website

  • 10.95 miles

    CrossFit 2222 - 25583

    11007 Ranch Rd 2222, Austin, TX 78730

    (210) 322-0135

  • 12.28 miles

    UpReach CrossFit - 20630

    13047 Pond Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78729

    (408) 502-0789 Website

  • 12.35 miles

    Voodoo CrossFit 512 - 2229

    13170 G Pond Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78729

    (512) 501-9084 Website

  • 14.3 miles

    CrossFit Cedar Park - 1155

    12112 Anderson Mill Rd, Suite 8B, Austin, TX 78726

    (512) 331-6200 Website

  • 14.32 miles

    CrossFit Lakeway - 845

    1909 Ranch Rd 620 South, A & F, Austin, TX 78734

    (512) 689-3798 Website

  • 14.47 miles

    CrossFit 737 - 8737

    12707 Nutty Brown Rd, Austin, TX 78737

    (512) 906-9600 Website

  • 14.92 miles

    Strive CrossFit - 27328

    15501 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin, TX 78717

    (850) 554-8429 Website

Find a CrossFit near you to do box jumps
  • CrossFit Central Downtown — CrossFit Central

    Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, CrossFit Central Downtown offers fitness and nutrition programs for everyone. We offer CrossFit, High Intensity Interval Training, Barbell Classes, Personal Training, Sauna and Ice Experiences, and Nutrition programs. Established in 2005, our community has been

    Visit CrossFit Central Downtown
  • CrossFit in Austin

    Get a free intro session at CrossFit 2024, in Austin’s premier CrossFit gym. Schedule your session today and CrossFit in Austin today.

    Visit CrossFit 2024
  • SoLa CrossFit

    At SoLa CrossFit in Austin, Texas, we build strong bodies. We'll help you make a plan to hit your health and fitness goals.

    Visit SoLa CrossFit
  • CrossFit Fogo | Austin TX Premier CrossFit Gym

    Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.  Practice and train all major lifts:  Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, Clean & Jerk and snatch.  Similarly master the basics of gymnastics:  Pull ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups,presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds.  Bike, run, swim, row, ect., hard and fast.  Five to Six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow.  Routine is the enemy.  Keep workouts short and intense.  Regularly learn and play new sports.

    Visit Fogo CrossFit
  • CrossFit Central

    Visit CrossFit Central
  • CrossFit City Limits

    Centrally located on North Lamar Blvd in North Austin, CrossFit City Limits offers CrossFit, Bootcamp, Weightlifting, and Endurance Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training.

    Visit CrossFit City Limits
  • Visit CrossFit 3rd Element
  • CrossFit Renew – Best Crossfit Gym in Austin, Texas

    Visit CrossFit Renew
  • CrossFit Austin

    At CrossFit Austin we offer a variety of fitness programs to meet your specific health and fitness goals. Located at 8708 South Congress, Austin, TX.

    Visit CrossFit Austin
  • CrossFit Strength Haven - Forging a Healthy Community in Austin, TX

    CrossFit in the Austin, TX community | Get your blood pumping with fun, challenging workouts with expert CrossFit coaches. JOIN NOW!

    Visit CrossFit Strength Haven
  • Life Changing Fitness through community based functional fitness training


    Visit CrossFit REP
  • Austin CrossFit – Live Today Healthier than Yesterday

    Offering CrossFit, nutrition and personal training programs to Austin, Texas. Gain strength for a better tomorrow. Rise above.

    Visit CrossFit SoChac
  • Bat City CrossFit -Northwest Austin – Bat City CrossFit -Northwest Austin

    One way to describe CrossFit is that it takes key elements from different disciplines like Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and Strongmen and puts them together to create a well rounded athlete.

    Visit Bat City CrossFit
  • Best CrossFit Gym

    Looking for the Best CrossFit Gym in Austin TX? UpReach CrossFit can help you achieve your fitness goals! Call today!

    Visit UpReach CrossFit
  • Voodoo CrossFit

    A North Austin CrossFit Gym in Austin TX, the healthiest spot to be. CrossFit finds its home in this North Austin spot in the Jollyville, McNeil, Domain, Arboritum, Millwood area. Change the globo gym mentality and workout with something that offers much more than a personal trainer could give,

    Visit Voodoo CrossFit 512
  • CrossFit Cedar Park - Quite Possibly The Best Gym in Cedar Park - Austin, TX

    CrossFit Cedar Park is a results driven fitness facility located in Cedar Park - Austin, TX providing a supportive community where you can improve your fitness and live a healthier, fuller life.

    Visit CrossFit Cedar Park
  • Lakeway Elite Fitness – BOOM! Building a strong, healthy and safe community

    Visit CrossFit Lakeway
  • CrossFit 737

    We uphold excellence with our athletes & are intentional in all that we say and do to mentor our athletes to empower them to achieve success in their lives.

    Visit CrossFit 737
  • CrossFit - Strive Athletics ATX

    Our 60-minute CrossFit classes focus on well-rounded and competitive fitness alike. You can expect Olympic weightlifting, higher skill gymnastic movements, powerlifting, and everything in between. We will go through 6-12 week cycles, each building off the last, and have varying focuses such as increasing conditioning, building strength and muscle mass, and even technique and grit focuses. Each cycle will also have secondary accessory work geared towards mobility, stability, and recovery.

    Visit Strive CrossFit

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