6 CrossFit Gyms in Aurora, CO

Crossfit Gyms are called Boxes 📦. Find your closest Aurora CrossFit box 🏋️ and get fit.

Your closest crossfit gym, or box, near Aurora is: CrossFit Banshee. It is 1.44 mi away from the city center. Within Aurora city limits, there are 6 CrossFit gyms.

  • 1.44 miles

    CrossFit Banshee - 8079

    380 S Potomac St, Unit 100 & 105, Aurora, CO 80012

    (720) 588-8311 Website

  • 1.6 miles

    CrossFit Terra Nova - 7599

    15821 E Centretech Circle, Aurora, CO 80011

    (720) 231-7834 Website

  • 2.29 miles

    Lowry CrossFit - 5645

    990 Dayton St, Aurora, CO 80010

    (303) 803-8537 Website

  • 6.22 miles

    One Beat CrossFit - 24608

    4174 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

    (303) 502-7903 Website

  • 6.54 miles

    CrossFit South Aurora - 2090

    16312 E Quincy Avenue, Aurora, CO 80015

    (720) 933-3283 Website

  • 12.05 miles

    CrossFit Topo - 29240

    22651 E Aurora Pkwy, Unit A4, Aurora, CO 80016

    (720) 680-2348 Website

Find a CrossFit near you to do box jumps
  • CrossFit Banshee

    Visit CrossFit Banshee
  • CrossFit Terra Nova

    Visit CrossFit Terra Nova
  • Lowry CrossFit

    Visit Lowry CrossFit
  • One Beat CrossFit

    Visit One Beat CrossFit
  • CrossFit South Aurora

    CrossFIt South Aurora is Aurora's goto CrossFit Gym for a reason: Results, fun, and community. We have members from all walks of life that have transformed their lives here. Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own journey. We have the best coaches with the best plans to fit you personally. Beginner or advanced, you'll feel at home at CrossFit South Aurora. Everyone here supports you like family. Not only will you grow stronger physically, you'll grow stronger in every aspect of life. What does the greatest version of yourself look like? There's only one way to find out: Come try a free class.

    Visit CrossFit South Aurora
  • CrossFit Topo

    Visit CrossFit Topo

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