Best Battle Ropes for Crossfit – Reviews for 2022

As a collegiate athlete that has worked several small to world class gyms, I’ve been able to test and use different Battle Ropes for my strength and conditioning programs. 

After testing seven different Battle Ropes over a few months, the best battle ropes for any type of rope related workout is the Power Guidance Battle Rope because of the balance of grip, versatility, and durability that it provides. 

The nylon coating helps reduce friction blisters and burns on your hands making it a perfect exercise for prolonged use. It also comes with a rope anchor that some of the other providers do not provide.

The extra anchor and durable rope made it a no brainer over the other products that only come with a rope. When you have something stable that holds the rope together, you’re able to get more out of the workout and work the muscles you need to lose weight and get lean faster.

The Top Battle Ropes Reviewed

Product ImageProduct's nameMaterial/LengthMore Info
[amazon fields="B01I30FHC4" value="thumb"]Best Overall
[amazon fields="B01I30FHC4" value="title" title_length="100"]
Poly Dacron + Nylon Sleeve Covers
30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft
[amazon fields="B01I30FHC4" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B00CBNJT42" value="thumb"]Best Versatile
[amazon fields="B00CBNJT42" value="title" title_length="100"]
Poly Dacron + Nylon Sleeve Covers
30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft
[amazon fields="B00CBNJT42" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B01FNBINKO" value="thumb"]Best Heavy Duty
[amazon fields="B01FNBINKO" value="title" title_length="100"]
Poly Dacron
30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft
[amazon fields="B01FNBINKO" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B0128KQSVE" value="thumb"]Best Lightweight Beginner-Friendly
[amazon fields="B0128KQSVE" value="title" title_length="100"]
Polypropylene and Polyester
30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft
[amazon fields="B0128KQSVE" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B0069TRXP6" value="thumb"]Best for Training Option
[amazon fields="B0069TRXP6" value="title" title_length="100"]
Polyester and Nylon
40 ft
[amazon fields="B0069TRXP6" value="button"]
Best Portable Option
Rogue Conditioning Rope
20 ft
View latest price
[amazon fields="B01GUFZ2ME" value="thumb"]Best Battle Rope Grip
[amazon fields="B01GUFZ2ME" value="title" title_length="100"]
Polyester and Nylon
40 ft
[amazon fields="B01GUFZ2ME" value="button"]

Find the Best Battle Rope for You

[amazon fields=”B01I30FHC4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Overall

#1- [amazon fields=”B01I30FHC4″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B01I30FHC4″ value=”button”]

Power Guidance is a fitness, sports, and Crossfit equipment provider dedicated to providing you the fitness gear to help you reach your goals.

Its Battle Rope is one of the strongest and durable gym accessories for anyone looking to add variety and take their workouts to the next level. Whether you’re looking to increase your shoulder strength or work your cardio by slamming, dragging, whipping, or moving the hopes in waves, these are an excellent addition for individuals that love a challenge. 

These battle ropes are perfect for individuals looking to accelerate their power building or fat burning results. Made with sturdy anti-friction nylon coated sleeves with heat shrink handles, the ropes will not fray or come apart no matter how vigorously you pound the rope. 

The nylon coating helps reduce friction blisters and burns on your hands, making it a perfect exercise for prolonged use. When you purchase the Battle Rope, you also get a Rope Anchor that comes with heavy duty screws that plant the rope on the ground.  

With three different lengths, The POWER GUIDANCE battle rope is the best all around rope that provides everything you need to add some flair and variety to your workouts.


  • Variety of range sizes
  • All ropes are covered with nylon sleeve to prevent friction burns and blisters
  • Comes with a complimentary Battle Rope Anchor so you don’t have to find a place to hold the ropes tight
  • Made with Poly Dacron which makes the rope super sturdy and robust giving you the freedom to slam on any hard material


  • A bit more expensive than other options
[amazon fields=”B00CBNJT42″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Versatile

#2- [amazon fields=”B00CBNJT42″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B00CBNJT42″ value=”button”]

Zeny is known for creating and providing a variety of high-quality fitness-related products to the market. One of them is these Workout Battle Ropes. These Battle Ropes deliver a complete full body conditioning workout with its durable material and aesthetically pleasing yellow/orange track lines that run along the black rope.

The rope is made of Poly Dacron with a 3-Strand Twist Design, Braided Sisal, and heat shrink vinyl hand grips that keep your rope from fraying and wearing away. While being wrapped in a 600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve to reduce further wear and tear from the environment.

Available in several sizes, including 1.5” thickness x 30, 40, and 50 feet, and 2” thickness x 30, 40, 50 feet, you have a large variety to choose from depending on your workout needs and where you are using the rope.


  • Very Durable with the Poly Dacron 3-Strand Twist Design
  • Affordable in comparison to other battle ropes
  • Aesthetically pleasing with the additional yellow/orange track lines
  • Great handles and has a solid grip with the vinyl hand grip
  • Doesn’t fray easily


  • Take a bit of time to break the rope in
  • Doesn’t provide an anchor
[amazon fields=”B01FNBINKO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Heavy Duty

#3- [amazon fields=”B01FNBINKO” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B01FNBINKO” value=”button”]

TITAN is known for their quality strength training, strongman, and gymnastic equipment. With an excellent reputation for their customer service, they are always looking to leave you completely satisfied with all your purchases with them.

Their TITAN Battle Rope is one of the more heavy duty ropes on the market. If you’re a person that wants to deliver endless punishment and have durable handles that don’t slip or break, then this rope is for you. Perfect for when you’re using these ropes for cardio or HIIT workouts.

Built with Poly-dacron, these ropes are water-resistant and will not leave fibers that most other low-quality battle ropes have issues with.

Available in 1.5 inch or 2 inch thickness and a 30, 40, and 50 foot length, you can find a battle rope that fits your needs. If you’re looking to add on an anchor, TITAN sells them separately.

If you’re looking for a battle rope that can take damage, the heavy duty TITAN Battle Rope’s braiding and materials will be able to withstand it. 


  • Perfect Battle Rope for HIIT, MIIT, and LIIT Training Sessions
  • No Fibers will be shredded or left on the floor when your training
  • Plenty of different sizes and thickness to choose from
  • Durable enough to use outdoors


  • Have to pay more to get a Battle Rope Anchor
  • No Protective Nylon Covers
[amazon fields=”B0128KQSVE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Beginner-Friendly

#4- [amazon fields=”B0128KQSVE” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B0128KQSVE” value=”button”]

NEXPro specializes in providing high quality battle rope and various equipment to the fitness industry at an affordable price. Their battle rope is made with water-resistant and high tensile material that doesn’t wear, snap, or fray easily. 

These battle ropes are made using a blend of polyester and polypropylene material. With its three weave braiding, it’s able to handle the hard impacts and the normal wear and tear from hitting the ground, rain, and sun.

This rope is available only with a 1.5” thickness in the 30’, 40’, and 50’ lengths. Lighter than most other battle ropes at 18 lbs, 23 lbs, and 27 lbs, respectively, this is the perfect tool to add to your HIIT training and cardio workouts.

With a yellow tracking line, it’s easy to maintain and see where it’s at all times. Avoiding the trouble of somebody tripping over the rope and face planting themselves. The longer the rope you get, the heavier it is.


  • Dirt and Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight, perfect for quickness, explosiveness, and longer HIIT workouts
  • More affordable


  • Only one diameter thickness available compared to other brands
  • Not as durable as the other brands and may be prone to fraying
  • No anchor included
[amazon fields=”B0069TRXP6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best for Training Options

#5- [amazon fields=”B0069TRXP6″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B0069TRXP6″ value=”button”]

GoFIT is the leading at-home fitness brand that delivers superior gear, equipment, and training products to American households. Integrating quality fitness products and professional trainers, they can provide original products with world-class instruction to the fitness, nutrition, wellness, and health industry.

The GoFIT 40 Foot Combat Rope is no different. Made with a braided polyester, polypropylene, and nylon material, the battle rope is durable and doesn’t shed. This is the perfect rope for strength, cardio, cross-training, and stamina exercises.

With a 15-inch thickness and 40 foot long rope, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses. With an additional training manual included with your purchase, you will maximize the results from training using the battle ropes.


  • Not too expensive
  • Comes with a training manual that helps you avoid beginner mistakes with using battle ropes


  • Only one thickness and length available
  • No anchor provided
duffalo bar

Best Portable Option

Rogue Conditioning Rope

Rogue is one of the largest American distributors and manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment. From CrossFit and military to collegiate and professional sports teams, Rogue has become a household name to all North Americans that want trustworthy and reliable sports equipment.

The rope doesn’t need an anchor to use and requires less space than you usually need compared to a traditional battle rope. Weighing only 15 lbs and 20 feet in length, you can get your strength and conditioning workouts in no matter where you are.

Made out of a patented soft braided polyester exterior with a flexible metal core, you’re able to have confidence slamming this rope down on any surface. This allows floors to be less damaged and your rope to have reduced shedding fibers that often come from cheaper poly dacron battle ropes.

If you’re looking to stay in shape wherever you go, try out the Hyper Rope Battle Rope from Rogue.


  • No anchor needed so you can workout anywhere
  • Portable and lighter weight that can be carried anywhere
  • Unique and Patent Material designed to reduce wear and tear


  • Comes in only one length and thickness
  • Expensive
[amazon fields=”B01GUFZ2ME” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Battle Rope Grip

#7- [amazon fields=”B01GUFZ2ME” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B01GUFZ2ME” value=”button”]

EliteSRS is a jump rope company that helps take athletes to the next level through the custom jump ropes and other rope products. Providing custom colors, packaging, branding for all types of ropes, they’ve expanded and now source to hotel chains, retail fitness stores, online jump rope trainers, and gift box subscription clubs, and more.

This EliteSRS Battle Rope does not disappoint. As the results you get from the battle rope is how well you can grip the handles, having something that never becomes slippery is crucial to getting the most out of your workout.

EliteSRS has made a guarantee that their 10-inch long heat shrink grips never come off. Made out of Dacron and polypropylene blend, the durable rope will be able to withstand any type of weather and punishment that you’re going to deliver.

Coming in at 30 ft, 40 ft, and 50 ft length, the double stitched battle rope can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of force.


  • Premium quality 80% Dacron and 20% Polypropylene blend that can hold out most intensive workouts
  • Can be used outdoors and get wet without worrying of losing grip
  • Comes with a nylon webbing, a carabiner, and padded velcro protector to safely and securely anchor your rope


  • Comes in only one length and thickness

Battle Rope Buying Guide

What are Battle Ropes?

Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are pieces of fitness equipment that provides a more dynamic and fast burning full body workout without using free weights. They are a must-have tool for individuals looking to add on lean mass due to how effective it works both arms independently. This eliminates the strength imbalances that may occur and help sculpt your muscles easier.

It is a full body workout where you use your arms, back, chest, core, and legs, depending on your focus for your routine. These battle ropes break the monotony that comes along with aerobically-focused activity where you only run or sprint every single day.

Using battle ropes at home or the gym will make you sweat and train you for power as you slam the ropes on the ground.

What Do Battle Ropes Work?

Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes

Muscle Activation

Battle ropes target muscles that are often not activated or used when you’re using standard training routines. Without a personal trainer instructing you to activate specific muscles when performing a lift, you may be leaving yourself prone to injury. Imbalance in the muscles can make other muscles overwork and, in the long term, be detrimental.

With a series of different whips, slams, and waves, battle ropes can be manipulated side to side, up and down, and even in a circle to work your muscles. You may even change your grip to target different muscles. Gripping it underhand focuses more on your biceps while overhand uses more of your shoulders and back.

Battle Ropes exercises are a great addition towards your full-body training regiment as it is great at activating muscles that will reduce potential injuries later in your life.

Fat Destroyer

A recent study on Rope Training in 2015 revealed and confirmed that training with battle ropes in a high-intensity workout setting provides better benefits than other HIIT kettlebell training. 

Another study showed that 10 minutes of swinging the battle rope burns 112 calories. Since you have a higher heart rate and using more energy, your cardiorespiratory system has to work harder to keep up. This accelerates your metabolism system as it needs the energy to keep your performance up.

This is why it’s prevalent around gyms and why prominent fitness trainers, sports coaches, and athletes turn to Battle Ropes for their cardio and strength training.

Improving Mobility

When you begin to slam, whip, and wave your battle ropes, your body will begin to become more functional and flexible. These battle whips boost your range of motion of your hips, core, legs, and shoulders while increasing your grip strength. The more and more you use battle ropes, you’ll feel more lighter, and you might notice that day to day actions and tasks will be easier to perform.


Lifting, Pulling, and Swaying the battle ropes require a certain type of body and muscle stability needed in both your upper and lower body. This is due to the ‘dual-force dynamic effect’: The combination of the force that is created by the rope waves and gravity improves our body’s neural system to stay stabilized. 

As your body becomes more comfortable, you are more likely stronger to handle more strain and force onto your body. This reduces the overall stress, and the chances of you getting injured are less likely. 

How To Use A Battle Rope?

Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes

There are several different motions that you can use in a battle rope workout. These include waving, flying, circling, and slamming.

The Wave

This is when you grasp the rope handles and alternate them between left and right. One side of the rope should be going up and the other should be going down. When you do it correctly, it will look like a wave that you remember from mathematics class.

The Circle

This is where you grasp the rope handles and use the circling motion on both arms. To make this even more challenging, you can alternate the arms where one arm is moving counterclockwise while the other moves clockwise.

The Flyes

This is where you squat low and grasp the rope handles. Just like a chicken flapping their wings, you hold the ends of your rope and flap your arms up and down at your sides. This is a great exercise for both your arms and back muscles.

The Slams

This is where you grasp the rope handles, pull the rope over your head, and slam it towards the ground. You do this over a period of time in a rhythmic motion. This is a great functional full body workout where you work your arms, lower back, abs, core, and shoulders.

Rope Climbing

You may also use your battle ropes for rope climbing. Make sure you install a ceiling anchor and rope clasp together.

What To Look For When Buying Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes


If you’re using your battle rope for a home gym or indoor space, make sure you have a room that has over 30 feet length of space. Without the space, you won’t be able to use the battle rope

Length Of Battle Rope

The size of the rope that you will buy determines the weight and the intensity of your workout. Here are the common battle rope sizes:

  • 1.5” Thick x 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft long
  • 2” Thick x 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft long

Depending on how strong you are and the goals you’re looking to get out of the battle rope, here are some tips for you.

For cardio-focused results, we recommend picking a rope that is lighter that allows you to push yourself for longer. A rope in the 30 ft length is preferable, while the diameter will work more on your gripping muscles if you’re more advanced.

For developing shoulder muscles and other areas of your body, having a heavier 2” Thick and 50 ft long rope is more suitable. You’ll be more focused on strength endurance as you’ll be doing fewer but harder reps.

The common length for battle ropes in Crossfit gyms are 50’ ft long.


Here’s an approximation of weight of the battle rope based on the size:

  • 1.5″ x 30 feet – 12 lbs
  • 1.5″ x 40 feet – 18 lbs
  • 1.5″ x 50 feet – 24 lbs

While 2” Ropes are approximately 30-35% heavier than 1.5” ropes.


When you’re looking for battle ropes check their materials. Often non-synthetic materials have better durability and weather-proof in comparison to synthetic materials. Also check for the shrink caps on the edges as it’s a sign of padding that helps improve the durability of your battle ropes.


For the battle rope not to flop and move around, you will need an anchor. Some provide an anchor when you purchase however most do not. If you don’t have something heavy to secure your rope, use a rope that comes with a wall mounted anchor.

Workout Routines With Battle Ropes

Beginner Battle Rope Workout

Single Handed Alternative Waves

Hold in each hand one end of the rope while standing shoulder-width apart to create a stable base. Now quarter squat down while you’re still maintaining a neutral spine. With your hands, start alternatively moving them up and down. One should be going up while the other should be slamming down.

Double Arm Slams

Grab the end of the rope with each hand standing shoulder width apart. Squat down and lift the ropes simultaneously up and then slam them dunk as hard as you can. You repeat this for a designated time period or repetitions. 

Jumping Jacks

Grab the end of the rope with each hand by your side. Begin jumping your hands over your head similar to a jumping jack movement. You should be creating waves with the rope while you are jumping.

Shoulder Circles

Begin squatting down with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab your battle rope on each hand with your palm facing down. Then lift your arms over your shoulders and begin making circular patterns with the rope.

Snakes On The Floor

Snakes on the floor are similar to the setup to the Alternative wave however instead of the ropes going up and down, they go left to right. The rope should mimic the pattern of a slithering snake.

Tips When Using Battle Ropes


Most beginners make the mistake of holding their breath throughout the set. Battle ropes require focus, longevity, and endurance, something that oxygen requires. Focus on breathing throughout the motion and you will notice that you can go longer than when you hold in your breath.

Using Your Whole Body

Being able to oscillate your arms requires a stable base of your core and legs. Make sure you’re in an athletic strong position where you can prevent your body from moving around. When you do this correctly, you should feel like your whole body is getting a workout.


When you become more tense, it’s harder for your muscles to move. Make sure you are relaxed with a light grip as you make those waves.

FAQs for Battle Rope

Battle Rope
Battle Rope

How To Setup a Battle Rope At Home Or At The Gym?

Battle Rope Set-up and Instruction

Some battle ropes come with an anchor, however if you bought a rope without an anchor here’s how you can still get the benefits out of it.

Find a place that is strong and heavy enough that you know it won’t move. If the fixed point moves around too much, the workout will be less effective because the force of the ropes will be moving everywhere.

Make a knot in that fixed position and begin proceeding with your workout. The only downside to this is that you may notice more fraying towards the rope sooner.

How Do You Anchor Battle Ropes?

If your battle rope came with an anchor, it will be a lot easier making your battle rope stable. These anchors are often a wall bracket and a metal half loop where you can screw them into walls and fixtures. We recommend a strong drywall screw when secureling them when possible.

How Many Calories Does A Battle Rope Session Burn?

When you use Battle Ropes HIIT exercises it has been found you burn over 100 calories for every 10 minutes of workout. However, it varies depending on your body type, fitness level, and the intensity of your workout.

How Long Should My Rest Intervals Be and My Workout Sessions Be?

Overexertion is very easy when you’re doing an intensive exercise with battle ropes. While overworking your muscles can make you more likelier to get injured. We don’t advertise exceeding your personal limit but we recommend you push yourself with a 10-minute battle rope session.

For resting, we recommend you as a beginner to wait until your heart rate goes back to a normal pulse and your breathing slows down.


Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes are one of the most exhaustive and functional workout tools out there. They provide you a full body workout that hits all your muscle groups and burns a lot of calories along the way. If you’re looking for a workout program that can help you lose weight and gain lean muscle mass, then choosing a battle rope is definitely for you.

Out of all the seven Battle Ropes that we tested and research, we recommend the POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope because of the balance of grip, versatility, and durability that it provides. 

The nylon coating helps reduce friction blisters and burns on your hands, making it a perfect exercise for prolonged use. It also comes with a rope anchor that some of the other providers do not provide.

While the next best Battle Rope on our list was The Rogue Conditioning Rope. They are a staple and well-known throughout the industry, so you know that you will never go wrong when you go with Rogue.

The battle rope is an excellent alternative to the Power GUIDANCE due to the portable length, the weight, and the durability. You can take it anywhere with you and get your workout in. However, they are limited to one type of battle rope.