4 Best GHD Machine (Glute Ham Developer) for Your Home Gym in 2021

Best GHD Machine Reviews

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Possibly the most obscure piece of workout equipment, a Glute Ham Developer (GHD) machine is essential for anyone seeking to make their garage gym complete. With any home-workout, you need durable and versatile gear that won’t break the bank. That’s why we scoured the internet reviewing and rating some of the best GHD machines on the market and narrowed it down to three top performers. One that really stood out among the rest has got to be the Rogue Abram GHD 2.0. From its quality build, unique portability, and innovative design, anyone can tell that Rogue has made a concerted effort to take your home gym to the next level. Let’s get into it, here are our top three picks.

The Best GHD Machines Compared

Product ImageProduct's nameFeature 1More Info
Best Overall
Rogue Abram GHD 2.0
Steel tubing for stability
Unique portability
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Best Budget Option
York Barbell GHD Machine
Adjustable horizontal positions
Compact, yet durable.
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Most Compact
Rogue 3X3 Echo GHD
Designed to save space
Highly Affordable
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Best in Durability
Vulcan Strength GHD Machine
Commercial Grade Quality
Accommodate All Body Types
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A Review of each GHD Machine

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Best Overall

#1- Rogue Abram GHD 2.0

The Rogue GHD Machine has outperformed in every category.

Built to last, this GHD machine was made for the intensity of Crossfit, and the convenience of a home gym. The 2.0 model is built with a single piece chassis and 11-gauge steel tubing, which means it will be consistently stable throughout the most rigorous workouts. The Rogue is loaded with thoughtful designs like an easily adjustable roller, that makes transitions quick and simple. What really makes the Rogue GHD machine best in class for any garage-gym, is the dedication to remaining durable, but compact. With its triangular design, back wheels, and handles, you’ll be able to move this 200-pound machine with ease.


  • Portability
  • Swing Arm Adjustment
  • Stable and Durable


  • No Step Plate
  • Most Expensive GHD on the market
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Best Budget Option

#2- York Barbell GHD Machine

The smallest of the three, York Barbell made this GHD machine with home-gyms in mind.

What it lacks in customization and size, it makes up for in durability and price. York Barbell’s GHD machine is one of the only to accommodate athletes of any weight, and with it’s nearly $400 price tag, it’s a steal compared to anything else on the market. For such a bargain, you get multi-functional capability for hamstring and lower-back strengthening exercises, adjustable horizontal positions and thigh roller pads for a comfortable, and impactful workout.


  • Affordable
  • Designed to fit in garage-gym
  • Adjustable front rollers and foot plate


  • No Band Pegs
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Most Compact

#3- Rogue 3X3 Echo GHD

Designed to save space, the Echo 3X3 attaches to your existing rig for a GHD machine that fits in your garage-gym and in your budget.

It’s design is simple yet effective. Just secure the curved seat to any plyometric box you’d normally use in a Crossfit setting, and attach the included foot rollers to a secure wall or power rack. The 3X3 Echo GHD is Rogue’s innovative design that overcomes the two major obstacles that arise when seeking to buy a GHD Machine, price and space. Does the Echo sacrifice some of the versatility found in the previous models? Yes. But the result is a GHD machine that focuses on the essentials, and you’re still able to execute the GHD machine staples: Glute/Ham Raises, Hip Extensions, Back Extensions, GHD Situps, Russian Twists and more! The result is a compact and affordable GHD machine for any athletes with limited real estate in their garage-gym.


  • The most compact GHD machine on the market
  • Affordable


  • Sacrificing the versatility found in other machines for space
  • Not as durable or stable as other GHD machines
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Best in Durability

#4- Vulcan Strength GHD Machine

Vulcan’s monster of a GHD machine brings heavy-duty commercial use to your garage-gym.

The Vulcan comes with two wide diamond steel foot plates for easy mounting and increased stability. The adjustable handles ensure that any sized athlete is accommodated, and when needed, they can be removed for barbell and rotational exercises. Weighing over 200 pounds, and measured at around 50” tall, this GHD machine sacrifices space and portability for a more intense, and stable workout.


  • Accommodates big and tall athletes
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Removable Handles


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not very portable

Why a GHD Machine?

Using the Rogue 3x3 GHD
Using the Rogue 3×3 GHD

One of the main reasons athletes seek out Crossfit is to take their workout to the next level, and workout parts of their body they might not have prior. That’s what devices like the GHD machine aim to do, and unless you’ve competed in collegiate sports or are on an intense training regimen, you might not hear about this piece of equipment too often. One of the main reasons you should add this machine to your routine is that it enables you to improve your vertical jump. Why would we seek to improve our vertical jump? Simple, improving it serves as the foundation for meeting other fitness goals. An increased vertical jump will enable you to squat better, deadlift more efficiently, sprint faster and increase reaction times. The list goes on.

How Do I Use The GHD Machine?

Like every exercise, making sure you’re well warmed up is paramount to avoid injury and soreness, while increasing your overall performance. So do yourself a favor and stretch it out beforehand, maybe even some light cardio. Logistically, the GHD machine has three components. An adjustable curved seat, the footplate, and ankle hooks. These are all normally adjustable and you want to make sure that it’s fitted for your body type, and the exercise you’re about to perform.

For starters, the Glute Ham Raise, make sure your feet are secured by the ankle hooks and footplate, and that your thighs are supported on the knee pad. The key to this exercise is keeping your knees bent while your torso stays upright. With your arms folded on your chest like a corpse, you execute this movement by squeezing your hamstrings, glutes, and abs–and extending your legs at the same time. Once your legs are as straight as they can be, bend at the hips and bring your torso down slowly and carefully. The key to this exercise is your posture, keep your spine aligned and torso elongated for optimal results. 

Other Exercises and Uses

The GHD Machine is a versatile piece of equipment, with a multitude of targeted workouts. Utilizing pivotal GHD machine exercises, you’ll find stronger glutes, and hamstrings (of course). Supplementally, with other exercises you find an increase in ab and back strength, so this machine gives you the chance to target your glutes and hammies while perfecting your core. Some key exercises include Hip Extensions and GHD Sit Ups. Exercise equipment like the GHD Machine allows for a more complete workout and a fitness regimen that feels whole.

Hip Extension

With your feet pointing towards the floor, secure them into the footpad and lay your thighs on the support pad leaving your hips free. Like the Glute Ham Raise, it’s all about posture. Start with hips extended and arms crossed, flex your hips as much as possible and bend over the pad essentially making your body in the shape of an “L.” Then, back to a straight line.

GHD Situps

For the GHD Situp, secure feet in the ankle hooks and footplate, and sit on the knee pad leaving your hips free. From the sitting position, bring your torso back as if it were a regular sit up and keep your legs bent as your torso begins to descend. Descend all the way until you can touch the floor and then extend your legs to initiate the ascent. Once you’ve gotten back into the upright position touch the footpad and repeat.


Are GHD Sit Ups Dangerous?

Every exercise has a risk to it if you are not performing it safely. For GHD Situps, make sure your feet are secure under the pegs and keep your torso and spine aligned. Be sure to always have a spotter if you’re a novice with this machine.

What does a GHD Machine Do For Me?

Using a GHD machine helps work your Glutes, Hamstrings, Abs, Back, Vertical Jump, and Core. The benefits of GHD training are midline stability, powerful abdominal muscle recruitment, and aides in the development of spinal erectors.

What Exercises Can You Do With A GHD Machine?

The GHD Machine is one of the most versatile tools in a gym. You can do the ones mentioned earlier like Glute Ham Raises, GHD Situps or Hip Extensions, and then there’s a multitude of other workouts like Reverse Hypers, Soreson Holds, and much more.


The GHD is a great way to get the most out of your workout routine. Out of all the GHD Machines we reviewed, the Rogue Abram’s really stands out the most. There isn’t any other GHD on the market that matches its level of durability, modular construction, and customization for a plethora of workout options. The two runner ups, Vulcan and York, are great machines in their own right. However, they simply don’t meet up to our standard the same way the Rogue Abram does.

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