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best gym mirrors

You need to ask several questions to land the best home gym mirror. One is how the mirror will attach to the wall. A second is how thick it will be. The third relates to the type of home gym mirror you need. A fourth is would the mirror be frameless or housed in a frame.

The answer to the first of these questions lies in your current situation. Those of you who are living in a rental and who don’t want to strike a hole in the wall may do well with portable mirrors. Others who have a home of their own may wish for the security that only comes with a permanent installation.

The thickness of the mirror depends on your usage of them. 6mm mirrors are the go-to choice of commercial gyms because they can withstand the odd impact. Home gyms, however, would be better served by 1-4mm mirrors as they can stand up to the occasional bump. Read on to know more..

Ten Best Home Gym Mirrors In 2022

TopBetter Bevel 24″ x 36″ Frameless Rectangle MirrorBuy Here
Gatco Beveled Easy Mount Mirror, 31.5″ H x 23.5″ W, SilverBuy Here
Rectangular Wall Mirror 24″ x 36″Buy Here
10 Pieces Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive (6 x 9 Inch)Buy Here
Living Room Wall Decor,30″ x 36″Buy Here
Wall Mirrors Flexible 4-Piece Set, 11.5×11.5 InchesBuy Here
Fab Glass and Mirror Rectangle Frameless Wall Mirror, 30″ x 40″, ClearBuy Here
12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror Sheet by Laser CreationsBuy Here
Hamilton Hills Rectangle Hangs Horizontal or VerticalBuy Here

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How to Choose Home Gym Mirrors – What to Look For

Fab Glass and Mirror Rectangle Frameless Wall Mirror, 30" x 40

An hour spent knowing about the ins-and-outs of home gym mirrors will go a long way in helping you select the best model for your needs. That’s why in this section, we’re going to focus on critical aspects that you need to pay attention to while choosing home gym mirrors.


Source One Acrylic Safety Mirror Sheet Great for Classroom Camping Fun House - Shatter Resistant

Most mirrors these days are made either of acrylic or glass.

Acrylic Mirrors

  • PROS: Lightweight, easy to maneuver, shatterproof and impact-resistant
  • CONS: Less reflective than glass mirrors, absorb moisture when used outside

These mirrors are incredibly lightweight, thereby easy to maneuver and install into place. They are also shatterproof and impact resistant and have an upper surface that is less likely to smear or stain.

Throw into the mix their UV resistance, and it’s easy to see why acrylic home gym mirrors are the popular choice for home gyms. But they shouldn’t be used outdoors as acrylic tends to absorb moisture.

Glass Mirrors

  • PROS: Incredibly resistant to bumps, offer perfect resolution, won’t warp or distort
  • CONS: Heavier, harder to drill holes into, cannot be curved or bent

Glass home gym mirrors, if used in thick width measurements, are extremely resistant to bumps and impacts. You can also count on them to keep distortion and warping at bay.

In contrast to some types of acrylic mirrors which offer poor reflective quality, all glass mirrors offer a perfect reflection. Though their heavy weight makes them difficult to maneuver.


Darice Mirrors Big Value Square 1" 25pc

The type of home gym mirror you’d eventually select will make a massive difference for your workout. It will also decide whether your indoors look spacious (or smaller) than they actually are. Which is why you need to be aware of the multiple types of home gym mirrors that are out there:

Plane Mirrors

Want to know how a plane home mirror looks like? Then look at the mirror already in your home. Both are basically the same. Though they might be different when it comes to their material of construction, as plane home gym mirrors might be made of plate glass. They might be worthy of your attention if you’re looking for a no-frills option for your home gym.

Spherical Mirrors

Their name makes it clear what the design of ‘spherical’ mirrors is all about. Their glass is curved inward, like a sphere, with a coating on top that reflects light off its upper surface. Spherical mirrors create an enlarged image of the viewer and are therefore recommended for close-up grooming, like applying makeup or sunscreen or shaving.

Smart Mirrors

Also known as interactive mirrors, they are equipped with an HD or 4K screen with touchscreen features, similar to the ones you get in your smartphone. They are mostly used in commercial gyms or settings where the person standing in front feels the need to make fine adjustments to their image, such as adjusting colors to see how a particular makeup looks on the viewer.

Framed Vs Frameless Mirrors

MCS 18x24 Inch Sloped Mirror with Dental Molding Detail, 23.5x29.5 Inch Overall Size, Walnut (20567)


  • PROS: Easy to clean, give a classy look, available in various styles
  • CONS: Can’t handle moisture, provide less coverage

Such mirrors are encapsulated in a frame made of wood, plastic, metal, and the list goes on. They don’t provide as much coverage as their frameless counterparts. But they do offer several benefits vis-à-vis their frameless counterparts.

Foremost among those is their classy look. Then there’s the ease with which they allow you to clean their upper surface as well as the frame. Their availability in several styles, materials and matte forms makes it easy for you to select one complementing your interior décor.


  • PROS: Can be used in moist or humid environments, can be hanged in a small place
  • CONS: Edges are more susceptible to getting chipped

One of the major benefits of these mirrors come from their frameless design – the absence of frame allows them to work well in moist and humid environments. It also allows you to hang them in a small place and make your indoors look bigger than they actually are. That’s where the good news stops.

Frameless home gym mirrors are available in either rectangular or oval shapes, which means they won’t be of much help if you wish to get your home gym personalized. The absence of a frame also makes their edges more susceptible to getting chipped.

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TEHOME 28.5 x 36'' Black Metal Framed Pivot Rectangle Bathroom Mirror Tilting Beveled Vanity Mirrors for Wall

Home gym mirrors are mostly available in one of these two thicknesses:

  • 6mm: Such mirrors are recommended for dance studios and commercial gyms because these locations need mirrors that can withstand the odd impact and constant reverberations.
  • 4mm: Home gyms would be better served with 4mm mirrors. They can easily stand up to the occasional bump and won’t break a sweat in regular use. And the best thing about 4mm mirrors? Their price tag won’t blow a hole in your pocket.

Fixed Vs Portable

Full Length Mirror 65"x23.6

Here’s how you can decide between fixed and portable home gym mirrors:

  • Fixed mirror: Fixed mirrors are our recommended choice for the simple reason that, once installed, they’re “out of sight, out of mind”. You won’t have to worry about them as they’ll be neatly tucked on a wall, away from barbells and dumbbells.
  • Portable mirror: Don’t want to strike a home in the wall? Worried that the mirror’s adhesive might ruin the paintjob or wallpaper? Then you may want to go for portable mirrors as they let you stack them against a wall without any support.

Better Bevel 24″ x 36″ Frameless Rectangle Mirror

Frameless mirrors like the Better Bevel 24” x 36” provide many sought-after features. They make the most of small spaces and, in contrast to framed mirrors, perform equally well in humid or moist environments, without the danger of moisture warping or corroding their frame.

That isn’t to say that this home gym mirror doesn’t have qualities of its own. It comes with an ultra-flush hanging system to let you install it in less than fifteen minutes. You are also given the choice to set up this model both horizontally and vertically.

The finely crafted 1-inch bevel that this unit is made of offers showroom quality, whereas the polished edges give it a finished appearance while also ensuring safe handling. Its ¼-inch thick glass, meanwhile, ensures sharp and distortion-free images.


  • Innovating hanging system
  • Offers showroom quality
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically


  • Heavy

Gatco Beveled Easy Mount Mirror

Gatco Beveled Easy Mount Mirror, 31.5

The Gatco Beveled Easy Mount Mirror is one of the most inexpensive models in this review. Yet it offers features that would put its much pricier counterparts to shame. Take for instance its warranty. This model is backed by a 100-year warranty which, as you might guess, isn’t easy to beat.

Its incorporation of frameless construction and a smooth beveled edge results in a mirror that is as sleek as it’s sturdy. Experts at Gatco have handcrafted this mirror before giving it an ever-lasting polish that would take massive abuse for its shine to dim.

Then comes the ‘Hang-It’ wall mounting system. Supported by the built-in level, it allows for hassle-free installation in less than 10 minutes. And that too in various ways – landscape and portrait – and on a variety of surfaces including drywall, tie and wood. What more can you ask for!


  • Minimalist design
  • Sleek yet sturdy
  • Easy to mount


  • Can’t be hung horizontally

Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror

Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror 24

The Amazon Basics rectangular wall mirror is available in two styles. You can either hang it individually in your home room if space is an issue. Or you can set it to open up and enlarge the feeling of your home-based workout space. That’s not where its good features end.

Its modern design means you can count on this mirror to fit seamlessly in a variety of spaces. The presence of copious amounts of nickel – the material this mirror is made of – enhances its ability to withstand occasional impacts and bumps.

Yet another notable aspect of this model is that it comes ready to install. It also comes with all the necessary hardware and components for you to hang it to the wall. That means you won’t have to spend extra time – or money – to get it up and running.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Competitively priced
  • Well-packaged delivery


  • Frame is made of plastic

BBTO Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive

10 Pieces Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive Non Glass Mirror Tiles Wall Sticky Mirror (6 x 9 Inch)

Everyone from beginners to fitness enthusiasts will find something to like about this home gym mirror. It is covered with a protective film that protects its upper surface from scratches or damage, both during transportation as well as while you’re using it.

Its availability in the form of sheets means there’s no limit to the situations where this home gym mirror will come handy. You can as easily use one (or more) of the sheets in your home gym as you can in your cars, motorcycles and even bathroom. All you have to do is to just wipe the pasted surface clear before use.

The sheets are only 1mm thick and are therefore ideal for making a mirrored workout wall. They also don’t have any edges, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly without metal seams or plastic. That, in turn, means there won’t be any blank spot at spaces where sheets will connect with each other.


  • Glossy and durable
  • Coated with protective film layer
  • Don’t have any edges


  • Need lot of adhesive to stay on the wall

FANYUSHOW Beveled Frameless Explosion-Proof Wall Mirror

FANYUSHOW Beveled Frameless Explosion-Proof Wall Mirror, Suitable for Bathroom, Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Wall Decor,30

Not sure smaller square pieces are what you’re looking for? Then you might want to give this single large mirror a try. It comes with polished edges that ensure a safe handling and is 1-inch thick to withstand occasional bumps and minor impacts.

In the extremely unlikely scenario of the mirror breaking down, the broken glass will not spill. Instead, its shatterproof membrane will shatter into thousands of tiny bubbles – thereby eliminating the danger of cut injury caused by flying shards and sharp edges.

To further sweeten the deal, this mirror’s manufacturer provides it with a 1-year warranty. That is one-year more than most other products you see in this review. You can avail the warranty if you don’t like the product and want to have your money back.


  • Can hang horizontally or vertically
  • Provides HD imaging
  • Explosion- and shatter-proof


  • Requires you to drill screws into the wall

EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors

EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors Flexible Real Glass Flat Frameless 4-Piece Set, 11.5x11.5 Inches

Here’s another home gym mirror that comes in a 4-piece design. It boasts polished edges for protection and a finished appearance that gives it a sleek, modern look. You can thus count on this mirror to reflect fine details as clearly as possible.

All the four pieces are backed with silver that keeps warping at bay. The package in which they are delivered contains all the materials required for installation. That includes the pieces itself as well as the adhesive using which you can paste it against the wall.

Though you may need to purchase a leveling ruler separately. It would come handy for leveling the pieces otherwise they might get a bit crooked. But even in that case, the reflecting quality of mirrors would still make it the center of attention in your home gym.


  • Safe and polished edges
  • Provides super clear reflection
  • Great for seeing fine details


  • Adhesive is very sticky and might make it hard to remove the mirrors

Fab Glass and Mirror Rectangle Frameless Wall Mirror

Fab Glass and Mirror Rectangle Frameless Wall Mirror, 30

Multiple features of the Fab Glass mirror set it apart from the competition. Foremost among them are its heavy-duty mirror hooks. They will keep the mirror glued to the wall behind it, even in the aftermath of a massive impact or collision, keeping everybody safe.

It also comes with a protective silver coating – one that will prevent it from receiving scratches during transportation while also keeping it resistant to them for years to come. On its side are finely polished edges that reduce the risk of any bodily harm.

The mirror itself is delivered in sheets of styro foam, with a plastic sheet against its front side, and in a box that also has vinyl safety backing. All of this is to say that you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the journey between the warehouse and your doorstep.


  • Vinyl safety backing
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically
  • Has a vinyl safety backing


  • Not easy to install

Fab Glass and Mirror GM48x60 Activity Mirror Kit

Fab Glass and Mirror GM48x60 Activity Mirror Kit for Gym & Dance with Safety Backing, 48

This gym glass mirror offers many worth-having features. Most notable among them is that it comes with several installation methods. Depending on your requirements and home gym walls, you can mount this via chrome mirror clips, J channels or a specialty mirror adhesive.

Also on offer is a safety backing. It prevents the mirror from shattering in case anything hits it with force and breaks it into pieces. The mirror will stay glued to the safety backing in such a scenario, thereby ensuring the safety of people close to it at that time.

The utility of this mirror isn’t limited to home gyms. Its frameless construction means you can use it to decorate your living room and other indoor spaces. Even office buildings and tanning salons can be beautified with the presence of this product.


  • Comes with safety backing
  • Multiple installation methods
  • Clean look


  • Installation instructions aren’t clear

12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror Sheet by Laser Creations

12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror Sheet by Laser Creations

Laser Creations has been one of the most recognizable brands for the last many years. Products like the 12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror Sheet are the reason why. This mirror’s painted finish protects it from scratches while also softening the blow in the event of an impact.

Also on the front is corner-to-corner lamination that increases this model’s sturdiness. On its back is a mirrored film that easily sticks with most adhesives and provides better protection than paint. That’s where the good news ends.

Given the fact that it has square edges, it’s plausible to nick yourself on the corners. This potential problem could easily have been overcome had the mirror had beveled edges. But you cannot complain for the price at which this model is offer makes it an absolute bargain to have.


  • Excellent for laser engraving
  • Laminate coating makes it stronger
  • Made in the US


  • Can nick yourself on its corners

Hamilton Hills Clean Large Modern Black Frame Wall Mirror

Hamilton Hills Clean Large Modern Black Frame Wall Mirror 30

Planning to workout in a group once the social distancing restrictions are over? Then you may need an ultra-large and wide mirror that would fit in you and your friends. Which is precisely what the Hamilton Hills Clean Large Modern Black Frame Wall Mirror could do.

Aside from protecting the glass with the surrounding frame, Hamilton Hills has custom inlaid it, with the result that the mirror is recessed into deep edges. Throw into the mix the reinforced D-ring hanging clips, and what you’re looking it is an ultra-durable and secure home gym mirror.

The only area where this mirror could have done better is when it comes to its installation. Hamilton Hills hasn’t provided it with any drywall anchors, making it all but impossible to hang it on such a surface as long as you don’t already have studs in there.


  • Extremely beautiful
  • Has reinforced D-rings in its package
  • Backed by satisfaction guarantee


  • Doesn’t come with drywall anchors


The advent of COVID-19 pandemic at the start of 2022 upended our lives in more ways than one. Yet the one area that experts neglected is fitness. With gyms closed and parks no longer safe, fitness enthusiasts had two choices: either to forget working out or turn their home into a workout den.

We recommend that you take the latter route. Which is why in this article we have reviewed the ten best home gym mirrors money can buy. Some of them cost a pittance. Others will blow a hole in your pocket. But all of them have two things in common.

They are stylish to make your home gym more appealing and sturdy to withstand the impacts that they will meet every now and then. You can therefore count on them to keep you motivated for workout by highlighting your physique for years to come.