The Top 10 Best Sandbags in 2021 [Complete Reviews and Buying Guide]

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Bodyweight and barbell exercises are great, and there’s a lot you can do with a kettlebell or a set of dumbbells, but eventually, training gets a little…boring. Luckily, there are a host of options for freshening up your training routine. As we all know, the most effective training plan is the one you stick with, and if it’s more fun and engaging, you will be more likely to stick to it. Enter the sandbag. No, not the sandbags you throw down during a flood. Fitness sandbags have become increasingly popular over the years as a tool to spice up your routine. 

The best overall sandbag currently on the market is the Rogue Sandbag. You can do just about any exercise with these sandbags that you could do with barbells or kettlebells. The handles on the Rogue Sandbag allow you to switch up your movements easily, and the Rogue Sandbags come in a variety of sizes. At $80-$125 USD, they’re also quite affordable when compared to barbells and plates or kettlebells.  

In this round up, we’ve included our thoughts on 10 of the best sandbags on the market. Each of the sandbags we’ve listed is the best for one specific use or situation, so take a look and find the best sandbag for you! We’ve also included FAQ at the end, as well as instructions on some uses of a sandbag to get you started!

The Top Sandbag Reviewed

 Product's nameDimensionWeightsBest ForMore Info
Best all-around bag
Rogue Sandbags
Ranging from 20”x7” to 42”x14”40lbs to 220lbsBest all-around bagView Product
Easy to fill
Rogue Sandbag 2.0
Ranging from 19.5” x 7” to 35”x10.5”40 to 150lbsEasy to fillView Product
Strongfit Classic Sandbags
N/A60 to 400lbsDurabilityView Product
Wreck Bags
Not available35lbs-100lbsCustomizableView Product
Rogue Feed Sack
29”x12” or 35”x15”50-100lbsSimplicityView Product
No dust
Wreck Bag XT
11”x32” to 16”x32”15-60 lbsNo dustView Product
Best For Husafell Carry
Rogue Husafell Strongman Bag
18”x20” to 23”x25”100-200 lbsBest For Husafell CarryView Product
Best for Strongman Exercises
Rogue Strongman Bags
16” diameter100-150 lbsBest for Strongman ExercisesView Product
Most economical
Titan Fitness Sandbag
12” x 36”40-100 lbsMost economicalView Product
Most options in strongman style bags
Titan Fitness HD Sandbag
N/A100-300 lbsMost options in strongman style bagsView Product

Find the Best Sandbags for You

duffalo bar

Best all-around bag

#1- Best all-around bag

Bill Henniger’s Rogue Fitness, started in 2006, has quickly become a staple in gyms across the world. They made a name for themselves in the realms of Crossfit, PowerLifting, Weightlifting, and Strongman, and of course they would end up on a list of best-of fitness equipment. 

The Rogue Sandbags have famously been used in multiple Crossfit Games Events. You can purchase these bags to go from 0lbs to 220lbs, depending on the size and amount of sand you add. They also come with an easy to fill opening, or an even easier-to-fill filling funnel. 

The Rogue Sandbags are made with high quality nylon and stitching, which makes them super durable for all types of workouts. These bags also have seven different handles, which makes them more versatile for movements you might want to use a sandbag for. 

Rogue Sandbags are between $80 and $125, depending on the size. There are also two different filling implement options, between $20 and $55, depending on how easy you want to make filling. 


  • 7 different handles
  • Different sizes for different weights
  • Durable construction
  • Games tested


  • The filling funnel is recommended

duffalo bar

Easy to fill

#2-Rogue Sandbag 2.0

An update to the already stellar Rogue Sandbag, made with the same quality, versatility, and attention to detail, with some great upgrades. The most useful of these upgrades is the built-in filler, which is sewn directly into the sandbag. 

The Rogue Sandbags 2.0 come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large, with weights of 40, 80, and 150lbs, respectively. 

Like the original Rogue Sandbags, the update has 7 different handles, making it versatile for your needs. 

The Rogue Sandbags 2.0 sell between $125 and $175, depending on the size. 


  • Easy to fill
  • Quality construction
  • 7 handles


  • Fewer size option than previous generation
  • If there is a tear or rip, you’ll have to get a brand new bag, because the inside filler bag is not interchangeable

duffalo bar


#3- Strongfit Classic Sandbags

Strongfit has a reputation for high quality and durable gear, and their sandbags are no exception. 

The Strongfit Classic Sandbags are barebones, utilitarian, and durable. Strongfit Sandbags come with a one year warranty, because they’re so sure of their quality. The sandbags are basic, and have no handles like some other bags on this list. 

Strongfit makes their bags in 4 different colours so you can add a bit of your own style to your workouts. You can carry, lift, or throw these bags and they’ll hold up to your punishment. 

Strongfit sandbags come in 12 different sizes, ranging from 60lbs to 400lbs, and cost between $78 and $99. 


  • Barebones
  • Durable
  • Warranty


  • No handles
  • Some find the opening cumbersome during exercise

duffalo bar


#4- Wreck Bags

Wreck Bags are proudly and passionately made in Rhode Island, USA. What sets Wreck Bags apart from the crowd is that there is no sand in them. You don’t have to fill Wreck Bags at all. This is because Wreck Bags come prefilled with a rubber compound, so they’re ready to use right out of the box!

Wreck Bags are extremely versatile. They are water resistant, and can be used outdoors in all seasons. The bags can also be used inside because the bag material won’t scuff your floors. 

Wreck Bags come standard with two comfortable straps on either end. For an additional $30, you can purchase Wreck Ribs, which attach to the bag, giving you an additional 6 handle options. There is also an optional strap which can be attached to the bag and a pull up bar for a portable suspension trainer. Wreck also makes an optional sleeve to go over the bag to make close-contact more comfortable. 

Wreck Bags come in 6 sizes, from 35lbs to 100lbs, and cost between $110 to $220.


  • No sand or dust
  • Very customizable


  • Only goes up to 100lbs
  • Expensive for the light weight
  • Can’t be used on abrasive surfaces like asphalt
duffalo bar


#5 -Rogue Feed Sack

Originally designed and used for the 2014 Crossfit Games, the Rogue Feed Sack is designed with handles on either end to make it easier to swing onto your back. The Feed Sack is a simple design, and can be used for weighted runs, squats, thrusters, presses, and more. 

The Rogue Feed Sack is easy to fill, thanks to the built in filling device. 

This is a great simple design, and comes with Rogue’s renowned quality and design. 

The Rogue Feed Sack comes in two different sizes, which can be filled with crumble, sand, or lead shot, giving them a range of 20lbs to 500lbs. 


  • Simple
  • Durable


  • Only 2 handles
duffalo bar

No dust

#6- Wreck Bag XT

The Wreck Bag XT is an upgraded version of the original Wreck Bag. The Wreck Bag XT uses the same high-quality materials and no-fill technology as the original Wreck Bag, but adds new exercise options.  

Like the Wreck Bag, the Wreck Bag XT comes prefilled with a rubber compound, meaning you don’t ever have to go looking for sand or worry about getting dust all over your home workout area. 

The Wreck Bag XT also comes with 6 different handles, to help you vary the exercises you use with it. This is an additional 4 handles from the original Wreck Bag. 

The Wreck Bag XT comes in 7 different sizes, from 15lbs to 60lbs. The XT costs between $100-160, depending on the size. 


  • Multiple handles for versatile exercise
  • No dust
  • Quality nylon construction


  • Weight can’t be changed because the bag is pre-filled

duffalo bar

Best For Husafell Carry

#7- Rogue Husafell Strongman Bag

The Husafell stone is legendary in the world of strength sports. The original Husafell stone is still in Iceland. The lore goes that to become a man, one had to be able to pick up the 409lb stone and walk with it around the perimeter of the sheep enclosure. The Husafell carry has since become a mainstay of Strongman events around the world. Generally, stones that are used for these events are actually metal implements. But Rogue has made a high-quality, affordable version, which you fill with sand. 

The Rogue Husafell Strongman Bag comes in 3 sizes, from 100lbs to 200lbs. The Bag is easy to fill, which makes customization and transport easy. 

The Husafell Strongman Bag ranges from $125-$165.


  • Affordable Husafell option
  • Great for carries
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-fill and transport


  • Mostly just used for carries, there isn’t a ton of other exercises you can do because of the shape

duffalo bar

Best for Strongman Exercises

#8- Rogue Strongman Bags

Obviously, Rogue had to show up again on this list. Their penchant for high quality fitness gear makes them hard to leave off any list, and their Strongman Bags are no exception. 

The Rogue Strongman Bags are easy to fill, and can replace heavy ball and atlas stones for carries, ground to shoulder, and other exercises you’d use an atlas stone for. The bonus to using the Strongman Bags instead of actual stones or balls is that they can be emptied and refilled, making transport much easier. 

A nice feature of the Rogue Strongman Bags is the multitude of colours they come in, giving you the ability to show your personality in your home gym. 

The Rogue Strongman Bags come in two sizes, 100lbs or 150lbs (when filled with sand). 


  • Great for strongman exercises
  • Portable
  • High-quality materials


  • Beginners might find the lightest option too heavy
duffalo bar

Most economical

#9 – Titan Fitness Sandbag

Titan Fitness is known for their mix of high-quality, affordable gear, and excellent customer service. The Titan Fitness Sandbag is an excellent and affordable option for any home gym. 

The Titan Fitness Sandbag is made with a durable outer shell, and 6 comfortable rubber handles for a variety of exercises. This bag comes with 10 smaller bags, each holds about 10lbs of sand. You put these smaller bags inside the larger outer shell. 

In this way, the Titan Fitness Sandbag is more versatile than a lot of Sandbags, because you can quickly change the weight of your bag by adding or removing the smaller bags. The Titan Fitness Sandbag comes in sizes from 40-100lbs, and cost between $35 and $55. This might be the best bang-for-your-buck option on the list. 


  • Price
  • 6 handles
  • Customer Service
  • Easy to change weight


  • Only goes up to 100lbs
duffalo bar

Most options in strongman style bags

#10- Titan Fitness HD Sandbag

The Titan Fitness HD Sandbags are a great basic sandbag option. These are durable sandbags, which go from 100lbs to 300lbs, making them ideal for heavy carries and strongman training. 

These Titan Fitness Sandbags are an amazingly economical option for both strongman training and function fitness training. 

To buy a medicine ball of the same weight you’re looking at $500-$1500. The Titan Fitness HD Sandbags range from $75 to $100, depending on the size. For their weight, this is a great affordable sandbag option. 


  • Goes up to 300lbs
  • Great for carries


  • Might be too heavy for beginners
  • Messy to fill

Sandbag Buying Guide

What Is An Sandbag

Sandbags are generally made using nylon, and can be filled with sand to use as resistance. Some sandbags come with handles which allows for a greater variety of exercises. Exercises that you can do with a sandbag include weighted runs, squats, lunges, thrusters, cleans, deadlifts, presses and more!

The Benefits Of Using An Sandbag


Because the sandbag is so awkward to pick up, when compared to something like a heavy barbell, it’s much harder to hurt yourself while lifting. The added stability and balance required taxes your body in other ways, rather than simply maximal loading. You also don’t have to worry about dropping weights on your floor or your bumpers bouncing away and hitting someone else, because of the way a sandbag hits the ground. 


Sandbags are extremely convenient, because you can use them for so many different exercises. You don’t have to lug out all of your plates and bars, you just grab your bag and go! You can take the sandbag with you as well, to get a great workout in the park. If you wanted to, you could even empty the bag after your workouts, and stuff it somewhere small until you need to use it again. 


Sandbags are incredibly versatile. Depending on how many handles your particular bag has, you could do your entire workout routine using the bench. Here are a few of the literally hundreds of exercises you can perform:

  • Weighted sit ups
  • Deadlifts: regular, stiff-leg, or single-leg
  • Presses: press, push press, floor press
  • Squats and lunge variations
  • Good mornings
  • Oblique work

What To Look For When Purchasing An Sandbag


Sandbags come in a ton of different sizes, depending on what exercises you want to use it for, and how heavy you need your sandbag to be. You can get sandbags as small as 5lbs, all the way up to 500lbs. 


You want a sandbag that’s made with high-quality nylon. You almost want to make sure that the handles are durable, and the stitching is done with quality. 

Ease of Filling/Dumping

Some sandbags are literally just a bag, tied at the top. Others have a zipper hole. Others still have a funnel to make filling easy. Some sandbags come pre-filled, so you don’t have to bother. Think about how much time you want to spend filling your bag, and use this to inform your purchase. 


Write down all the different exercises you’d like to perform with your sandbag. Now, does the bag you are looking at allow you to perform all of them? Sandbags have a wide variety of handles and shapes. Some are shaped like a husafell stone, some like atlas stone, and some like stuffed duffle bags. Make sure before purchasing that you can actually use that bag for all the activities you are buying it for. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

Sandbag Workout Examples

Below you’ll find a few different workout examples you can try with a sandbag. 

Strength Workout

With a sandbag you can perform the following exercises with for 10 reps if you went all out:

5 Rounds of 5 Reps each

  • Stiff-Leg Deadlift
  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat

Rest 2min

Strongman Workout

Using a Heavy Strongman Bag

A: Using the technique in this video Lift the bag onto a platform. Repeat, lifting to a higher platform until you can no longer load the bag. If you don’t have platforms, you could use a barbell on squat stands and continuously raise the bar. Think reverse limbo. 

B: For 5 minutes, load the bag to a height you can do easily. See how many times you can lift the bag onto the platform/over the bar. 

Fat Burning Workout

Using a medium-weight bag: 

5 Rounds of 10-15 Reps each

  • Stiff-Leg Deadlift
  • :30 carry
  • Power Clean
  • :30 carry
  • Front Squat
  • :30 carry
  • Push Press
  • :30 carry
  • Back Squat
  • :30 carry

Rest :30

Hypertrophy Workout

5 Rounds of 10-15 Reps each. Perform all sets and reps of each exercise BEFORE moving onto the next. Rest :90 after each set. 

  • Stiff-Leg Deadlift
  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat

Cardio Workout

Take a sandbag you could easily perform 20 lunges on each side with. Now, go to your local track, and perform lunges all the way around it. 

For additional torture, perform 400m lunges with your sandbag uphill. 

FAQs for Sandbags

Can I drop my sandbag?

Yes! Fitness sandbags are literally made to be dropped. Most manufacturers tell you how high you can drop your bag from. 
But, most sandbags are NOT meant to be slammed, like you would with a slam ball or medicine ball. 

Can I Use My Sandbag for Rucking?

Absolutely! Many sandbags are shaped to be easy to put on your back for weighted hikes and running. The Rogue Feedsack was specifically made for this purpose, originally used in the 2014 Crossfit Games. 

Can I Fill My Sandbag With Something Other Than Sand? 

Yes, you can fill your sandbag with synthetic crumble. Rogue even sells this with their bags. This crumble is much lighter than sand, FYI. If you’re looking for a heavier substance, you can also use lead shot. 

How Heavy Are Fitness Sandbags?

Depending on the size and filling, Fitness Sandbags can range anywhere from 5lbs to 500lbs. 

Are Sandbags Dusty?

Sandbags can become dusty, especially after a few years. If you’re looking for a dust-free option, check out Wreck Bags. 

What Exercises Can I Do With A Sandbag?

You can do lunges, squats, thrusters, rows, presses, deadlifts, and just about any exercise with a sandbag. 

Can I Build Muscle With Sandbags?

Yes, you can build muscle with anything as long as you are putting your muscles under adequate tension. Example: Take a sandbag you can do 20 deadlifts with, then perform 5 sets of 10 repetitions of deadlifts with 90 seconds rest. 

Can I Burn Fat With Sandbags?

Yes, because sandbags can be used for your entire workout, you don’t need to worry about switching exercise equipment. This way, you keep your heart rate up during the entire workout. 

Can I Use Sandbags For Strongman?

Sure, they’re a great starting place, but eventually, you’ll need to move on to proper strongman implements. 

Are Sandbags Good for Cross Training?

Absolutely! Because you can just have the one sandbag instead of different barbells and plates, sandbags are ideal for athletes wanting to get stronger for their sport. 


When choosing a sandbag, there are many factors to consider. The size and weight, budget, your fitness level, the exercises you want to use it for, and your storage space.

However, out of the ten sandbags that we got to test and research, we recommend the Rogue Sandbags because they combine the best of durability, ease of filling, and price point. .

If you are looking for a dust free option, you should check out the Wreck Bag and Wreck Bag XT. All Wreck Bags come prefilled with a rubber substance for weight. Not only does this make them more convenient, it also eliminates the dust and mould that can come from typical sandbags. 

If you are looking to use your sandbag for heavy strongman events, like carries or stone loading, you should check out the Rogue Strongman bags. These bags come in 100lb or 150lb sizes, and are made durably to be dropped over and over again. You can perform carries, squats ground to shoulders, and ground to platforms with them. 

If you’re looking for the most unique sandbag, we recommend the Rogue Husafell Strongman Bag. The Husafell bags are an affordable, easy-to-store version of the strongman implement, the Husafell Stone. The Husafell Stone sat outside a sheep farm in Iceland (it’s still there), and to prove your manhood, you had to pick it up, and carry it around the perimeter of the sheep fence. The Husafell Strongman Bags are a great alternative, and certainly test your core strength. 

At the end of the day, buying a sexy new piece of fitness equipment isn’t going to fix all your fitness issues. You won’t automatically grow your muscles or flesh out your abs. But by spicing  up your workouts with fun tools like a sandbag, you make your workouts fun again, and by making your workouts more closely resemble play, you’ll be more likely to actually do the workout. So grab a sandbag and give it a try, the worst that can happen? You’ll get a great workout. 

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