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Whether you’re just getting started with CrossFit or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to purchase some equipment for CrossFit to create a home gym, one of the top ‘must-do’s to consider right now is taking a bit of time to learn about the various crossfit-optimal equipment options.

In an ideal world, you want to find fitness equipment for CrossFit that isn’t too overly pricey and that will continually keep challenging your body, pushing it up to the next level.

While we’ve already covered a great deal of clothing for CrossFit  options on this site, today we’re going to turn our focus over to the other side of things and show you precisely what you need to purchase to design your very own highly-effective  home-gym for CrossFit.  This will make it easier than ever to maintain your regular crossfit workout routine.

So let’s get started and give you the juicy details you want to know.

 home gym for crossfit
Rogue has all the equipment you need for a home gym

Home Gyms for CrossFit

First let’s take a peek at what you should purchase to design your home gym. Obviously, you want your best bang for your buck, so  you want to focus on the most important and versatile pieces of equipment for CrossFit.  Also, remember the core tenant of CrossFit, which is to utilise equipment will allow you to work multiple muscle groups at once.

A garage gym for CrossFit needs to enable you to lift heavy and utilize all the main muscle groups in the body.  First up, you need a bar and good set of plates. For a premium option, York Legacy plates will be a perfect choice for your workout routine as these are built to last and will provide all the resistance you need to maximize your results.  They come in a number of different increments so will easily allow you to progress over time. Alternatively, for a more affordable option check out one of the many bumper plate packages that are on offer.  These are a great way to get started.

Equipment for CrossFit
Bumper plates such as these provide an affordable option. Check out the packages.

If you’re currently at a higher strength level and can’t quite make the jump up to the next plate, then you can also look into fractional plates, which offer a smaller level of resistance increase.

To go along with your weights, be sure to pick up a high quality bar as well.  The Olympic bar will be the sturdiest option and allow you to feel completely confident as you pack more and more weight onto the bar.

Getting your hands on a power rack will also be a smart move as then you can perform your squats, deadlifts, and even chest presses in this machine.  This rack will be ideal for the garage  gym for CrossFit.  This is particularly important if you want to do heavy back squats , where it would be difficult to clean the weight up to your shoulders to perform the squat exercise correctly.

power rack for CrossFit
Power racks are a must have for squats, shoulder presses and bench presses

An excellent option is also to consider one of the many equipment packages for CrossFit that are available.    These will provide you with a number of pieces of equipment at a discounted rate. There are actually several that are at very affordable prices.

Establish first what exercises you plan to focus on before buying however so that you can ensure you get everything you need. Each one offers a different mix so you’ll need to browse through each individually.

Some examples of the type of fitness equipment for CrossFit they come with include a bar, a set of plates, a set of rings, a set of high collars, a ball for slam balls and wall balls, and in some cases, kettlebells.

This is a much more cost effective method of building a complete garage gym than if you purchase your equipment piece by piece like many other people do.

Kettlebells for CrossFit

So now that we’ve covered the basice of a home gym for CrossFit, let’s cover some of the more fundamental components in more specific detail.  No gym would be considered complete without a good set of kettlebells.  These are going to earn top marks for helping you improve your speed, power, strength, as well as overall conditioning level, and offer you the option of performing a very wide range of exercise choices.

Kettle bells for crossfit do come in many different weights, so if possible, getting a few weight levels will help maximize your progression.

Russian kettlebells tend to be the most well-made kettlebell, but do come with a higher price tag, so you need to assess your budget as well as how long you want your equipment to last.  If you’re looking for quality, these are the ones to choose.

kettlebells for crossfit
Walk into any CrossFit box and you’ll quickly know that Kettlebells are a must have!

If you aren’t purchasing Russian kettlebells and are looking for a most cost effective option, then just do be sure that they are cast iron .  These will stand up over time better than vinyl kettlebells will. Amazon have a great selection of kettlebells at various price points.

Rings for CrossFit

The next must-have piece of equipment is a set of rings for CrossFit.  Gymnastic based exercises are a huge component of what makes up an effective crossfit workout program, so these are not to be missed out on.

When looking for gymnastic rings for CrossFit, you want to look for rings that are highly durable and have a secure fastening so that you feel completely at ease while using them.

If you want heavy duty, turn to a pair of Rogue rings.  These are hard as steel and will feel great as you use them for your workout.  Designed to be used with chalk, these rings will give you the ultimate crossfit experience.

rings for CrossFit
Rings are the backbone of most gymnastic exercises: musclups, ring dips, ring pull ups and more

If you’re someone who is looking to avoid using chalk, consider wooden rings instead.  These are much stronger than plastic rings and will have a superior feel to them, ensuring you don’t slip as you perform your many different exercises.

For those on a tighter budget, you can get lower price rings for crossfit that will be half the price, but do keep in mind that with the reduced price does come reduced quality.  Depending on the specific exercises you plan to perform as well as the intensity of the workout program, this may be sufficient however. Again, Amazon has a great selection of rings at various price points.

So here you have your guide to designing your own garage gym. If you choose your Crossfit-appropriate equipment carefully, you will feel fully satisfied with the decisions that you’ve made and will set yourself up for much progress down the road.

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