The 5 Best Gym Flooring for Your Home Gym [Reviews and Guide]

As an endurance athlete and strength-sport dabblers, I’ve tried just about every gym surface known to man. I’ve trained on concrete, old-school gymnasium wood, plywood, Whether you’re training at home, or looking to outfit a commercial space, gym flooring is a crucial component to a successful gym. 

However, out of the five Gym Flooring that we got to test and research, we recommend the CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats because it provides everything you need to have a gym flooring that protects your own floor.

However, out of the options we tested, the CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats are our all-around favourite option. The CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats combines quality construction, excellent customer service, easy assembly, and a fair price tag. 

The grip on these mats is excellent, and the interlocking feature is secure to prevent slippage. If you’re a beginner the CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats sell at a very affordable price point, at $1.31 per square foot.  

Top Gym Flooring Options

Product's namePrice CADMore Info
Space saving
Titan Fitness Rubber Floor Tiles 4 Pack
$32.25/square footView Product
[amazon fields="B0041FQZMW" value="thumb"]Cost, Interlocking
[amazon fields="B0041FQZMW" value="title" title_length="75"]
$1.31/square foot[amazon fields="B0041FQZMW" value="button"]
Quality, durability
Rogue Rubber Tiles
$22/sq footView Product
[amazon fields="B081R43X3P" value="thumb"]Cushioning
[amazon fields="B081R43X3P" value="title" title_length="75"]
$5.70/sq ft[amazon fields="B081R43X3P" value="button"]
PLAE Attack Turf
Custom PriceView Product

Best for Space Efficiency

#1- Titan Fitness Rubber Floor Tiles 4 Pack

If you aren’t quite ready to make the financial investment, or you need something to deadlift on that you can move out of the way when not using, you might want to look at just getting the rubber tiles that would normally go inside a deadlift platform frame. Titan Fitness sells a 4 pack of high quality floor tiles for $129.  

The rubber tiles are 27lbs each, making them easy to move before and after your workouts. They take up about 2 square feet of storage, which could easily go under a couch or bed. 

You won’t be able to (safely) perform oly lifts or band work, but getting the tiles could be a great introduction to deadlifting at home. You can always buy the frame separately later.


  • 2” thick rubber dampens the sound of deadlifting and protects your weights and flooring
  • Price


  • Could move around on you while lifting

[amazon fields=”B0041FQZMW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best for Cost and Interlocking

#2- [amazon fields=”B0041FQZMW” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B0041FQZMW” value=”button”]

Made from ½ inch thick high density material, the CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats are a cost-effective gym flooring solution. CAP Barbell have made a name for themselves making high-quality gym equipment at an affordable price, and their interlocking mats are a great example of this. 

These mats are extremely hard, and will not offer any cushioning, if that is something you are looking for. The texture offers extra grip, to prevent slipping, but some lifters may find the 

aggressive grip annoying. It comes down to what you find more important: slipping or comfort. 

You should know that some customers have claimed that batches of the tiles bought years apart do not match up, so if you’re planning on outfitting part of your gym now, and the rest of your gym later, keep this in mind. The CAP Barbell interlocking mats retail for $1.31/sq ft. 


  • Price
  • Grip
  • Resilient


  • Separate batches may not attach perfectly
  • Some lifters may not like the hardness of the mats

Best for Quality and Durability

#3- Rogue Rubber Tiles

Bill Henniger’s Rogue Fitness, started in 2006, has quickly become a staple in gyms across the world. They made a name for themselves in the realms of Crossfit, PowerLifting, Weightlifting, and Strongman, and of course they would end up on a list of best-of fitness equipment. 

The Rogue Rubber Tiles are available in a number of sets, and can be purchased with a smooth or textured surface. They’re made from 100% recycled rubber, and are 1.5” thick for exceptional durability. You can use these tiles for lifting, atlas stone loading, box jumps, anything you could possibly need gym flooring for! These tiles are especially useful for the inside of a deadlift platform. The thick padding is also useful in reducing impact noise.

One consideration when buying these tiles is that there is no interlocking feature, so the tiles either need to fit the space perfectly, or you need to make sure that slipping is not a serious risk. 

The Rogue Rubber Tiles retail for $0.94/sq foot. 


  • Price
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Recycled materials


  • No interlocking feature

[amazon fields=”B081R43X3P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]


#4- [amazon fields=”B081R43X3P” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B081R43X3P” value=”button”]

SK Depot is a company specializing in producing high-quality and affordable products for the home, ranging from exercise equipment, to furniture, to grooming products, and even car accessories. Their exercise equipment selection is wide and excellent for beginning exercisers looking to do some basic workouts at home. 

The SK Depot mats are made from ½” thick foam, giving you exceptional cushioning for your workouts. This is great for things like situps or doing yoga on, or any exercises that might hurt if executing on a hard surface. The cushioning material is non-toxic, and could also be used for a children’s play area. The mats’ interlocking feature security and safety when in use. 

One slight drawback of cushioned mats for serious athletes, is that you won’t be able to produce the same amount of force, given that you will first sink into the mat, instead of all force being directed into the bar. Some might see this as a negative, others a positive, in that it is an added challenge. The SK Depot Interlocking Mats retail for $5.70/sq ft. 

Best Turf

#5- PLAE Attack Turf

If you are looking for artificial turf for your gym, look no further. The PLAE Attack Turf comes in a variety of colours, and is specially made for use in a gym. 

Made out of durable polyethylene monofilament blades providing great ball roll, bounce, and blade.The materials of the turf are selected to prevent mildew or mold from developing under the turf, and the top material is durable enough to handle sprints, sled drags, ball sports, anything you need! 

The Attack Turf is sold custom, and the minimum purchase is 200 sqft. Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor athletic fields, football, lacrosse, multipurpose, baseball, and recreational areas.

It is available in 2 color and has a 8 year warranty.


  • Durable turf
  • Different colour options
  • Materials prevent mold and mildew


  • Really only suitable for very large spaces, like commercial gyms

Buying Guide

Why Use Gym Flooring?

There are many different reasons why you might consider purchasing gym flooring. In a commercial gym, using matching gym flooring will add to your gym’s aesthetics, and create a more professional environment. 

Showing potential clients and existing gym members your level of professionalism will allow you to justify gym memberships, something we know gym members often complain about. 

For the home gym, gym specific flooring also adds to your gym environment. If your space feels more like a gym than an old garage, you’ll be more likely to use the space for its intended purpose. 

Additionally, gym flooring can help dampen the noise produced by intense exercises, like jumping or lifting weights. This keeps you from disturbing your neighbours or others in your household.

 Gym flooring also helps protect your space. You may think that wood or cement are tough enough for lifting, but repeatedly picking up hundreds of pounds, especially if using iron weights, will eventually chip away at the flooring. 

This means you’ll need to replace the wood floor, or if using cement, you’ll need to completely re-do the foundation. This is VERY expensive. And in addition to protecting your floors, gym flooring also protects your exercise equipment.

How to Choose Gym Flooring?

Gym flooring should be chosen based on your needs. If you are looking for cushioning, to further dampen the sounds of your weights, protect your shins during jumping, or also want your children to be able to play on the mats, look for flooring with foam cushioning. I recommend the SK interlocking mats for this purpose. 

If you’re looking for a surface to mimic grass for sprints, golf swings, or sled drags, you should look for artificial turf. When purchasing artificial turf, look for brands that use materials which keep the underside dry, otherwise, you will have moisture issues which will damage the surface beneath and cause mold which in turn leads to health issues. 

If you want flooring to perform high-intensity weightlifting on, like olympic-style weightlifting or powerlifting, look for a thick, hard gym tile, that is specifically made for lifting, I recommend the Rogue Gym Tiles for this. They are thick tiles, made to withstand hundreds of pounds being dropped on them. And bonus, they’re made from recycled materials. 

If you’re worried about grip and slip in your home gym, look for gym mats with textured surfaces. The Rogue Gym Tiles can come in a crumb finish, or, for a cheaper option, look at the CAP barbell interlocking mats. 

And finally, if you want gym flooring which you can quickly move before and after workouts, look for high quality, lightweight flooring options. I recommend the Titan Fitness tiles for this purpose. 

Another consideration when selecting gym flooring should be the look of the flooring option and your aesthetics. Does the style of flooring match your gym? Most flooring options come in black or grey, but some companies offer more expressive options. PLAE Attack Turf comes in a number of funky and colourful styles if that matches your gym or personal style. 

Dos and Don’ts of Flooring Installation

  • Measure, measure, measure! Measure your space, twice. Calculate the square footage by measuring the length of your room, and the width of your room. Then calculate the area as: Area = Length(in feet) x Width(in feet) = The Area in Square Feet. Example: Area = 10’ x 12’ = 120 sqft
  • Once you have the appropriate amount of flooring, lay out as much flooring as you can before cutting any flooring pieces. Once you have all of the full pieces you can out on the floor, then measure the custom pieces you need to cut. Depending on the thickness of your flooring, you might be able to cut these with a sharp exact-o-knife, or you may need a saw for extra hard and thick flooring.
  • Clean and dry your surface before putting down flooring. In cases of surfaces that let out a lot of moisture, like cement basement floors, you may want to put down vapor barrier between the cement and your flooring. 
  • Eyeball your space. Even if you are really great at estimating square footage, measure anyways. You don’t want to order flooring, wait for the delivery, and end up needing to place a second order. Similarly, you don’t want to be left with way too much extra flooring. 
  • Estimate the custom pieces. Measure twice, cut once. 
  • Put down flooring on wet or dirty surfaces. Give your surface a good clean, and make sure the surface is dry to prevent mold and mildew. If putting flooring directly onto dirt, make sure the dirt is level first. 

Tools for Installing Gym Flooring

  • Tape measure with feets and inches
  • Vapor Barrier if putting flooring on cement
  • Sharp exact-o-knife
  • Power saw if using exceptionally hard and thick flooring
  • Safety Glasses
  • Level


What is gym flooring?

Gym flooring is any surface that is specifically made for exercise. There are many variations of gym flooring, including textured, smooth, turf, and cushioned.

Can I use horse stalls for gym mats?

Yes! Horse stalls make excellent gym mats, and if you have a very large workout space, they may be cheaper than gym-specific flooring. You can usually pick up horse stall mats from home improvement stores or farm supply outlets. 

Is cushioned gym flooring better than hard?

It depends on your needs. Cushioned flooring is going to be better for comfort if you are doing a lot of ground-based movements. Cushioned flooring is also preferable if children will be playing on the surface. Harder gym flooring is ideal for serious lifting, as it provides a solid surface to push against when lifting heavy loads. 

Do I need insulation between the surface and my flooring?

Only if the surface gets very wet. In this case, a layer of vapor barrier will prevent mold from growing on the underside of your flooring. Mold can destroy your flooring and cause serious health problems. 


When choosing gym flooring, there are many factors to consider: the room size, your needs, and the types of exercises you want to perform in your gym.

However, out of the options we tested, the CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats are our all-around favourite option. The CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats combines quality construction, excellent customer service, easy assembly, and a fair price tag. 

The grip on these mats is excellent, and the interlocking feature is secure to prevent slippage. If you’re a beginner the CAP Barbell Interlocking Mats sell at a very affordable price point, at $1.31 per square foot.