Is The Whoop Band Worth It?

After 2+ Years with the WHOOP Band I love it. But it’s not for everyone. And the price is steep.

For the average person, the Whoop band is not worth the price. But if you are an advanced or growth minded CrossFit athlete, data nerd, or just want to push your body to the limit, the Whoop band is 100% worth it. I have loved my Whoop band for over 2 years now (I’ve had the 3.0 & 4.0).

I find the Whoop recovery score to be an incredibly precise predictor of how I will feel in a workout.

If you want to find that next level of training at your box, I’d recommend the WHOOP band.

Life-Changing or FAKE? A 2+ Year Whoop Review

Common Questions about The Whoop Band

  • Is WHOOP worth the money

Whoop costs $30/mo or $300 for 12 months ($25/mo) or $480 for 24 months ($20/mo). I believe it is worth the money. You must pay for 12 months regardless of what payment option you choose, so I would recommend the 12 or 24 month pre-payment option if you can afford it.  

  • Does the WHOOP band actually work

I have found the WHOOP band to work incredibly well for sleep tracking, as well as improving my performance at CrossFit. I’ve improved dramatically in the past 2 years using my WHOOP to guide when I can push a workout and when I need to take a rest day (or two!).

  • Is a WHOOP 4.0 worth it

I did not find the WHOOP 4.0 to be a huge improvement over the 3.0 band. While you do get oxygen levels in the 4.0 I found the thicker 4.0 device to catch more often than the 3.0. The battery life also decreased by a day or two for me. I do like the 4.0 a ton, just not quite as much as the 3.0.

  • Is there anything better than WHOOP

I use WHOOP and Apple Watch together, as both devices have their pros and cons. I have not tested other fitness trackers such as a Fitbit or Oura ring. 

  • Is WHOOP better than Apple Watch

I use both the WHOOP band (on my right wrist) and Apple Watch (on my left wrist). Both have strengths and weaknesses and I find the combination of both to be the best of both worlds.

  • Is fitbit better than WHOOP

I have not ever tested a Fitbit device, so I can’t weigh in on the comparison.

  • Can I wear my WHOOP 4.0 in the shower

Yes, I wear my WHOOP 4.0 band in the shower all the time. The Whoop 4.0 battery pack is waterproof, however I usually slip that off just in case. The older WHOOP 3.0 battery pack was not waterproof, so I think I just have that habit of taking it off. Both band devices (3.0 and 4.0) without the battery packs can be worn in the shower without issues.

  • Does WHOOP work without membership

No, the WHOOP band device will not work without an active membership.

  • Can WHOOP detect heart issues

The WHOOP will measure your resting heart rate, your HRV, as well as your heart rate during a workout. It does not contain an EKG device like the Apple Watch. 

  • Does WHOOP have a monthly fee

Yes, WHOOP’s monthly fee is $30 a month. You can prepay a year or two years to get that down to $25 and $20 annualized.

  • How can I get free WHOOP

Your WHOOP device is “free” as in you pay monthly for the membership and get the device for free. When a new device is released, you do not pay for updated device. You may recycle or gift your old device when you receive your new one.

  • Is WHOOP accurate for recovery

I’ve found the WHOOP Recovery % score to be the most accurate predictor of how I will feel in a workout. If my score is below 50%, it’s going to be a rough workout, if I am 80-90%, I can really push it. I like the confidence of knowing my score because it allows me to push through mentally in a workout sometimes because I know my heart is rested and ready to take on more strain.

  • Are WHOOP straps worth it

I think so. With a very high battery life, and easy to change straps, I love my WHOOP strap device. If I had to pick my Apple Watch or WHOOP, it would be like choosing between my two children…very hard! (But let’s be honest, of course I have a favorite!)

  • What is the average WHOOP recovery

The average WHOOP recovery, according to the company, is 58%. My average WHOOP recovery has been in the high 60’s with a 72% average in July 2022 and 63% in June 2022 for example.

  • What is recovery percentage on WHOOP

The WHOOP recovery % percentage takes into account your HRV (heart rate variance), RHR (resting heart rate), Respiratory rate, and Sleep performance. Sleep performance is how much sleep you got vs. how much you need. The Whoop 4.0 also takes into account blood oxygen and skin temperature levels into your recovery score as well.

  • How do you get higher recovery on WHOOP

For me, I get a higher recovery score by: sleeping more, eating less before bed, and avoiding alcohol. Everyone has different factors that impact them, so I would suggest recording your habits (WHOOP journal will prompt these questions and if you track enough factors, start to show which statistically impact your recovery the most).

  • Why is my recovery score so low

There are dozens of factors that could impact your WHOOP recovery score. For me, my recovery score is low when I don’t get enough sleep, eat too much too close to bedtime, or drink alcohol. Stress and sickness have also lowered by recovery score.

  • Is WHOOP for the average person

No, I would not recommend WHOOP for the average person. It is best for a high performance athlete or individual who really is committed to improving their fitness level. Or a CrossFitter of course! 

  • Does recovery affect strain WHOOP

Not directly no, your recovery score does not affect your strain. I have had very high strain days and still had a high recovery score that night. Strain can impact your recovery (it doesn’t for me, but does for other members), but not the other way around. With a lower recovery score, I may be more hesitant to take on a lot of strain that day however. But your recovery doesn’t directly affect strain, only your heart activity level increases your strain number.

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