The 8 Best Weight Sled and Prowlers In 2022 (and How to Use Them)

Weight Sled and Prowlers

Weight Sleds and Prowlers are beast-mode pieces of equipment you’ve probably seen some of the most intense gym rats going hard on. But they work just as well for your average gym user and are a great addition to an at-home routine. You can easily use them in your driveway or garage. A sled’s power, versatility, and use for both gaining strength and doing intense cardio make them amazing all-around machines. 

For our money, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is your absolute best bet when it comes to weight sleds and prowlers. A trusted brand with a great build and more customization than you could possibly need, this sled can grow with you as you use it and can last a lifetime.

The Top Weight Sled and Prowlers Reviewed

Product's nameWeight loadAttachmentsMore Info
Best Overall Weight Sled or Prowler
Rogue Dog Sled 1.2
500-poundHigh and low bars, straps, loads of custom optionsView Product
[amazon fields="B00IN6OXR4" value="thumb"]Best No-Frills Weight Sled or Prowler
[amazon fields="B00IN6OXR4" value="title" title_length="75"]
400-poundHigh and low bars, straps[amazon fields="B00IN6OXR4" value="button"]
Best Value Weight Sled or Prowler
Rogue Echo Dog Sled
450-poundHigh and low bars, strapsView Product
[amazon fields="B00RYCSRDE" value="thumb"]Best Weight Capacity Weight Sled or Prowler
[amazon fields="B00RYCSRDE" value="title" title_length="75"]
600-poundHigh and low bars, straps[amazon fields="B00RYCSRDE" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B00Q7FTNB4" value="thumb"]Best Pull-only Weight Sled or Prowler
[amazon fields="B00Q7FTNB4" value="title" title_length="75"]
300-poundPull-only, harness included [amazon fields="B00Q7FTNB4" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B07PMGGR46" value="thumb"]Best High End Weight Sled or Prowler
[amazon fields="B07PMGGR46" value="title" title_length="75"]
Special - exponential resistance.
100-pound max recommended
pending exponential resistance curve tech
[amazon fields="B07PMGGR46" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B004QE67LC" value="thumb"]Best Budget Speed Sled or Prowler
[amazon fields="B004QE67LC" value="title" title_length="75"]
200-poundLow bars only with harness included[amazon fields="B004QE67LC" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B003XKT2TE" value="thumb"]Most affordable Weight Sled or Prowler
[amazon fields="B003XKT2TE" value="title" title_length="75"]
200-poundLow bars only with harness included[amazon fields="B003XKT2TE" value="button"]

Find the Best Weight Sled and Prowlers for You

Weight Sled and Prowlers

Best Overall Weight Sled or Prowler

#1- Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

The Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is a customizable workhorse that does everything you want as a weight sled. As seen at the CrossFit Games, this bad boy is a legend in the field. If you want a strong base sled from a reputable manufacturer with the ability to grow with you, this is the one for you. 

First, let’s talk about the build. The base unit is 40” long, 24” wide, and 39.5” in height with a 40 by 24-inch footprint. The sled comes with removable 3-foot high push poles that allow for 45-degree angle push stances, which are great for beginners. It also sports a double handle option for lower angle push stances. Rogue is known for its world-class gym equipment, and this sled is no exception. 

The main power of the Rogue Sled Dog is its customizability. There are so many options on the Rogue website to suit your needs for whatever exercises you want with the sled. Attachments include the Double Handle, Lawn Boy, Wheelbarrow, and more. For example, a 100’ pull rope if you want to seriously harness the pull of this machine.

Beyond that, its footprint is a bit smaller and more agile than the average prowler, making for easier storage and more agile movement with it. The skis are also solid and can have protective plastic added to the order depending on the type of surface you’ll be using it on. 

The main downside of such customizability is that the base equipment cost doesn’t cover a whole lot. Each attachment adds quite a bit of cost to the order, so you’ll have to pick and choose which ones work best for you. You won’t easily be able to buy everything and the kitchen sink with this sled.


  • US made
  • Tons of customizability
  • Strong Build
  • Small footprint and agile


  • A large amount of attachments will cost you
[amazon fields=”B00IN6OXR4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best No-Frills Weight Sled or Prowler

#2- [amazon fields=”B00IN6OXR4″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B00IN6OXR4″ value=”button”]

Designed for use on concrete with a budget-friendly, no-nonsense design, OneFitWonder’s Econ Prowler is one of the most affordable picks on the list. With a fast loading and unloading system and detachable design for storage, it just works when it comes to an at-home prowler. 

The Econ Prowler sports a black-powered steel design that works well for grip. It does require assembly out of the box, which helps with the affordability but may be frustrating for some users. However, it should only take about 5 minutes to assemble with a socket wrench. 

While not having as many attachment options as other weight sleds and prowlers on the list, the Econ Prowler still has high enough push bars to allow for high pushing. You can also have a harness attached. Essentially, it can easily accommodate all your basic needs. 

Finally, the manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty if you’re worried, which can come in handy.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Solid design and look
  • Easy storage


  • Not many attachments
  • Assembly-required
  • Storage requires some disassembly

Best Value Weight Sled or Prowler

#3- Rogue Echo Dog Sled

If you are looking for something as strong as the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 but more budget-friendly, the Echo Dog is the perfect balance of strength and cost-effectiveness. This is a maximum efficiency version of the original Dog Sled that found the best ways to clean up the design while still providing the best possible experience. 

The new one-piece steel plate design allowed Rogue to use only four welds to make the sled, sending savings along to the user. You still get the option of plastic skis to protect your flooring like with the original Dog Sled, and the option for a harness strap attachment. It’s also just as compact and easy to store as the original. On the other hand, the Echo lacks the customization the 1.2 has. 

As long as the intense amount of custom options aren’t necessary to you, the Echo is a great choice. You know the build quality is great with Rogue, and the overall construction and look are fantastic. Especially for the at-home enthusiast, you can’t really go wrong with the Echo.


  • A more cost-effective version of Rogue’s 1.2 Sled
  • Great build quality


  • Lack of custom attachments
  • A few bells and whistles missing
[amazon fields=”B00RYCSRDE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Weight Capacity Weight Sled or Prowler

#4- [amazon fields=”B00RYCSRDE” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B00RYCSRDE” value=”button”]

The highest weight capacity of our list, the Titan Fitness HD is a beast. Made from 11 gauge steel, the Titan Fitness HD is best for those who are looking to get the most out of their equipment. For its size, it can be broken down fairly easily for storage and is not too hard to assemble. 

The push bars are high enough for solid 45-degree pushing and pulling with straps is also easily possible. The skis have a nice thickness to them and a strong weld, lending the overall sled a solid build quality. Black powdered steel might be standard at this point for the equipment as well, but it works. 

However, there may be a problem with scuffing your floors using a sled this heavy and large, so watch out for that. Try testing it out with less weight at first to see how it handles.

Finally, the price is about the same as some of our other top picks at $260. It trades off the ability to support more weight, but lacks the customization options like the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2. Essentially, it’s up to you what’s more important in a piece of equipment on that front. 


  • High weight capacity
  • Solid Build


  • Heavy weight can cause scuffing
  • Large size assembly and disassembly can be tough
  • Lack of custom options 
[amazon fields=”B00Q7FTNB4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Pull-only Weight Sled or Prowler

#5- [amazon fields=”B00Q7FTNB4″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B00Q7FTNB4″ value=”button”]

A pull-only weight sled, the Valor Fitness Weight Sled uses 12-gauge steel for the highest standard of strength and comes with a pull harness and rope. Great value for the price, if you’re interested in a pull-only sled for cardio, sprinting, and interval training, this is a great fit. 

Another advantage of this kind of sled is the small, compact design that is easy to store. Some of the other sleds on this list require more assembly and disassembly, but the Valor Fitness is very quick to get out and put away. 

Of course, you won’t get the same versatility or custom uses out of this one compared to the others on the list. But, for what it is, you can’t do better.


  • Great build quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to take out and store


  • Can only use for pull exercises
  • Not many custom options
[amazon fields=”B07PMGGR46″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best High End Weight Sled or Prowler

#6- [amazon fields=”B07PMGGR46″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B07PMGGR46″ value=”button”]

Okay, so the XPO Trainer Push Sled is a whole different kind of beast. We’ve got wheels on this monster performer and it’s a completely different kind of ‘sled’ experience. The wheels make it very easy to use but also easy to customize in terms of weight and difficulty. 

Its exponential resistance curve technology means that the faster you push, the harder the sled will push back. This is perfect for challenging you dynamically during your workouts. The wheels also mean that it’s usable on nearly any surface without a problem. The push bars are the perfect height and the overall design and build is remarkably balanced.

The only big drawback of the XPO is the price, but boy is it a big one. At $699 it’s in a whole different category than other sleds on this list. However, If you’re into the dynamic tech on this one, it may be well worth it.


  • Dynamic exponential resistance curve technology
  • Works in any environment
  • Amazing build quality


  • Very expensive
[amazon fields=”B004QE67LC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Budget Speed Sled or Prowler

#7- [amazon fields=”B004QE67LC” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B004QE67LC” value=”button”]

We’ve got another very compact sled with a cost-effective design with the [amazon link=”B004QE67LC”]. Coming in at only $93 with a solid sled design but no high bars, the miR doesn’t look as great as some other sleds, but it pulls its weight with a 200lbs maximum capacity with padded harness and strap included.

You can also switch it up with a simple low push bar on the miR, although you won’t be getting the high push bars on this one. Easy to grab and to store, this is one that just works with no bells and whistles getting in the way.

If you’re looking for an easy kit to get started with for a budget price, this is a great starting point. 


  • Small footprint
  • Easy to grab-and-go
  • Strap and harness included
  • Great value


  • Low weight capacity
  • No high bars
[amazon fields=”B003XKT2TE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Most affordable Weight Sled or Prowler

#8- [amazon fields=”B003XKT2TE” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B003XKT2TE” value=”button”]

Finally, we’ve got the [amazon link=”B003XKT2TE”]. The most affordable sled on our list, if you’re looking for a sled that just works for the best price, you’ve got it. The push handles are a little hard to grip and the harness is less comfortable than other options, but the sled still does what you need it to.

One problem is that it won’t work well on concrete or asphalt, which will grind and scrape off the paint. But otherwise, it has a very small footprint, is easy to grab-and-go with, and includes the harness and strap. 

If you’re ready just to get started with the simplest possible sled, the Bluedot wouldn’t be a bad start.


  • Compact design
  • Most affordable option
  • Easy to store
  • Strap and harness included


  • Low weight capacity
  • No high bars

Best Weight Sled and Prowlers Buying Guide

What’s the Difference between Weight Sleds and Prowlers?

How Should a Powerlifter Use a Sled or Prowler? -

There’s a lot of debate around the differences between a weight sled and a prowler. I’ve even heard it said that the only difference is that you can make a weight sled for $30 in your garage but if you want to spend $300 then get a prowler. There’s something to that, but this comes down to a different set of materials and versatility in most prowler builds.

First, let’s talk about the general use of both. Essentially, weight sleds and prowlers are both weight-holding skids that can be pushed and pulled around. They have recently become very popular for high-intensity interval training for the massive amount of benefits they give for their ease of use. Few other workouts get you this sick this quickly – which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your outlook.

A weighted sled refers to any weight-bearing skid used for pushing and pulling exercises. The minimal version of this has sled-like tracks made of wood, plastic, or rubber. It also tends to have lower push/pull bars which you either attach a harness to in order to pull or you push low to the ground at around a 90-degree angle. 

A prowler is the more advanced, versatile version of a weight sled. Its skis are usually made of metal, it tends to be a bit larger to contain more weight, and the push/pull bars tend to be higher to allow for a 45-degree push. Finally, there tends to be more room for extras, modifications, and attachments with a prowler. 

How to use Weight Sleds and Prowlers

The Prowler Sled: How to PUSH For More Power, Strength, And Speed

Now that we know a bit about the similarities and differences between the two, the next question is how to use them. 

There are a few different ways to use them, starting from the simplest to the more complicated.

First, simply pushing the sled with the push bars, either from a 45-degree angle, which is best for those just starting out, or from a low, nearly 90-degree angle, is the most straightforward use.

Second, you can pull the sled using a harness. This is again fairly simple, as the exercise will be in a simple pulling motion while walking, running, or sprinting.

Third, you can attach resistance bands or ropes in order to do explosive pulling exercises with the sled.  

All these will also depend on the amount of weight being added to the sled and its distribution. Essentially, you’ll always want to distribute weight evenly on the sled for the smoothest experience. Likewise, you’ll want more weight for intense, aerobic exercise and less for cardio, anaerobic exercise. Sleds are great for their ability to swap between the two and their simplicity of form. There are no complex movements here to get you tripped up.

Sled and Prowler Workouts

This depends on your aims regarding exercise, but we can start with the best beginner exercises before moving into more specific exercises and see what suits you best. 

Beginner Sledding Exercise

For the beginning, it’s best to use a sled with high bars in order to allow for a 45-degree angle of approach. You might have seen people at the gym pushing a sled from a very low angle, almost parallel to the ground. This exercise is better for more advanced users.

For the beginner, hold the high bars at a 45-degree angle and push the sled with a slow, running-stance motion maintaining your angle. Your face should be facing the ground as you push.

Depending on your grip on the high bars, you can either have your arms extended out in front of you as you push or head past the bars with hands gripped behind and beside your head. It’s completely up to your preference.

Best for Muscle Growth

With a resistance band or rope connected to the sled, you can try a power row for an explosive exercise that promotes muscle growth. First, get into a squat position while holding the band at full tension with arms fully extended and a straight back. Now, leap backward while pulling the sled towards your chest as you jump. You should have pulled the sled further than you yourself managed to leap. So now, walk backward until at full tension again and repeat. 

Best for Cardio

For endurance, you can do a regular push or pull of the sled with a lighter weight load. Because this can be continued without explosive intensity, this can be a good workout between intense muscle training, anaerobic exercises using the same gear. It can also be helpful while recovering from an injury or otherwise unable to do intense workouts.

Essentially, you’ll want to do the regular push motion for longer periods of time with less weight, or you can do a pull motion, connecting a harness to the sled. You can also try the bear crawl – getting on your hands and knees with a higher weight load and crawling to pull the sled.

Best Balanced 

For an intense, but balanced overall workout, try reps of 25 to 50-meter sprints pushing the sled, or even alternating between pushing and pulling. This will work out the upper arms, chest, and legs all at once. 

Doing this 5 or 10 times a set is sure to get your blood pumping and will require a good 1 or 2 minute rest between every set.

Choosing your Weight Sled or Prowler

There are two main factors you’ll want to consider when choosing the best weight sled or prowler for you. 

First, will you be using the attachments, such as resistance bands, harnesses, and ropes; as well as the high bars? Depending on which you’ll be using, you’ll have to pick one that works with those additions.

Second, will you be using it on concrete or another material? This will help you decide what kind of material is best for the skis. 

Weight sleds and prowlers are equipment that will give you as much as you put into it, but at the base is a hunk of metal to support weights. You can have it be that simple if that works for you, or go for a more robust build if you plan to use all the attachments. 


Weight sleds and prowlers tend to start at the $100 range for one’s with no extra features that can carry around 300lbs. These are great for beginners just trying to figure out what to do with a sled and whether the push and pull mechanisms work for them. Often at this range, however, there are no high bars or it’s a pull-only sled. These are awkward for beginners, so there’s a bit of a dilemma regarding price. They work fine for those ready to do low pushing or pulling, especially for sprinters, but the main benefits of the high push will be absent.

Therefore, the $200 range sleds with high bars are usually the way to go. It’s then up to you whether you want one with the capacity to add more custom options as you go, or just a base model with high bars and a decent weight capacity.

Build Quality

Build quality can be crucial for the long-term use of a weight sled or prowler. Two things can happen: one of the weld joints can give out when using all that weight for years on the sled; and two, the skis can scuff flooring if you’re not careful. 

In a way, you just need a sled that holds itself together – but the build quality is exactly what allows for a decent amount of weight to be added without the whole thing collapsing. It really is a kind of engineering problem. 

FAQs for Weight Sled or Prowlers

How much weight should I put on the prowler?

Weight used depends on exercise and your maximum load. Your maximum load is the highest amount you can push. Alternatively, you can get a rough estimate of this by using your body weight. For intense exercise, 70% of your maximum load is good. For light exercise and cardio, 30% is recommended.

Does pushing a sled build muscle?

Yes. It is good for continuous use of the muscle with less chance of damaging it and a longer ability to work the muscle. Rep-based exercise can exhaust the muscle much faster, which gives sled-based exercise an advantage when it comes to building muscle in that sense.

Is sled pushing good cardio?

Yes. It has even been found to increase running speeds after continuous use. You’ll want to use lower weight loads for cardio exercise, but weight sleds and prowlers are versatile in the sense that they are great for both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. 

How many calories does sled pushing burn?

It depends on the weight used, but it is highly efficient at calorie burning. Think of it as weight lifting and running at the same time. You won’t be able to sustain it long, but even the short bursts of 70% weight will burn lots of calories.


Buying a weight sled or prowler for your home gym is a great investment, but it’s also a piece of equipment you don’t see every day. Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out what these machines can do for you and how you’d want to use them. Depending on your goals, different weight sleds and prowlers will be best for you. Smaller, more compact designs are often better for cardio and sprinters, plus can be easier on your wallet. Larger designs can give you access to more attachment options, heavier weights, and a higher grip on high bars. They can also be a pain to find room for and to put away.

Overall, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is your best bet for an all-around weight sled. It has an excellent build quality, lots of customization, and a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice too much in weight capacity, making it easy to store as well. If you need more weight, the Titan Fitness HD is a solid option, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice the OneFitWonder Econ Prowler fits the bill nicely.