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So you’re looking for the best gear for CrossFit?

This article will give you an overview of the key types of gear for CrossFit  so you can determine which type is best for your needs – and ultimately get the most out of your WOD.

Remember, for each of the types of gear for CrossFit mentioned below, there is a complete article dedicated to it. So please feel free to look at the side-bar to your right and click on the full article.

Shoes for CrossFit

I strongly believe that the most important item of of gear is a pair of crossfit-optimal shoes.  At the end of the day, they’re the type of clothing for CrossFit that is most unique to crossfit.  Your normal runners, or even a pair of cons, can disadvantage you (or even lead to injury).

The essential properties of a shoe for CrossFit are as follows.

1) Minimal (or even zero) heel to toe drop. 

This is to make the shoe as natural as possible.  Your feet doesn’t have a heel to toe drop, so your shoe shouldn’t either.  If you have a raised heel it causes you to strike your heel when you hit the ground, which causes a raft of foot and joint problems.  Don’t do it.   One of the best zero heel to toe drop shoe out on the market at the moment is the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210.  Check them out at Rogue.

2) Next look for crossfit specific features. 

In particular these include a rope guard, which is basically rubber on the side of the shoe which helps you climb ropes in your WOD. Another feature of a good shoe for CrossFit is a sticky rubber sole.  These help when doing box jumps or Olympic lifts where grip is important.

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3)Comfort and durability.

These are VERY important. However, I mentioned them last because they are features you want in any sports shoe.  You don’t want your feet to hurt and you don’t want your shoes to fall apart shortly after you purchase them.

The best shoes on the market currently are the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210.  They have all of the features I have mentioned above. They have zero heel to toe drop, they have a sticky role AND a rope guard, and they are comfortable and high quality (durable).  If you want to find out about other models of CrossFit shoes check out my best Crossfit Shoes article. Keep in mind that it was written before the bare-x came out.

Shorts for CrossFit

Shorts for CrossFit are another important type of gear for CrossFit. There are a few important features you want to look for in shorts for CrossFit.

1) Maximum range of motion.

You want to be able to move around as much as possible when your squatting, jumping, running, dead lifting etc etc.  You don’t want them pulling on you

2) Breathable fabric.

You want it to be made from some sort of self-drying/wicking fabric.

3) Anitmicrobial if possible. 

A lot of fabrics these days have anti-microbial properties, which basically means it stops it smelling funky! If you don’t want to have to wash your shorts after every WOD – and who does? – then these will be great for you.

The type of shorts that I most recommend is Rogue’s Fight Shorts. These shorts are perfect for CrossFit because it is comfortable and has a wide side slit for maximum range of motion. Check either of them out and you’ll be set for a great WOD. They’re great additions to your collection of gear for CrossFit.  Remember, if you want to read more about this topic, read the full article on shorts for CrossFit.

Best Gear for CrossFit: Rogue Fitness' Crossfit Shorts
Rogue Men’s CrossFit Shorts are made from 100% Polyester for long-term durability

T Shirts for CrossFitters

The third type of gear I’ll be covering is t shirts for CrossFit.  CrossFitters love collecting crossfit tees, and I’m no exception.  Personally I like collecting gear for crossfit from other crossfit affiliates.  I’ve found that Amazon has some good ones. I also just like collecting funny crossfit t shirts and crossfit t shirts that just plain look cool! Reebok has some great CrossFit shirts, so you check them out here.

Remember to check out the full CossFit Tees article as well.

Skins and Compression Tights for CrossFit

When people think about gear for CrossFit, a lot of people think about skins or compression tights.  You might be wondering whether it’s just a gimmick, but there have actually been a few recent scientific studies which indicate that skins really do help with your performance.  In particular, they’re great for helping the recovery process. Let’s face it, after an intense WOD, you’re hurting (or at least you should be!!) and any advantage you can obtain in accelerating that recovery process is going to be worth it.

The best line of compression tights are from Skins or Under Armour.  Amazon actually carries a great line of compression products from these brands.  Check them out here.

For a full overview of high performance crossfit clothing, including compression tights read the full article on high performance apparel for CrossFit.

Gloves for CrossFit

The final type of gear for CrossFit we’ll be looking at are gloves for crossfit.   It’s definitely debatable whether or not you should use gloves in CrossFit.  Some will strongly argue that since you don’t wear gloves in real life, you shouldn’t wear gloves at your box.  However, at the end of the day, having ripped and bleeding hands sucks, and it’s more than understandable that you may want to wear gloves.  In fact, at the CrossFit games, many athletes wear gloves… so if the top crossfit athletes in the world wear them, why can’t we wear gloves for CrossFit as well?

A great new innovative design in gloves for CrossFit are from New Grip.

Remember to check out our full article on gloves and handcare for CrossFit!

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