Taking care of your hands is something that will have crossed the minds of most CrossFitters.  Almost everyone will have found their hands getting cut up or at least severely calloused due to chin-ups and bar work.   A lot of people are fine with that, but for those of you out there who want to take extra precautions to protect their hands, this article will cover a few options out there , including gloves and other hand protection.

Some poeple are fine with callouses. This article is for the rest of you!

Choosing the Best Gloves for CrossFit

Selecting good gloves for CrossFit is important to not only give your hands and wrists some support as you go about your workout, but also to improve your grip so that you can execute each exercise properly and using a maximum weight. When looking for gloves, search for ones that have a firm and snug fit, but that don’t feel as though they’re cutting off circulation or restricting movement. You want them to be tight, but comfortable.

If you just want a straight up glove, the best option is a pair of baseball batting gloves.  CrossFit Reebok used to make crossfit gloves and they were basically just batting gloves rebranded as crossfit.  Unfortunately,  they’re out of stock now so just hop on amazon and get any high quality pair of batting gloves there.

vr600 reebok crossfit glove
The VR6000 is very similar to the Reebok Crossfit glove previously sold

Don’t limit yourself to traditonal gloves though.  There are a lot of great atlernative out there, and this is what I’m going to focus on now.

First off, there are the Newgrips.  The main benefits of New Grips are that they are easy to switch in and out of and also provide wrist support so they replace the function of additional wrist wraps.

newgrip glove for Crossfit
New grips are a good glove alternative

Grip pads are popular in my own box.  These are pads (as the name implies) that have slots for your fingers to go through.  They just wrap around the bar and act as a layer between your hands and the bar.  They’re easy to get on and off when you want to transition between exercises.  And they come in some cool colors too.

gripad glove for CrossFit
Click to purchase

Grip4Force is a product that will act almost like a glove and give you much better grip strength without quite the full coverage that gloves provide. These actually wrap around the bar rather than being on your hands.

gripforce glove for CrossFit
The grip4orce go around the bar rather than your hands

It’s important to acknowledge that a lot of people are against using gloves for CrossFit. The argument here is that since you don’t wear gloves in everyday life, you shouldn’t do so during a WOD. The second argument is that by wearing gloves, you’ll reduce the amount of proprioception that you experience, which can factor into giving an optimal performance.

In such a case, chalk is the best option to go for. Or, something really quite unique is liquid grip, which will provide protection without any barrier at all between your hands and the bar. It acts like chalk to dry out your skin and thereby prevent tearing.

chalk for CrossFit
If you don’t use gloves, always use chalk.

Regardless of which option you choose, also note that it is important that you take good care of your hands between workouts as well.  Try removing any calluses that do build up using a pumice stone in lukewarm water. Allow the hands to sit in the water for 5-10 minutes first before you start to soften them up.

In between workouts, make sure to also apply a good quality moisturizer to keep the skin soft and possibly also consider using tape while doing your workouts as well. This can provide a little extra protection for your hands.

Have you used any of these gloves or other handcare for CrossFit? Please let us know by posting below!

8 thoughts on “Gloves and hand care for CrossFit”

  1. I used NewGrips for about a month before the neoprene pads got a hole in them. The company replaced them under warranty (good, responsive company) but same thing happened to the second pair. They just won’t stand up to high rep WODs for vey long. The pads are 1/4″ neoprene rubber and while they are cool (hands don’t get hot) they feel like a ‘fat bar’ in the hands since they add diameter to the bar.

  2. I have the new grips and have had them for two months. I haven’t had an issue and have had 150 butterfly WODs. 

  3. i have done some gud damaged to mi hands. mi trainer said put meth on to help them heal and mix half meth and half glycerine everyday to harden them up. i dont think any gloves will cut it and they seem to get in my way when changing over to my next set.

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