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CrossFit Socks are an important yet often overlooked clothing item

People spend a lot of time choosing the right type of shoes for CrossFit or other gear for CrossFit to wear, but getting a good pair of socks for CrossFit is something often overlooked. There are a lot of different types of socks out there, though, and it can sometimes be confusing figuring out which ones are right for you. From men’s socks for CrossFit to women’s compression socks and more, each variety offers specific benefits to the person who is wearing them.  This article will highlight the different types of socks for CrossFit and help you decide which type of socks is the best to meet your needs.

SB SOX Compression Socks
SB Sox makes some of the best compression socks for CrossFit and trainings

Knee-High Socks 

Probably the most common type of socks you’ll see in the box is knee high socks. There are two reasons to wear above the knee socks.  First and foremost, they help protect your shins during deadlifts and box jumps. In fact, it might be more appropriate to call them deadlifting socks.  If you’ve even been doing CrossFit for short while, you will have probably scraped up your shins during deadlifts.  The extra barrier between the bar and your knee really helps to reduce that direct friction and will decrease the likelihood of your shins bleeding. This is particularly relevant for CrossFit girls who want the awesome CrossFit workout, but don’t want marks all over their shins! It helps with box jumps too, but obviously if you completely smash your shins on the side of a hard edge, you’re still going to get hurt. So don’t!

knee high CrossFit socks
Rogue, the official supplier for the CrossFit games has a great collection of different types of CrossFit socks

Rogue (the official supplier of the CrossFit games) make a knee high sock. Click on the picture to purchase.

Also, remember that there are A LOT of knee high socks out there, and you don’t need to stick to only  brands related to the CrossFit community.  Just have a look at Amazon and search for knee high socks.  A lot of people like to wear soccer socks, for instance.

NEWZILL Men & Women's Compression Socks for Athletic, Nurses, Shin Splints, Maternity & Flight Travel, Black Gray Argyle - Large (1 pair)

The second major reason to wear knee high socks is, well, to look good! To put it simply, it has become very fashionable around the world to wear knee high socks. That’s why these knee-high CrossFit socks are so popular.  And there are certainly a lot of great looking knee socks out there.  For example, check out this argyle sock from NEWZILL Compression Wear.

One of the most popular style is the striped knee high sock.  Check some out here.

There are also some great Reebok CrossFit knee high socks. Unfortunately, however, they’re all of stock at the moment.  I hope to update this soon when they’ve got more in.

Compression Socks

Compression socks do more than cover the foot—they can actually help you both recover in between workouts and gain more power during them. They’re generally knee high, so they can also be categorized as a specialized type of knee high sock.  Compression socks work by helping to stabilize the muscles, which in turn allows you to increase your strength and have more control over your body. Plus, because they’re knee high, they can also protect you against the bars rubbing against your shins or from rope burn.  Also keep in mind that they don’t have to be literally “socks”.  There are a lot of calf ‘sleeves’ out there, which have exactly the same effect.

There are a lot of different types of compression socks out there, so have a look around here and choose the one that best meets your needs and aesthetic taste. Quickly, here are a few things you want to look out for:

  1. Excellent compression system; this is a given.
  2. Antimicrobial – so your feet don’t smell!
  3. Moisture wicking – so you don’t overheat.
  4. They should stay in place! The last thing you want to be doing during a WOD is pulling up your socks every couple of minutes.

Some of the best brands for these are 2XU, Zensah and CEP. For example, 2XU’s compression calf guards (below) have a world class compression system made from  antimicrobial and wicking material, and is specially designed to stay in place.

Remember, we also have an article written about other types of compression gears for CrossFit so check it out.

No Show Socks

The final type of socks we’re looking at are ultra low-cut socks, which are an extremely popular choice amongst both men and women. CrossFitters who are looking for a lightweight sock that isn’t visible above the outside of the shoe. CrossFit Reebok makes a type of low cut sock that features antibacterial fires that work to reduce potentially embarrassing foot odor. This will mean that your socks won’t smell as much, and let’s face it, that’s something that would be mighty helpful! These socks also feature built-in arch support to help stabilize the foot during workouts. Reebok CrossFit (below) make an excellent pair of low cut CrossFit socks.

Do you have any questions about socks for CrossFit? Or do you have your own opinions – agree or disagree? Please leave a comment about the best socks for CrossFit below!

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  1. Very surprised you aren’t featuring Swiftwick socks as an option for CrossFit athletes. They are the go-to for most serious athletes. Rogue has started going to Swiftwick for their custom socks and i’m starting to see other companies follow suit. The Rogue socks you have featured aren’t even for sale anymore on their site. It seems this site is a great source for advertising but the above sock options aren’t a performance driven product. I think all these are made overseas as well. Rather than go with what’s popular, I’d like to see a review on what works. 2XU is the exception, they do make a phenomenal product. 

  2. Also check out The Sox Box! They have crossfit knee high socks with fun sayings. Cool thing is 20% of proceeds support wounded warriors.These are my faves!!!  STRONG MAMA!!


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