Best Wrist Wraps And Straps For CrossFit

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Front squats, thrusters, cleans – they can all take a heavy toll on our wrists. To make things worse, many CrossFitters may have prior wrist injuries or simply lack flexibility, and this can lead to a lot of pain. For those of you who are experiencing wrist pain, or even just want something preventative, then wrist wraps and straps for CrossFit are great options.

What to look for

Wrist wraps aren’t complicated, so just keep in mind a few key qualities when considering what to buy.

  1. Durability. Look for ones that are made of highly durable material so they’ll stand up over time.
  2. Fit.  Look for something tight fitting without cutting off circulation
  3. Versatility. In a given WOD you might go from thrusts and deadlifts to pushups or hand stand pushups and you want something that’s going to be comfortable for all of them.

Strength wraps

First up, we have strength wraps. These are the most popular at my box, for the key reason that they’re versatile. As mentioned above, this is one of the main features you want to look for and they’re great because you can keep them on during pushups and your wrists won’t get uncomfortable. Plus they come in a lot of cool colors! Check Rogue’s Strength Wraps here!

wrist straps for crossfit

Check out this video which will explain how to put them on and use them.

Rogue wrist wraps

Next up we have the rogue wrist wraps, which are another very popular option. You’ve probably seen a few of these around your box, too. I know I have!

The Velcro are a great feature, which allow you to make them as tight as needed. They come in plenty of sizes to meet the needs of everyone from petite crossfit girls all the way to the most beastly of manimals. They receive consistently top marks by reviewers.

Can’t decide which is the best wraps for you? Check out our article tackling the differences between strength wraps and wrist wraps!

Wrist straps for CrossFit

Another option are wrist straps (rather than wraps). Wrist straps are for when you want to lift heavy weight but your grip is fatiguing. These are particularly useful for deadlifts, but can be good for bent over rows and weighted pull-ups as well.

Here are a couple of options over at rogue.

Ohio lifting straps

Spud’s unbreakable wrist straps

(these come with a no-break guarantee!)

Have you tried any wrist wraps or wrist straps for CrossFit? Let us know by posting a comment!

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  1. Wrist wraps can make such a different in your performance and joint comfort in your wrists. Why risk possible injury and be out injured, just buy a set or two.
    Thanks for a great review!


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