How Should You End A Workout Session On The Apple Watch?

How should you end a workout session on the Apple Watch?

To finish a workout session, on your Apple Watch and accurately track your exercise progress follow these steps;

  • Complete Your Workout;

    Make sure you finish your workout as usual meeting any goals you set for yourself whether it's a duration, distance or calories burned.

  • Open the Workout App;

    If you're not already in the Workout app press the side Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to go back to the Home screen. Then tap on the icon for the Workout app (it looks like a dot with a running figure).

  • End Your Workout;

    Swipe on your watch screen to access workout options. Look for a End" button with an "X" symbol.

  • Tap to Finish;

    Tap on the "End" button to stop recording your workout. Your Apple Watch will show you a summary of your exercise session that includes details, like duration, distance covered, calories. Heart rate data.

After completing your workout you will have the choice to either save or discard it. If you want to keep a record of the workout details, in your Activity app simply tap "Done". On the hand if you wish to remove the workout session scroll down and tap "Discard Workout".

Once you have saved your workout you can review a summary of your session. This summary includes metrics that can be incredibly helpful in tracking your progress over time.

Remember to take some time for a cool down and stretching after your workout. Although this part isn't logged by the Apple Watch it is a step, in reducing muscle soreness and improving flexibility.

Don't forget to rehydrate by drinking water after your workout. This will help restore balance in your body.

To keep track of your fitness trends over time make sure to check the Fitness or Health apps on your iPhone. These apps sync data from your Apple Watch workouts and provide charts and insights that can assist you in understanding progress and setting goals accordingly.

Make sure you keep your information up, to date in the Health app to ensure that the workout data is accurate. The app uses details like your height, weight, age and gender to calculate metrics such as calorie burn.

Here are some resources you may find helpful;

By following these steps and taking advantage of the resources provided you can make the most out of your workout sessions with Apple Watch while keeping track of your fitness journey.


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How should you end a workout session on the Apple Watch?

Certainly! To wrap up your workout session effectively with your Apple Watch and ensure you capture exercise data here's a unique approach;

  • 1. Cool Down Your Activity;

    Gradually reduce the intensity of your activity. For example if you've been running, transition, into a walk. This helps bring your heart rate to normal.

  • 2. Go to the Workout Controls;

    On your watch face if you're not already on the workout screen tap the Workout app (the icon with a running man) to open it. Alternatively if you're using another app or viewing a watch face press the side button to switch back to the used app, which should be your workout.

  • 3. Stop Recording the Session;

    To access the control menu touch the screen and swipe left until you see the "End" button, with a stop icon.

  • 4. Confirm Ending Your Workout;

    Tap on the "End" button to confirm that you want to stop recording your workout session. The app will then display a summary screen providing an overview of your completed session.

  • 5.Choose Your Options After Your Workout;

    If you're satisfied, with your session you can select the "Done" option. In case it didn't meet your expectations. If you accidentally recorded time just scroll down and choose "Discard." Keep in mind that some workouts might ask you about exercise symptoms, such as swimming in a pool or open water.

Reflect on How You Performed; Once you save your workout a summary will be displayed. You can go through metrics to see how well you've done. This reflection stage is crucial for setting goals and tracking your progress.

Engage in Active Recovery; Although the Apple Watch doesn't track your recovery process it's important to engage in movement to help your body recover naturally. Activities like walking or gentle stretching can be beneficial.

Sync and Share (if desired); Your workout data will automatically sync with your paired iPhone. If you want some motivation or wish to share your workout information with friends or coaches you can do so through the Activity app, on your iPhone. Remember to keep your health details updated in the Health app. This is crucial, for workout analytics especially if there have been changes in your weight or fitness level.

After you finish a workout session there are a things you should consider to optimize recovery and readiness;

  • 1. Check for Muscle Tension; Use self massaging tools or do some light stretching to release any muscles after your workout.
  • 2. Nourish Your Body; Make sure to consume proteins and carbs to replenish any gaps caused by exercising.
  • 3. Give Yourself Adequate Rest; Allow your body time to rest before engaging in another workout.

When you're not actively exercising, take advantage of the features in the Health app. You can set up Medical ID for emergency situations. Even participate in research through the Research app with your consent, which may utilize your workout data.

If you're interested in learning more, about the capabilities of the Health app Apple has provided a guide that you can refer to.

Take a look, at the Apple Health App Overview, which provides information about how it utilizes exercise data to offer health insights. You might also find it interesting to explore the Health and Fitness Data Usage, where Harvard Universitys School of Public Health shares ways to make use of this data.

Additionally if you're interested in recovery techniques the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) offers expert insights, on its importance and benefits. Incorporating these guidelines into your fitness routine can help you effectively wrap up your Apple Watch workouts and enhance your fitness journey.