How To Add A Workout Manually To The Apple Watch?

How to add a workout manually to the Apple Watch?

Manually Inputting Workouts to Your Apple Watch

To manually input a workout into your Apple Watch you won't directly do it on the watch itself. Instead you'll need to use the Health app on your paired iPhone. The Workout app, on the Apple Watch automatically tracks your workouts. If theres a workout you did without wearing the watch or if it wasn't recorded for any reason you have the option to log it manually. Here's how you can do that;

  1. Open the Health app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the "Browse" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Within the "Browse" tab, Activity.
  4. Scroll down and tap on "Workouts."
  5. At the corner of the screen there will be a "+ Add Data" button; tap on that.
  6. Now you can enter all of your workout details;
    • Start and end times; Make sure to set start and end times to reflect when you actually worked out.
    • Activity type; Choose from the provided list of workout or activity types. If your specific activity isn't listed choose an option that closely matches or select "Other."

That's how you can manually add a workout to your Apple Watch through the Health app, on your iPhone.

If you have information, about the number of calories you've burned you can input it here. However if you don't have that data leaving this field blank is also an option.

In case your workout involved running or cycling you can enter the distance covered during that session.

  1. When all the necessary details are filled in tap on "Add" located in the corner to save your workout.

Once your workout is saved it will be included in your Activity history. Will contribute to your Activity Rings for that specific day. It's important to note that added workouts may not be as accurate, as those tracked by the sensors on an Apple Watch when it comes to calorie count and other specifics.

Please remember that when adding workouts manually try to provide information as possible. Overestimating your activity levels can lead to inaccurate health and fitness data.

You might find this Apple Health User Guide helpful if you're looking for instructions, on manually entering data into the Health app.


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How to add a workout manually to the Apple Watch?

If you've been active physically but didn't have your Apple Watch with you or forgot to start a workout don't worry! You can still keep track of your exercise by entering it into the Health app on your iPhone. This way it will sync with your Activity Rings seamlessly. Here's an alternative step, by step method to manually input your workout data;

  • Provide Workout Details; To accurately track your activity make sure to specify the type of activity and include details such, as the duration calories burned (if known) and distance (if applicable). It's important to be as precise as possible when entering the start and end times so that your Activity Rings are updated correctly.
  • Save Your Workout; Once you've entered all the information save your workout by tapping "Done" or using the option in the top right corner of the screen.

After entering your workout it will be reflected in the Activity app and your Move, Exercise and Stand rings will adjust accordingly. However please note that manual entries don't provide metrics like heart rate data collected during workouts. This may affect calculations such, as calories burned.

Make sure to check your Health app data to ensure it accurately reflects your fitness journey and keeps you motivated. If you need guidance on using the Apple Health app and maintaining accurate data consider visiting the following resources;

By ensuring that your activity data is logged correctly whether manually or through your Apple Watch you'll receive insights. Stay motivated, in your fitness routine.