How To Find A Used Concept 2 Rower for Sale, and The 6 Best Places to Look for It

Used Concept 2 Rower

Why Buy A Used Concept2 Rower?

There are several reasons to buy a used Concept 2 rower. The biggest being the price. These Rowers can cost up to $1,000 for a new machine. Buying a used one brings the cost down significantly if you can find someone to sell you their old model.

Another reason to buy a used rower is if you are new to the sport of rowing and want to try it out before spending your money on a regular rowing model

In this article, you’ll find the best places to look for a used Concept 2, as well as strategies and tactics to ensure you get a good deal.

Where Can I Buy A Used Concept2 Rowing Machine For Sale?

#1 – Craigslist

There are a ton of deals to be found on Craigslist if you’re willing to look. This is how I got my used Concept2 Model D for half price. It’s also how I’ve gotten several other household items.

Maybe you don’t want to deal with meeting up with strangers, or maybe you’d rather not hassle on Craigslist, and that’s why Facebook Marketplace exists.

#2 – Facebook Marketplace

Most larger cities have a “marketplace” on Facebook where people post items for sale. You can find anything from used bikes to furniture and even cars or houses! It’s how I found my condo.

First, go to the proper category on Facebook Marketplace. In this case, it should be the “Exercise, Fitness & Sporting Goods” page.

Once you find a rower in good condition and at a good price, you contact the seller.

At this point, your goal is to find out how much they’re charging for it before going to see the machine because if they’re asking too much, it’s not worth your time. The same goes if their price is higher than what a new Concept2 machine costs.

If the price is good, then you can go visit them to inspect the COncept 2 (this is important!)

This is my preferred method because I’m able to see how sturdy and how well maintained their equipment is. You can also physically feel how smooth the wheels run and how it how easily they turn.

#3 Row2k

Row2k is a big news site for all things Rowers. It provides how-to guides, heath & fitness tips, and more to help you enjoy using your rower.

With a few clicks, you can search for a used rowing machine on the Row2k Marketplace page.

#4 – OfferUp

Purchasing a Concept2 Rowing Machine for sale on OfferUp is easy and can be done directly from your smartphone. I found a used rower on OfferUp for $150 – it was in great shape and had one owner, but you can get them cheaper if they have more than one owner or if there are some cosmetic defects.

You can search for Concept2 Rowing Machines by typing in “rowing machine” in the search bar at the top of your OfferUp app; make sure you select “more” to see all of the results instead of just filtered options (which it defaults to). If you like a particular model, click on it and check how much sellers are asking for it; if you don’t like how much the Concept 2 rower costs, you can choose how far away the seller is to help filter your results.

Once you find a Concept2 Rowing Machine that interests you, read through all of the details and check out the pictures of it up close. Use this information to decide how much you’re willing to pay for it. When you on the ad page, click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen; this is how you can communicate with the seller (sometimes they will message first, but don’t expect it).

#5 Local Crossfit gym

If you have been into different Crossfit gyms in your area, then you know how many of them go through rowers every year. This does not mean that they are bad. 

The fact is, these rowers get used every day of the week by dozen people. If you can get your hands on one of them that is in good shape and with some warranty remaining, then you should go for it.

Find a Crossfit Gym near you here

#6 – Trade It In?

If your actual rower is still in decent shape, you might be able to trade it in at the local gym where you work out. You’ll probably get a couple of bucks at most this way, but it’s better than nothing!

How Much Does A Concept 2 Rowing Machine Cost?

A used Concept2 Rower can be purchased for under $200 if you look hard enough or are willing to do some work. I found that most people were asking around $300 although the lowest price offer I’ve seen was $100! The price of a new one is around $899 so it’s always worth checking out.

The price of a used Concept2 Rower can vary greatly depending on how old it is, how often it has been used, how much damage it has, etc.

What To Do Once You’ve Found A used Rower you want to buy?

So you’ve found a Concept 2 rower that you want to buy. Congrats! First, ask how long the unit has been used and how frequently it has been used. More often than not, there will be some sort of wear and tear from previous use. If possible, try to gauge how much wear is present on the machine. Visible fraying on the straps is a given, but how much wear is visible elsewhere? Are there any worn-out pieces that appear to be potentially harmful?

What to Look for Before Buying a Used Concept 2

Here’s a list of things you should look at before deciding to purchase an old model or not

  • Check The Seat
  • Check The Resistance
  • Check The Frame
  • Check The Footpads and handles
  • Check The Flywheel
  • Check how much mileage the rower has

The visible surface rust should not cause problems, but you can get a good idea of how well taken care of the rower has been.

Take a look at how clean and how new it looks compared to how worn out it is. Ask why the user is selling it, how frequently they used it, and how long they’ve had it. This will give you more of an idea as to how well taken care of the machine has been.

That being said, how the machine looks may not make a difference in how well it operates. So how do you know how well the Concept 2 rower works?

Testing The Machine Before Buying It

If possible, try to test out how well it functions by using it for a set while you’re at the owner’s home. Being on the machine itself will give you a better sense of how well it works. If possible, ask how long the cord is so that you can test out how fast and how adjustable the resistance levels are on the unit.

If there is no power meter attached to it, see how many miles/kilometers are showing on the monitor. If it’s missing, how much are they asking for? What’s the asking price range of the machine (usually between $150-$500)?

There should be some sort of weight limit set on these machines, so how much does it weigh? Is there a weight limit indicator on the unit itself (on the flywheel but under the monitor).

If you can’t test how well it works for whatever reason: be sure to ask how many miles/kilometers are showing. Ask how long the cord is and how fast and adjustable the resistance levels are. Ask how many kilo/pound settings it has.

After getting on the machine, how does it feel while rowing? Are you satisfied with how it feels, compared to its price? Is this how you expected a used rowing machine would feel like?

If possible, ask how many Concept 2 rowers have they sold in the past and how well does their customer service hold up. If you are satisfied with how the machine feels, is it still on the warranty?

Do NewConcept 2 rowers go on sale?

Yes, Concept 2 rowers do go on sale. Concept 2 dealers (like Rogue) will occasionally sell used or refurbished models at a discount to make room for incoming inventory or to make way for new models. Some dealers may have open-box models that have been returned by customers and may not be in original packaging.

Concept 2 rowers can also go on sale because they are about to release a new model. This is how the Concept 2 Model D was released after the Concept 2 Model E, how the Performance Monitor 2 (PM2) was released after the PM3, how the Performance Monitor 3 (PM3) was released after the PM4 and how the Performance Monitor 4 (PM4) is set to be released in 2018 after the PM5.

You can check where to find the Concept 2 for sale here