Crossfit is one of the fastest growing sports around the world and as such there is a wide variety of clothing for CrossFit.

Probably the most obvious of these is the shirt.  Almost every box (Crossfit gym) has at least one or more designs and members wear them with pride.

Many people also like to collect CrossFit affiliate shirts around the world.  For example, at my box in Australia, one member wears a Crossfit affiliate shirt from Hells Kitchen, NY.  Very cool!Unfortunately, it’s often very hard to purchase clothing from other Crossfit affiliates as they usually do not have online stores.  Stay tuned though, as I’ll be scouring the net to find you places where you can buy other Crossfit affiliates shirts.  

Here are a few great Crossfit affiliate shirts from around the world. A lot of them are quite funny like this one from Alamo Crossfit.

shirts for crossfit

Or again this one from Crossfit ireland.  My housemate is Irish, and I can attest that he is definitey funny and often drunk! If he does crossfit, he can be strong too!

t-shirts for crossfit

How about this one from Valley Crossfit in the US.  Clearly a no nonsense affiliate!

best shirts for crossfit

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  1. I hope you don’t mind me plugging this – but we’ve just started up a real small company making our own crossfit inspired shirts and hoodies. It’s UK only, but please check us out:

    We do really limited runs so many of our designs are only made 3-4 times in any colour.

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