Buyers Remorse: 3 CrossFit Shoes I Regret Purchasing

Some dates were not impressed by the shoe Wall. This is 1/2 my shoes.

I’ve tested a lot of CrossFit shoes this year. I had a date come to my place a few months back, and the first thing she commented on was my wall of shoes. She thought it was some sort of fetish or something – I tried to convince her it was really part of my job. She wasn’t really convinced. We didn’t date long lol.

But back to the point of this post.

CrossFit shoes I regret buying.

Now, when I bought them, I knew I was going to be testing a large number of shoes, so I figured there would at least be a handful that I didn’t particularly mesh with. Like that woman who dissed my shoe wall. You just don’t fit with everyone.

Here we go, Number 1.

1. Reebok Nano X

The Nano X’s were one of the first shoes I tested. I didn’t truly know how much I disliked them until I met other shoes (yes, this is a dating analogy again). It wasn’t until I wore other, much better for me shoes, that I realized how much I regretted buying the Nano X.

Why I don’t like the Nano X:

  • Overdesigned. So. Many. Design. Elements
  • HEAVY – so heavy. These shoes are the heaviest shoe I tested at 14.9oz
  • Very Bulky

2. Nike Metcon 7 Flyease

I thought that these might be fun to step in and out of. They are not. I still found myself having to tighten the shoe once I got into it. It didn’t feel as stable as I would have liked and the plastic around the back just felt cheap and a recipe for getting snagged on something at some point. I wore these twice and never picked them up again.

  • Gimmicky step in feature isn’t great
  • Shoe quality is mediocre for the price
  • Ugly

3. NOBULL Trainer+

Don't Buy NOBULL Trainer+ Plus - Here's Why

NOBULL took the decent trainer shoe, which I appreciated for it’s lightness, and just made it heavier and a little more comfortable (though lately the lack of support and pounding my feet has taken has changed how I view this shoe). It’s a mediocre all around shoe, and there are so many better all-around shoes. I really wanted to love the Trainer+. The designs are killer, absolutely love NOBULL’s designs, but the shoe is luke-warm everywhere else.

  • Expensive
  • There are many better all-around shoes
  • Still not great for running