I Tested 15 Pairs of CrossFit Shoes to Find the Best. Here’s What I Found.

Update January 2023 – I’m excited about my top 3 pairs this year, I think they will stay the same. Read on to find out my favorites!

Update October 2022 – I’m now up to 15 pairs. I may have a shoe problem lol.

Update July 2022 – After ordering 10 pairs of CrossFit shoes in April, spending $1305.81, I tested out each shoe during the next few months of my CrossFit workouts. I added my thoughts and reviews of each shoe after each workout. I’ve added my current favorite shoes at the top of this post.

Here are the CrossFit specific shoes I have purchased and tested so far:

Nike CrossFit Shoes

Reebok CrossFit Shoes

  • Nano X2
  • Nano X1
  • Nano X

NoBull CrossFit Shoes

R.A.D CrossFit Shoes

  • One

TYR CrossFit Shoes

  • CXT-1 Trainer

INOV-8 CrossFit Shoes

  • INOV-8 F-LITE 260 V2 Scott Panchik Legacy Edition


TYR CXT-1 Trainer
Nike React Metcon Turbo
NoBULL Trainer
INOV-8 F-LITE 260 V2
Nike Metcon 7 (Recommend)
Reebok Nano X2 (Recommend)
Reebok Nano X1 (Recommend)
Reebok Nano X (Not Recommended)
Nike Metcon 5 (Recommend)
Nike Metcon Flyease
Nike Metcon 7x (TBD)
GoRuck Ballistic Trainer (TBD)

Each shoe is categorized into three levels: Highly Recommend (my 3 best CrossFit shoe picks), Recommend (Good value and overall solid Crossfit shoes), and Do Not Recommend (I wouldn’t wear for CrossFit workouts). If you want the lightest CrossFit shoe, see my table of how much each shoe weighs.

Finding the best CrossFit shoe
My CrossFit Shoe Test – All 11 Pairs!

My 3 Highly Recommended CrossFit Shoes (2023)

The top shoes I’ve tested so far in multiple workouts that I like are the: STRIKE MVMNT Haze Trainer, the new TYR CXT-1, and the INOV-8 F-LITE 260 V2 Scott Panchik Legacy Edition. The Nike Metcon React Turbo, and the NoBull Trainer have been moved to the recommend list, but not in my top 3 anymore!


WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

This is such a solid shoe. I wasn’t super impressed at first, but it has become my go-to shoe in 2023. I love wearing it for most olympic lifts, and I have crushed some double-unders in this shoe (77 in row recently a new record for me).

Check out my video about why I am most excited about this CrossFit shoe:

The Must-Cop CrossFit Shoe in 2023…
Is this my fav 2023 shoe?

INOV-8 F-LITE 260 V2

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

This shoe is what I grab anytime there are toes-to-bar (T2B) in a WOD. This shoe just absolutely flies. It’s so much lighter than any other Crossfit shoe, no one else really even comes close. OK, maybe the NOBULL trainer, but this shoe is WAY more comfortable, and lighter than the trainer. LOVE THIS SHOE.

The lightest CrossFit shoe is…


“Holy shit – that is a gorgeous shoe” – My first thought unboxing the Haze trainer.

WodReview Highly Recommend Badge

I love this shoe. It feels like a cloud, it’s light and looks amazing. I would wear this out as a street shoe, and have!

This shoe is gorgeous.

Initial Review of the Haze Trainer after first WOD

Hitting the Gym with STRIKE MVMNT!

Holy crap, this shoe is gorgeous…and insanely comfortable. It’s very light, the toe box area is bigger than normal, which felt strange on my run over to my Box, but then felt great in the workout. Loving this shoe after 2 workouts.

3 Months with the STRIKE MVMNT Haze Trainer

After 3 months with the Haze Trainer, I find myself picking this shoe if there is running in the workout. For example, there was a 2 block run AMRAP with toes to bar and shoulder to overhead DB sets and I immediately knew I would go with this shoe for that workout.

CrossFit WOD movements this shoe crushes: running, toes-to-bar, bar-muscle ups, box jumps

This shoe is not ideal for: None, good all around.

Nike React Metcon Turbo

This lightweight shoe fits like a glove, and with a thick insole of React foam I did not need any supplemental insole. This is the shoe I having been keeping in my bag as my go to daily CrossFit shoe on days I am not testing.

I have done nearly every common CrossFit exercise now in this shoe, and it flies through them all. I never think about my shoes when I am in a workout when I am wearing the Turbo.

Nike Metcon React Turbo
Lightweight & fits like a glove.
metcon 7 react turbo insole
The thick react insole is comfy and firm.

3 Workout Video Reviews of the Metcon Turbo

I created 3 videos right after wearing the Nike React Metcon Turbo in varied CrossFit movements:

My Nike React Metcon Turbo Review after 3 CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit WOD movements this shoe crushes: toes-to-bar, bar muscle ups, pull-ups

This shoe is not ideal for: running

Get this shoe at Rogue:

NoBull Trainer

Now the official CrossFit shoe, the NoBull Trainer, is insanely light. After two workouts, I knew this was going to be in the top 3 over my favorite shoes. Its construction is very solid, and the minimalistic look is great.

no bull trainer with swiftwick sock I like
The minimal look on the NoBulls is fire.

CrossFit WOD movements this shoe crushes: toes-to-bar, bar-muscle ups, deadlfts

This shoe is not ideal for: running

What is the lightest CrossFit Shoe?

The lightest crossfit shoe
With my food scale, I weigh 15 CrossFit Shoes. Reach a Right single shoe with the included insole. All shoes are Mens Size 11.

The lightest CrossFit shoe is now the INOV-8 F-LITE 260 V2 Scott Panchik Legacy Edition at just 10.5 oz (men’s size 11 was the shoe size tested for all 15 shoes, right shoe test). Formerly the NoBULL Trainer weighing just 11.1 ounces, was the lightest, even that at 2nd now is over 1.1 ounces less than the next lightest CrossFit shoe, the Reebok Nano X1. The heaviest CrossFit shoe I tested was the older Reebok Nano X at 14.9 oz.

CrossFit Shoe Weights

ShoeWeight (oz)
INOV-8 F-LITE 260 V210.5 oz
NoBull Trainer11.1 oz
Reebok Nano X112.2 oz
STRIKE MVMNT Haze Trainer12.3 oz
Reebok Nano X212.5 oz
Nike React Metcon Turbo12.9 oz
NOBULL Trainer+13.0 oz
Nike Metcon 7x13.2 oz
R.A.D One13.4 oz
Nike Metcon 713.6 oz
Nike Metcon 513.7 oz
GoRuck Ballistic Trainer14.4 oz
Nike Metcon Flyease14.5 oz
Reebok Nano X14.9 oz
The lightest CrossFit shoe is…

You can pick up the INOV-8 lightest shoe at Rouge:

Other Less Recommended CrossFit Shoes

These shoes are OK picks for any WOD. They weren’t my top favorites, but I still found them acceptable across most CrossFit class workouts.

Reebok Nano X2

Released in 2022, the Nano X2’s are light, comfortable and easy to wear. They are very similar to the Nano X1’s but still a big upgrade from the heavy Nano X’s.

reebok nano x2

WOD 04-35-22 – Put in SUPERfeet Carbon into the Nano X2’s – very comfortable. Felt good running and in workout. WOD was thrusters, strict chin ups, and double-unders. Shoe felt good in all movements. This may be the best Nano yet. I’ll need to compare vs the X1 again, since I did like that one decently well. My gut still feels all the Nano’s from the Reebok line, none of them are going to make the top 3 list, but this one has a shot.

Reebok Nano X1

The Nano X1 is a big upgrade from the X. Lighter and much less bulky, I enjoyed this shoe. It’s thin insole wasn’t enough support for my foot, so I needed to put in a SUPERfeet insole.

Reebok Nano X1
Nice side profile.

4-1-22 WOD – Much higher re-wear potential vs X. Shoe feels noticeably lighter, and looks and feels much less bulky. Did ring muscle ups in these and double-under PRd. Same thin insole as the X, so replaced with Blue SUPERfeet insole. Felt pretty good on running over to gym and warm up jog. I’d say initial review is best running and CrossFit combo shoe I’ve tried so far.

4-4-22 WOD – Absolutely crushed power clean, burpee, toes to bar WOD in these shoes today. They feel so light, and yet with the insole in them, feel great on my feet. I’m actually going to come back and review these shoes more later, because I already know they are going to be in my top picks.

Nike Metcon 7

You can’t go wrong with the Metcon 7. I wore this shoe for a week of workouts and had no real complaints. It’s well made, not too heavy, and should last for years. The laces lock works great to put your mind at ease that your laces won’t untie while flying through burpees.

nike metcon 7s

Nike Metcon 7 Flyease

The toebox feels tighter than the normal Metcon 7, my guess is this is to make sure the shoe stays more snug without laces. The strap to tighten the mid area of the shoe works great, and you can slip in and out of the shoe very easily. A heavier shoe, I would pick this on days I’m feeling lazy and just want to grab a comfortable shoe and go.

WOD 05-06-22 I did not realize this shoe doesn’t have shoelaces! LOL. Fun. I actually really like the no laces element of the Flyease.

Shoes Waiting to be Tested

Nike Metcon 7x

Nike metcon 7x

R.A.D One

08-15-22 WOD – Initial impressions of the R.A.D. One is that the materials and construction are very high quality. I’m not liking the including insole before the workout, it feels like the heel is hitting me wrong. The sizing is correct.

Once I warmed the shoe up a few blocks, the heel issue went away and I found the shoe quite comfortable and stable. This is a shoe I would highly recommend for a beginner. It’s very familiar feeling coming from a running shoe, and the construction and stability would make it a great first time CrossFitter purchase.

Not Recommended for CrossFit

Reebok Nano X

A heavy CrossFit shoe that feels bulky and has about 5 too many design elements. I found the shoe pretty ugly to look at, and the thin insole required an extra custom insole purchase adding to the downsides of this shoe. Skip the Nano X and get the X1 or X2s.

Reebok Nano x

03-28-22 Initial impressions – comfy feeling. Feel heavy. Feel bulky, but first comparison vs Metcon 5s. Everything is thick, thick padded tongue, top part of shoe. Could be OK to run in. Going to run to workout and use for Back Squats, Box Jump Overs, Assault Bike WOD.

Reebok Nano X Initial Impressions Video

Reebok Nano X CrossFit Shoe Initial Impressions Unboxing

Reebok Nano X Post Workout Raw Thoughts Videos

Reebok Nano X Post CrossFit Workouts Shoe Review

CrossFit Shoe Features

CrossFit is a unique sport in that it involves a range of activities. Runners have specific demands from their shoes for their singular activity, so too do tennis players and other dedicated sports. A CrossFitter however is doing all sorts of different activities involving running, lifting, jumping, skipping, climbing, pushing, pulling. All of these activities involve a lot of downward pressure through the feet. As such, the perfect pair of shoes for CrossFit will be something that can perform across a variety of activities.

You’ll also need a shoe stable enough for weightlifting. But you’ll need a shoe light and flexible enough for sprints or plyo box jumps and burpees. That’s because these WOD actions need a swift bit of explosive footwork. A versatile shoe for CrossFit might be a tricky find. In fact, some CrossFitters do prefer to work with a couple of different pairs of shoes on the go for whatever WOD they’re doing that day.

Like every other type of training shoes, shoes for CrossFit will come in all shapes and styles. And your best choice will depend on your own body and your CrossFit training needs. There’s generally not going to be a lot of difference between the best women’s shoes and men’s. The only aspects that will differ are the colors and designs. In fact some brands, the Innov8s for example,  even come in unisex sizing.  For both men and women’s shoes, there are four essential  features to consider when looking for the best shoes for CrossFit in 2022. These are weight, flexibility, durability and the heel to toe drop.

Shoe Weight

CrossFit involves a lot of quick movement in running and jumping. So the last thing you’ll need for your WOD will be a heavy shoe. Can you imagine doing a box jump with a shoe that fits like a lead weight putting you off your game?  The best shoes for CrossFit in 2022 should be lightweight with maximum breathability to ensure your feet aren’t weighed down and they stay cool.

Shoe Flexibility

CrossFitters also require a great deal of flexibility in their shoe to achieve maximum foot mobility. In the same way that a heavy shoe impedes your movement and reduces your training effectiveness, so too does an inflexible shoe.


Good shoes for CrossFit need to be light and airy with a flexible range of motion.  But any CrossFit athlete will tell you, you’re also going to need a quality shoe that can take a serious pounding and still go the distance. That’s why durability is also important. A training shoe that balances durability with a lightweight and flexible construction is the holy grail of CrossFit shoes (see my top 3 picks above that all are lightweight with great durability and construction).

Heel to Toe Drop

Shoes for CrossFit are most effective and most safe with the smallest heel to toe drop, also called the heel to toe offset or differential. This refers to the difference between your heel height and your forefoot height, and for CrossFit, a shoe with a zero or close to zero heel to toe drop – as close as you can get to being in bare feet – is your best choice.

If your foot is sitting firmly in your shoe and your heel and the ball of your forefoot is the same height off the ground, then your shoe has a zero drop. The lower your heel to toe differential, the easier it is to land on your mid-foot which means your step is firm and stable and you’re minimizing your risk of ankle, knee, foot and back injuries.

Any minimal natural movement shoe you use, you’ll probably need to take time to get used to it as you’ll be using different muscles in the foot, especially if you’re making the transition from heavier or bulkier traditional training shoes.