Weightlifting Shoes for CrossFit: Nike Romaleos 2 Review

We’re very fortunate to have Dr. Ben Frazer of CrossFitSouthYarra.com share his review of Nike Romaleos 2. The Nike Romaleos 2 are Nike’s flagship Olympic weightlifting shoe.

Just like any Nike shoes, this shoe is so popular it’s always immediately sold out. You can check the availability directly at Rogue, one of Nike’s direct supplier of weightlifting shoes. Check them out here.  If they happen to be out of stock, you can also check our CrossFit shoe guide to find some high-quality shoes for your WOD.

As always, we also have the transcript of this Nike Romaleos 2 review below, so that you can read along.

NIke Romaleos 2 olympic lifting shoes for CrossFit
The Nike Romaleos 2 are premium Olympic Lifting shoes for CrossFit. Click on the picture to purchase.
Nike Romaleos 2 Review

Ben: I’m here to talk about the new Nike [Romaleos 2] weightlifting shoes. Once again, bright colors. I don’t know what happens to me!

I’m really, really happy. This is the second version, and they’re really comfortable shoes.  When the Olympics was on, you saw a lot of weightlifters in these shoes.

They’re very stable. There’s no flex in the shoe whatsoever.  There’s a little bit in the toes but, overall its really stable. There’s also a power Bridge through the center. It’s really quite good. It also has that slight heel that you need in all these shoes.

It’s also, really comfortable. The best thing is it also comes with an extra insert so you can actually lift yourself up just a little bit more.

I’ve had a pair of Do-Wins for years. I’ve been through two or three pairs, and overall they’ve been really good.  However, with the Do-Wins, the front lip starts to come off after a while.  But the Romaleos are much more solid. You kind of just feel how solid it is.

Another great feature with these shoes is that the Velcro goes both ways so you can cross it over.

For me, I have a really narrow foot so the top Velcro doesn’t really do too much for me but some people who have a wider foot it can make a big difference.  For me, the Velcro is always at the ground. So it adds a little bit of value but not that much when it comes to me wearing the shoe. Another great features is that the shoelaces don’t undo. With Do-Wins, I’ve had trouble where – not necessarily during a WOD but during a weight lifting session. I have to stop, tie the shoes up again and pull it tight.

The Do-Wins only have the one Velcro strap over. I think the Reebok Oly Lifters only have one and a few other ones have got that. This is got two which really prevents the shoe laces from coming undone.

Another great aspect is that the Romaleos are built to last.  Our Olympic lifting coach at CrossFit South Yarra has had a pair for about six or seven months they still look brand new.  He’s extremely happy with them and uses them as much as he can. They’re so good that I’m fairly sure the whole Chinese weightlifting team was in a pair of these Nikes. So if the professionals are using it, you might as well throw out a bit of money to get them.

There’s a basic question: How many shoes do you need in CrossFit?

If you got a good pair of shoes for CrossFit in general, whether it be the Innov-8 or the Reebok Nanos or whatever it may be and a pair of weightlifting shoes, you’re doing pretty well. So, two pairs of shoes are really good.

However, it depends on what you want to do. You want to get better at Olympic lifting, you need a better pair of shoes. You just can’t do it barefoot or in a kind of crappy pair of sneakers. If you want to hit PRs (personal records) you need to get a good pair of lifting shoes.

WODReview.com: Would you use these in a WOD or would you just use them when you’re working on your Olympic lifting?

Ben: Well it depends on what the WOD is. If the WOD was something off the ground, pull-ups, sit-ups, maybe something like that, even GHDs (glute ham developer situps), maybe. Any form of running, though, no. Because they’re so stiff, that it kind of feels like you’re wearing  flippers] when you first put them on. It takes a little while to get used to because there’s no flexible sole.

But I would use it in the WOD as long as there was no excessive movement. If there’s excessive moment, I get it changed back to kind of my Nanos or my Innov-8s or whatever I’ve got.

They don’t all come in this color. This is I think a special Olympic color but I mean if you’re in Australia, you’re looking around $200. But it’s an investment.

So $200 and you may change them up every year, two years. I think it’s worth it whereas I know a lot of the guys, if you’re doing a lot of rope climbing and things like that, that would burn through [their regular shoes] in about six months and I go through a pair of shoes in three months or so on.