This article reviews Merrell Shoes for CrossFit, specifically the Women’s BareFoot Run Pace Glove.  Remember to check out are many other reviews of the best shoes for CrossFit!

I think it is time.  No, I know it’s time.  You know how I know? I was pushing through the last 400 meter run in our WOD today, and my feet were absolutely soaked.  Yep, definitely time for a new pair of Merrell’s.
I have worn these shoes out completely (but only because I have had them for going on three years now.)  I absolutely love them, too.  The company is all about the outdoors, and provides a multitude of shoes for different outdoor settings.  The first pair of Merrells ever made (by Randy Merrell himself) was a pair of incredibly sturdy hiking boots.  Backing packing magazine was quoted as saying that they were “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America.” From there, the company diversified and now makes footwear that fits with every lifestyle.

Merrell Shoe for CrossFIt
My Merrells are the Women’s Barefoot Run Pace Glove. Click on the picture to check them out on Amazon!

Pros of the Merrell Run Pace Glove for CrossFit

Variety and style. The incredibly variety I spoke of before.  From cross-training to hiking to everyday walking, there truly is a shoe for everyone.  They also come in stylish designs and eye catching colors. Check out a few of the great colors that the Run Pace Glove comes in!

Merrell shoes for CrossFitwomen's shoes for CrossFit merrell for crossfit

Click here on any of the picture above to check them out on Amazon, the cheapest place I’ve found to purchase them.
Durability.  These shoes LAST; I purchased a pair of “barefoot” running shoes from them, and mine are still functioning (despite the hole in the bottom.)  WI was concerned initially that a barefoot shoe would not hold up to tough CrossFit workouts, but these shoes did great.
From their website, they provide flat-rate shipping and free exchanges.
The website also provides icons that describe the shoes- these icons, which appear under each shoe, comment on design (“ventilated”, “vegan friendly”, and “traction”, to name a few examples.)

women's merrell shoes for crossfit
As you can see in this picture, these shoes can really take a beating!

Click here or on the picture above to check them out on Amazon

Comfort.  Those of you who have read my other reviews will know that I also have a pair of Vibram Five Fingers [link]. I chose these instead of investing in another pair of Vibrams because my toes were constantly cold with the five-finger design.  The Merrells give excellent minamlist, barefoot functionality without the discomfort that was occuring with the Vibrams. I would honestly buy this exact pair of Merrells again in a heart beat.  They are comfortable, cute and breathable.

Cons of the Merrell Run Pace Glove for CrossFit
   Pricing.   As a college student I would not have been able to afford these shoes on my own; I requested them as a birthday present in fact.  They run at about $100 a pair on the Merrell Website.  That being said, you are paying for quality- and since they last so long, you will end up saving money (and thanking me too for these great shoes!).  Moreover, if you look around at places like Amazon, you can find some great deals. For example, as I write this, you can find a pair on Amazon for only $58.95!

Lifting. One other issue that a Crossfitter in particular might run into is the ability to lift in these shoes. They do have a flat-ish bottom, but not a solid platform like a pair of converse or real weight lifting shoes.  They are designed for running, and are particuluarly good for explosive movements like box jumps and double unders.

For those of you who want a bit more detail on the specifics of the shoe, here are the specs:

  • Microfiber and breathable mesh upper section
  • There’s a special, patented, Merrell Omni-Fit™ lacing system.  This provides a very secure fit, which makes it feel glove like, hence the word “glove’ in the name!
  • Rubber toe caps give it extra durability, which I can attest to!
  • A special section on the rear provides extra stability.
  • There’s an anti-microbial footbed.  This prevents the shoe from smelling. A big bonus!
  • Zero heel to toe drop. As the serious CrossFitter knows, this is one of the key features to look for in a shoe for CrossFit.  It keeps you grounded, and prevents heel striking.
  • A Vibram sole, so you know you’re getting the best barefoot technology in your shoes!


Merrell Women's Run Pace Glove
The Merrells use a Vibram sole, so you know you’re getting best barefoot technology

Click here or on the picture to purchase


As I’ve written throughout this article, I really love these shoes.  They’re comfortable, stylish and great value for money.  If you’re looking to invest in a new pair of shoes for CrossFit, I would definitely recommend the Merrell Run Pace Glove!

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