Shorts for CrossFit: What to Look For

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One of the most useful items of clothing for CrossFit are shorts and there are several features you should look for when purchasing a pair of shorts for your CrossFit workout.

Shorts for CrossFit should facilitate maximum range of motion

The most essential and the defining feature of any good pair of shorts for CrossFit are slits or stretch seams for easy movement and increased range of motion.

Whether you’re doing squats, dead lifts, snatches or cleans, you want to ensure your range of motion in not impeded by your shorts. Unfortunately, a lot of conventional shorts are made from rigid fabrics or just have poor design so that they pull and bunch when  doing big lifts.


Lululemon PACE Breaker Short - FRTY (M)
Lululemon PACE Breaker Short

Lululemon (above) make excellent Crossfit shorts.  The lightweight, four-way stretch, and sweat-wicking Swift fabric facilitates excellent mobility while providing a comfortable no-slip fit.

Click on the picture to purchase.

Shorts for CrossFit should be breathable and quick drying

When you’re completing an intense WOD, you’re going to get sweaty. In fact, if you’re not dripping with sweat, something is probably wrong! It makes sense then to wear shorts with good ventilation. This comes in the form of vents and breathable materials. Similarly, it’s important that your shorts are made from wicking material that draw the moisture from your body and then subsequently dry quickly. There’s nothing worse than having your shorts stay wet for days after your workout!

A great additional feature to look for are antimicrobial fabrics for odour control. Antimicrobial fabrics prevent the bacteria from growing and releasing all those nasty smells. It’s nice to be able to use your shorts a few times between washes. In addition, the fabric’s antimicrobial properties will enable you to do your workouts without smelling up the gym!

Rogue Fitness' Crossfit Shorts
Rogue Fitness’ Shorts
UN92 MC11 Men Etch Short Black_40, 4-Way Stretch
UN92 MC11 Men Etch Short

Rogue and UN92 are both quick drying and breathable. Aside from that, these shorts are great for Crossfit because they are not only flexible but also heavy duty and durable!

Click on the picture to purchase.

Women’s training shorts are different from Men’s workout shorts

The main difference between women’s and men’s shorts for CrossFit are the design.
The functional properties on the other hand are essentially the same. Men tend to wear shorts that resemble board shorts or MMA fight shorts. Women on the other hand, wear shorts that resemble bike shorts or capris.

Lululemon Run Speed Up Short (Black, 4)
Lululemon Shorts
Reebok Women's Printed Capri Leggings with Mid-Rise Waist Cropped Performance Compression Tights - Grey Stone Heather, Medium
Reebok Women’s Capri

If you want CrossFitter shorts specifically designed for women, Reebok (above) is your best bet. In addition, Reebok makes some great capris for women too. These capris have the same functional properties like the quick drying fabric and compression fit features which is perfect for CrossFit too. Lululemon (above) make very stylish shorts that, although not designed specifically for CrossFit, have essentially the same properties and will make excellent shorts for any WOD. Finally, Jaco (below), have some great ‘booty shorts’ that are made from flexible and quick drying materials, perfect for a CrossFit workout.

Jaco Womens Compression Shorts Running MMA Gym Athletic Womens Shorts for Workout BJJ Pajama Moisture Wicking, White, X-Large (31.5? Waist)
Jaco Women’s Shorts


There are several other features to look for in shorts for CrossFit that are desirable, but not essential

  • A zipperless fly (velcro) for comfort and safety
  • Flat seams for chaffing resistance.
  • Pockets for a stop watch or keys.It’s important to have at least one pocket to store something, even if it’s just on your way to the box.
  • Draw string so that you can change the size the size of your shorts as you change the shape of your body!
  • Water drainage, which makes it good if you want it to double up as a swimsuit/bathers.

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  1. Great post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
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  2. Does anyone know who manufactures the shorts?? I know these companies design them and have them branded,but who makes them?

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