7 Best Treadmills Under 500$ [Complete Reviews fo 2022

best treadmills under 500

As a collegiate athlete who has trained in several small to world-class gyms, I’ve been able to test out different types of Treadmills on the market.

Out of the seven treadmills that we tested and researched, we recommend Merax Electric Folding Treadmill because of the number of features for under $500.

With a multi-function LCD screen that provides you real-time data about your workout. All of this information connects to your tablet or phone, allowing you to see your progress while playing your favorite songs.

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The Top Treadmills Under 500 Reviewed

Product's nameTop SpeedDimensionsMore Info
[amazon fields="B00OS9R9VW" value="thumb"]Best Progress
[amazon fields="B00OS9R9VW" value="title" title_length="100"]
9 mph62.2” x 26.8” x 47.3”[amazon fields="B00OS9R9VW" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B01M0L0D90" value="thumb"]Best Overall
[amazon fields="B01M0L0D90" value="title" title_length="100"]
10 mph63.4” x 28.8” x 51.4”[amazon fields="B01M0L0D90" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B084C4W727" value="thumb"]Best Minimalist
[amazon fields="B084C4W727" value="title" title_length="100"]
6 mph49.21” x 23.58” x 42.13”[amazon fields="B084C4W727" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B078HB61T4" value="thumb"]Best Versatile
[amazon fields="B078HB61T4" value="title" title_length="100"]
7.5 mph61” x 28” x 52”[amazon fields="B078HB61T4" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B07QDX6G7H" value="thumb"]Best Feature-Packed
[amazon fields="B07QDX6G7H" value="title" title_length="100"]
7.5 mph55” x 23.5” x 43”[amazon fields="B07QDX6G7H" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B07QG46B5J" value="thumb"]Best Affordable
[amazon fields="B07QG46B5J" value="title" title_length="100"]
6 mph50.8” x 24” x 49.2”[amazon fields="B07QG46B5J" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B01LXGBP22" value="thumb"]Best for Heavier Bodies
[amazon fields="B01LXGBP22" value="title" title_length="100"]
7.5 mph55.7” x 26” x 10.4”[amazon fields="B01LXGBP22" value="button"]

Find the Best Treadmills Under 500 for You

[amazon fields=”B00OS9R9VW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Progress

#1- [amazon fields=”B00OS9R9VW” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B00OS9R9VW” value=”button”]

Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the premier distributors and importers of high-quality fitness and health products. From cycle bikes to treadmills, they provide a wide variety of fitness products for home gyms and commercial gyms. Focused on quality, each of their innovative products will last for a long time.

Their Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill has a top speed of nine miles per hour, running at 20 horsepower. It provides you with three different incline options, allowing you to simulate real terrain running.

The treadmill has a nine-speed system with a five-inch wide tread belt. With a handrail control that allows you to change the start, stop, and speed of the treadmill, you can walk, run, and sprint at your own pace.

With a personalized LCD display that has nine workout programs built-in and mobile device sync, you can stay up to date with your progress and get your dream body today.

This is the best treadmill if you’re looking to have your progress tracked so you can see your improvements over time.


  • Compact that will fit for any home gym
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Built in workouts that simulate actual terrain running
  • Foldable allowing you to store it easily


  • Running belt is smaller than other competitors
[amazon fields=”B01M0L0D90″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Overall

#2- [amazon fields=”B01M0L0D90″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B01M0L0D90″ value=”button”]

XTERRA Fitness Line focuses not only on quality but also the design. Each piece of their equipment has been developed carefully to bring an elegant sleep addition to your living space.

Being one of the leading manufacturers for more than three decades, they have provided amateur athletes, professional athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and home gym owner’s products designed to take them to the next level of fitness so you can experience your life to the fullest.

The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill is no different. The treadmill has a top speed of ten miles an hour, running at 25 horsepower.

With a 16″ by 50″ belt surface, you won’t have to worry about stepping out of the treadmill when you’re striding. Additionally, the belt is made with an abrasive, sticky texture that provides you the grip you need as you walk and run.

This treadmill is durable that is seen by its steel frame and cushioned deck to reduce the amount of impact and stress on your joints. It is also foldable, allowing you to store the treadmill when you are done.


  • Up to 10 miles top speed
  • 12 different preset workouts
  • Foldable allowing you to use it no matter how small your room is
  • Three incline settings
  • Great value for the price


  • Small LCD Display
  • The LCD Display is not backlit
  • Incline settings must be adjusted manually
[amazon fields=”B084C4W727″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Minimalist

#3- [amazon fields=”B084C4W727″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B084C4W727″ value=”button”]

The Ravent Electric Motorized Treadmill provides you the essentials to maximize your fitness and health at the comforts of your own home. It’s focused on individuals that want a minimalist approach by only providing you the necessities.

It is easy to store and assemble, allowing you to run anywhere with an electrical outlet. With a 1.5 horsepower motor, you have a top speed of six miles per hour.

It has a back-faced LCD screen that provides you analytics and metrics that can be used to show your progress. From calories burned, distance, and time with a built-in 12 workouts, you’ll be able to see improvements in your body in no time.

If you’re looking for a treadmill with the basic features while being portable, the Ravent Electric Motorized is the best budget treadmill under $500 for you.


  • Easy to set up
  • 12 already programmed workouts
  • LCD provides metrics of your running progress
  • Minimalistic, perfect for small spaces.


  • Does not have features such as bluetooth connectivity or shock absorption like other competitors.
[amazon fields=”B078HB61T4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Versatile

#4- [amazon fields=”B078HB61T4″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B078HB61T4″ value=”button”]

GoPlus focuses on creating fitness products with usability and simplicity. They are always looking to find more innovative and better ways of developing better products to provide to their clients.

The GoPlus Black Jaguar III has all the features that you need from a treadmill under 500 dollars. It has a horsepower of 2.25 that allows you to run a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

The difference from its competitors is its range of incline. You can run at an incline up to 15 degrees, and it can hold up to 250 pounds.

It also has heart rate sensors on the handrail that accurately measure your pulse during your running workout. With a five-inch LCD display that has an array of preset workouts, you can ensure that you will find a program that fits perfectly for your body.

It has four silicone pads and a foldable mechanism that allows you to fold and move the treadmill with minimal noise and friction.

If you’re looking for the best folding treadmill under $500, then we recommend the GoPlus Black Jaguar III.


  • Up to 15 degrees incline
  • Has a tablet and water holder
  • LCD that shows metrics of your running progress
  • Silicone pads to minimize any friction as you move it around
  • Heart rate sensors and other versatile features
  • Holds up to 250 lbs


  • The belt may be smaller making it unsuitable for individuals that are tall or have large feets
[amazon fields=”B07QDX6G7H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Feature-Packed

#5- [amazon fields=”B07QDX6G7H” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B07QDX6G7H” value=”button”]

Merax is a manufacturer that creates innovative products to help simplify and enhance consumer’s lives. Pushing modern-day thinking boundaries, they focus their efforts on designing high performing and efficient products that solve all your health needs.

The Merax Electric Folding Treadmill is one of the treadmills with options and features you’d expect in an expensive treadmill. The treadmill is very easy to assemble and disassemble while still retaining all of the essential features you love.

This treadmill has a 1.5 horsepower motor that gives you a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour. It has 12 built-in programs that range from low to high intensity so you can get the cardio that you need for the day.

This is all done with a multi-function LCD screen that provides you real-time data about your workout. All of this information connects to your tablet or phone, allowing you to see your progress while playing your favorite songs.

The Merax Electric Folding can hold individuals weighing up to 240 lbs. With a special belt that absorbs the shock with each stride, the surface reduces stress on your joints while helping you maintain traction as you walk or run.

If you’re looking for the best treadmill under 500 for running and is featured-packed, we recommend the Merax Electric Folding.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Many features you’d expect from an expensive treadmill
  • Affordable for the cost of features
  • LCD Monitor that tracks your progress
  • Holds up to 240 lbs


  • May be overwhelming with all the features if you’re only looking for a treadmill
[amazon fields=”B07QG46B5J” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best Affordable

#6- [amazon fields=”B07QG46B5J” value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B07QG46B5J” value=”button”]

SereneLife is an American company that designs indoor and outdoor products, gadgets, and gifts. They are always finding new innovative ways to provide you products that can help you create a serene life.

This is seen with SereneLife’s Apollo Series. The treadmill has a simple design packed with a range of features that ensure you get an effective cardio workout.

With a 1.0 horsepower motor, you’re able to get a top speed of six miles per hour. Loaded with 12 preset training programs that are differentiated by cardio fitness, health and stamina, and weight loss, you’ll reach your dream body in no time.

The LCD display measures the speed, heart rate, distance, incline, and other data to measure your progress. With a frame that can hold your tablet, book, or magazine, you can conveniently lose weight while being entertained.

SereneLife’s Treadmill is one of the more affordable options on the market, perfect for those who want to lose weight without breaking the bank.


  • Bluetooth connectivity to track your progress and play your favorite songs
  • 12 Preset Training Programs to fit any body type
  • Lightweight
  • Has a safety feature key that stops the belt if you don’t feel in control


  • Has a lower horsepower and speed in comparison to the rest of the competitors
[amazon fields=”B01LXGBP22″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Best for Heavier Bodies

#7- [amazon fields=”B01LXGBP22″ value=”title” title_length=”100″]

[amazon fields=”B01LXGBP22″ value=”button”]

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9i is a slim machine that features a 50-inch runway and a 16-inch wide tread belt. It supports the weight of up to 275 pounds and is perfect for under six feet.

It has an LCD Screen and Tablet Holder that is Bluetooth Connectivity compatible, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows or play your music while you’re running.

The difference in Weslo’s Treadmill is the library of workouts. New customers that purchase the treadmill get a one-month membership to iFit that provides them access to over 16,000 workout programs. This includes workouts that focus on calories to high-intensity studio exercises.

If you’re looking for a treadmill that provides you a complete cardio program that fits your body type and schedule, then we recommend Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Treadmill.


  • One-month free iFit memberships
  • Holds up to 275lbs
  • Bluetooth connectivity for the LCD Screen


  • Smaller running belt than other competitors

Treadmills Under 500 Buying Guide

What Is A Treadmill?


A treadmill is an electrically driven device that anyone can walk or run on.

A moving tread or belt is used on the treadmill to allow you to execute a similar movement as you would if you were running or jogging. This will enable you to walk or run on the spot in the comforts of your own home.

The Benefits Of Using A Treadmill


In the gym, many people may watch you work out and exercise. This may not be very pleasant for many individuals. When you invest in your treadmill, you can work out and enjoy your privacy. This allows you to wear whatever clothing and provides you freedom of working out without anybody watching.


Visiting a gym can be annoying, especially if you’re only there to use a treadmill. You have to get dressed, drive to the gym, and usually spend over ten minutes drenched in sweat before you can get home. Owning a treadmill at home will make your life easier and more convenient, increasing the likelihood of your exercising.


Owning a treadmill will be cheaper in the long run. As gym memberships can be up to $100 per month, investing one of the best treadmills under $500 can give you returns within five months. This isn’t even including the gas that you will be paying and time wasted in traveling.

Maintaining a treadmill is very cheap and easy, making it a good investment in the long run.


Consistency is how people reach their fitness goals. Having a treadmill at home eliminates potential excuses that you may have if you drive to the gym. With the equipment at your house at all times, you will be more likely to achieve the results that you’re looking for.

What To Look For When Buying A Treadmill Under 500



Cushioning is one of the most important factors when buying a treadmill. The cushioning helps reduce the strain on your joints. You will notice the difference when running on a treadmill with a lack of cushion as your knees and ankles begin to start hurting when you run.

Make sure the treadmill can handle a fair amount of shock, so it accommodates your weight and strides. This reduces the stress that your knees and ankles take after a long run.


Some treadmills have fans installed. Fans will help you keep cool during the run allowing you to run longer without overheating. This is great if you are a proficient sweater when you run.

The Console

The console helps you keep track of your progress and journey. It gives you access to your statistics, usually calories that have been burned, the amount of time running, the speed you’re running, and the incline you’re running at.

By having these numbers, they will give you data that shows you’re improving.


Most treadmills will have preconfigured programs that are designed for specific purposes. If you’re looking for cardio improvements or calorie-burning workouts, most treadmills will have a running that changes incline throughout your run.

Although having a program isn’t a requirement, having a treadmill to simulate an actual run can be beneficial. You can go even one step further by customizing your own workouts, allowing you to track your progress and see your incremental improvements.

Weight Support

Make sure your treadmill supports your weight. If you weigh over 250 lbs, make sure you find a treadmill that can handle the shock of each of your strides.

If you’re a lighter weight, you will not have to worry about the weight support. If you run while being heavier than the recommended maximum load, you may find your treadmill breaking down a lot earlier than expected.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor is another measurement that you can use to show the effectiveness of your training. If your heart rate is low, you are probably not pushing yourself hard enough. If you have too high of a heart rate, you may be close to injuring yourself.

Making sure you have an optimal heart rate is vital, especially if you have a disease as well.


Treadmills have several different essential components. If one of these parts goes wrong, your treadmill will begin to stop working correctly.

Treadmill parts are expensive and usually not worth purchasing. That’s why getting a treadmill with a longer warranty covering the belt, deck, motor, and electronics is beneficial.

Belt Size

The belt size is the length and width of your running pad. Some may be thinner, which makes it hard for people who are tall or have big feet to run.

Make sure the treadmill’s pad fits your strides and the size of your feet.

Treadmill Running Form For Beginners

How Does A Treadmill Work?

A treadmill has helped millions of people exercise and work on their cardio in the comforts of their own home. This has allowed them to get a healthier body more conveniently and quickly.

There are six rubber bumpers that are attached to the base of the treadmill, acting as shock absorption with each of your steps. The inside belt is coated with wax, which adds a thickness of about an inch allowing it to glide around the steel rollers, giving you a continuous belt motion.

There is a computerized console that allows you to set how you want to run. Providing you the desired speed, incline, and time length that you want to run.

Each time the heel hits on the deck, the belt begins to move, and the system compensates for the extra impact within microseconds. This ensures your walking, jogging, and running feels natural.

How To Exercise On A Treadmill?

If you’ve never used a treadmill before, begin by putting the safety clip on your clothes if they have one and press the quick-start button.

You will notice the belt begins to move. The best technique is to start walking and increase the speed when you warm up. You will know that when you are ready when you feel a bit warmer, and your joints feel a little looser.

You can also see this by monitoring your heart rate. After going above a certain threshold, you can increase the speed.

Some treadmills have different workouts, such as weight loss and fat burning endurance programs.

Then all you have to do is to walk, jog, or run like you usually would.

How To Take Care Of Your Treadmill?

An electrical treadmill under $500 is very sturdy and durable if you maintain it properly. To ensure it lasts a long time, here are some times that we recommend.

  • Make sure you clean away any dust that may be around the treadmill. That can rust the metal on the treadmill and the inner parts
  • Lubricate the most critical parts
  • Avoid dirt on the treadmill
  • Removing sweat when you’re done
  • See if there is any maintenance symbol on the monitor.

When you run, make sure you run only with clean shoes. Also, keep pets away from the treadmill, as their animal hair can build up and make the treadmill work less efficiently.

What Are Some Safety Tips On Using A Treadmill?

Look Forward

Most beginners begin running, looking at their feet. This is risky as you can lose balance and fall easily. Always look forward when you’re running or jogging just like you would if you were outside.

Begin Slow

You probably would not attempt to lift your one rep max on your first set of a workout. You would do warm-up sets first and gradually build up. This is the same for running on the treadmill. Begin slowly and build the speed up.

Slow The Speed Before Stepping Off

When finishing, slow the speed down, just like you would when running. You don’t immediately standstill when you’ve finished running a 5-mile run. You slowly walk it out and reduce your speed.

Do the same when your workout is about to finish.

Make Sure Your Room is Tidy

Try to avoid any potential accidents from clutter around your room. This includes furniture and anything in the vicinity of your treadmill.

This allows you to jump off the deck if any potential accidents do occur, allowing you to avoid any harmful injuries.

Most injuries from treadmills are not due to the machine but by you bumping into other items after you’ve lost your balance.

Check The Safety Features Before Using Your Treadmill

Before you run, familiarize yourself with the safety features. This will give you peace of mind if you feel like you need an emergency stop.

FAQs for Treadmills Under 500$

What Does CHP Mean On The Treadmill?

CHP refers to continuous horsepower. This is the amount of power the motor on your treadmill is capable of producing continuously.

Which is more effective, Running on a Treadmill or Running Outside?

With a treadmill, you’re able to customize your running experience. There won’t be as many obstacles such as potholes, sidewalks, or interference from the weather.

How Much Horsepower Should My Home Treadmill Have?

If you’re a heavier person, you will need a treadmill that has more horsepower. IIf you weigh less or are looking to just walk, having a less powerful motor will work.

Why Does The Width of The Running Deck Matter?

Most treadmills under $500 often have shorter running decks. This makes it harder for individuals that are taller or have wider fits to run.
Make sure before purchasing a treadmill to see how wide your strides are and where your foot placement usually is.

Do I Need Special Shoes To Run On A Treadmill?

All types of shoes can be used to run a treadmill. We recommend using only clean shoes as dirt and soil can get trapped on the treadmill. This can cause trouble to the machine in the later years.
Using standard running shoes with thin soles can reduce the weight and absorb the impact when running.


Treadmills can change your life around. It can provide you the confidence and convenience in finally getting the body, health, and fitness that you’ve always wanted. As all of these treadmills are under $500, finding the best one that’s suited for you is essential.

Out of the seven treadmills that we tested and researched, we recommend Merax Electric Folding Treadmill because of the number of features for under $500.

With a multi-function LCD screen that provides you real-time data about your workout. All of this information connects to your tablet or phone, allowing you to see your progress while playing your favorite songs.

If you’re looking for a treadmill that you can take anywhere regardless of how little space you have, we recommend the Ravent Electric Motorized as it provides you the essentials to maximize your fitness and health at the comforts of your own home.

It’s focused on individuals that want a minimalist approach by only providing you the necessities.