What Are The Best Lower Chest Exercises?

What are the best lower chest exercises?

Exercises for Targeting the Chest

Exercises that involve movements of the arms, against resistance are effective for targeting the chest muscles. If you want to enhance muscle development in this area there are exercises you can try. Here are some of the exercises specifically designed for the chest;

  • Decline Bench Press; This exercise is a variation of the bench press, where the bench is set at a decline angle ( 15 30 degrees). By pressing the weight on a decline bench you shift the focus towards your pecs while following a similar motion as with a flat bench press.
  • Decline Dumbbell Press; Similar to the decline bench press this exercise allows for a range of motion compared to using a barbell. The independent movement of each arm in this exercise can also help correct any imbalances between both sides of your chest.
  • Dips (Chest Version); To specifically target your chest perform dips with a forward lean and ensure that your elbows are slightly flared out. You can do this exercise on bars or, by using a dip station.
  • These exercises will effectively work your chest muscles. Contribute to their development.
  • Cable Crossover (High, to Low); Place the handles in a position on the cable machine. Pull them down and across your body. This exercise ensures tension on the chest muscles throughout the movement.
  • Chest Press Machine (with Decline Setting); If your gym offers a chest press machine with seating you can set it to a decline angle to specifically target the chest.
  • Push Ups with Raised Feet; Elevating your feet while doing push ups alters the pressing angle placing emphasis on the chest. The higher you elevate your feet the activation you'll experience in this area.

Remember, achieving growth and symmetry requires a well rounded workout routine that targets all parts of the chest and other areas of your body. Additionally maintaining a diet and getting rest are vital for recovery and muscle development.

When performing these exercises focus on maintaining form throughout. Ensure that you complete both the lifting (concentric) and lowering (eccentric) phases, with controlled movements and a full range of motion. It is advisable to begin your workout with a weight that allows you to perform exercises with form for 8 12 repetitions, for 3 4 sets.

Make sure to warm up before starting your chest workout in order to prevent any injuries. If you are new to these exercises or have any existing health conditions it's always an idea to consult with a fitness professional for guidance.

If you're looking for guidance and further reading here are some resources you can refer to;

Remember that while these links can provide additional information they should be seen as supplementary resources and not a replacement for personalized advice, from a fitness professional that takes into account your individual needs.


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What are the best lower chest exercises?

Developing Your Chest with Alternative Exercises

  • Neck Press (Guillotine Press): This variation of the bench press shifts the focus towards the chest. Lie flat on a bench with your head off the end. Press the barbell up directly over your neck instead of the middle of your chest. It's important to use weights and exercise with caution to prevent any injuries.
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Press: By performing a single arm dumbbell press on a decline bench you can work on strengthening the chest on each side individually. This unilateral movement helps address any imbalances that may exist.
  • Resistance Band Pushdowns: If you have access to resistance bands you can simulate the motion of a cable crossover from high to low. Anchor the band above you. Push it down and across your body targeting the muscles in your chest.
  • Landmine Press: To perform this exercise anchor one end of a barbell in a corner while holding onto the end at chest level in either a kneeling or standing position. To target the chest muscles, try these exercises:
    • Push the bar upward and outward in an arc movement to engage the chest.
    • Incline Push Up Variation: Increase the angle. Widen your hand placement beyond shoulder width to focus more on the pecs.
    • Pec Deck Machine, with Reverse Grip: If possible use a grip (palms facing up) to work the fibers of your pectoral muscles.
    • Svend Press: Often overlooked, this exercise involves pressing two weight plates between your palms as you extend your arms forward, emphasizing the lower sections of the pectoral muscles.

Remember that overall chest development is essential for improving the appearance of the chest. Incorporate compound movements like bench presses and push ups as they engage muscle groups collectively during these exercises.

Please prioritize safety when trying exercises. Always listen to your body's limits. Avoid any movements that cause pain or discomfort beyond normal muscle fatigue. Begin with weights or resistance to master form, before gradually increasing intensity.

For information and helpful exercises to develop your chest you can check out the following links:

Make use of these resources to supplement your knowledge. However, it's always an idea to consider hiring a certified trainer for personalized guidance and to ensure proper technique during your workouts.