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I believe that every place has a story to tell.

That's why I created a platform to answer the most common Workouts questions.

Welcome to WODReview.com! I’m Scott, the newest owner of WODReview as of 2022. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 5 years now, starting in my early 30’s. I’ve aged, but I’ve been able to get stronger than I was in my 20’s thanks for CrossFit!

You don’t really need any gear, or much equipment at all to be successful in fitness, but many CrossFit specific movements require heavy things (dumbells, barbells, etc) or unique equipment (rowers, air bikes, pull up bars). So, I hope I can be helpful with this site if you are looking to purchase some the high quality CrossFit specific gear out there!

I hope that you'll find our Workouts answers helpful!

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